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The unformal languange school seems not to be required anymore

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Started: 2/13/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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nowaday, technology seems master the world at many subject, include education. I just think that right now we can do anything with internet, include to communicate with foreign. We have google translate to change our languange to other.

I just assume that with the development of technology, maybe, there are scientist will find a device to tanslate via sound. And i also think, that someday, we don't need to learn about other languange regularly.

I mean that courses isn't required anymore.

So i challenge you to against me whether i am wrong.


First of all, thank you to come up with this topic. It's really good topic. As person who in the position of cons, i disagree with your argument. Why? First, you said that "We have google translate to change our LANGUAGE to other". The correct one is LANGUAGE ^^. Google translate are not useful as dictionary to translate other languages. Have you been used Oxford dictionary or Cambridge Dictionary or other dictionary that really make sense when it came up to translate? If you never read that, try to translate something to English with those dictionary. The second when you said "there are scientist will find a device to translate via sound. And i also think, that someday, we don't need to learn about other LANGUAGE regularly". Well, i assume your grammar would be a little bit good if you used dictionary, not google translate :P . FYI, there had been a "device" that could translate via sound. Search it and there are tons of it. Why people wanna learn other languages? Here are the facts:
1.You become smarter. Of course, no doubt about it. When you learn languages directly, you brain start to working hard and memorize all of your languages that have been learned. And, if you want to get hotter chick, you have to learn bilingual and can speak frequently rather than used sound translator device. Not cool at all :p
2.You stave off Alzheimer and dementia. According to several studies, it can stave off Alzheimer and dementia. If you learn statistic, for monolingual adults, the mean age for the first sign of dementia is 71,4 when adults with bilingual have 75,5 mean age for the first sign.
3.Your memory improves. It's related to the first fact that you become smarter.
4.Your decision making skills improve. Yep, when you often use your brain to memorize languages, it sharpened your brain and it affects your decision making skills.
That's all for me right now.
Debate Round No. 1


Lot of laugh. :p. Just sorry with my bad english.
oke . Thank you for your advice about Oxford Dictionary. I'll try it. soon. :)

btw, here, i don't ask to not learn other language, but which become topic here is THE METHOD OF LEARNING OTHER LANGUAGE.
So, that is why i give an alternative way to learn other language from internet, google translate.
You also can read again my topic here is "the language courses isn't required anymore" . I mean, to learn other language, we can learn autodidact. nah, this is which become the topic.

Learning language at courses, (offline), officially, we need teacher, room, location, text books, and many more.
And i also think that if we study better by autodidact, right?
It just more effective that at courses.

What do you think?
Thank you.


I laughed much back there when i wrote those posted and glad that you also laughed hahaha :p
Ok, i can answer your question about the methods of learning other languages. So, pay attention :p
1. First, you gotta ask yourself which languages you wanna learn. Example like Italian, Japanese, Russian, etc. Find the easiest language that you first came up with. The grammar, the vocab, the pronunciation. There's a lot languages that easy in the vocab but difficult to pronounce and vice versa.
2. Second, you probably got this line a lot "try your best and don't give up". Try to learn languages from the little one but very often. People failed because they're learn the big one first but in just one shot.
3. Third, listen. Listen every conversations in radio, movies, television, news. It can improve your listening skills.
4. Fourth, watch televisions and video. Do as the third step.
5. Fifth, write. Write down everything you hear or read if that was a new vocabulary to you.
6. Sixth, say and repeat it as often as possible.
7. Seventh, find a partner, which probably can answer your question why we should learn at course. I had tried every single one of them, autodidact and courses. For me, courses give you a lot of information about languages than autodidact. Teachers can tell you face to face. They can absolutely correct directly when your pronounce or your grammar was wrong. They can give you a lot information about those languages your learning about, etc. Plus, you can meet other people and practicing your speaking skills. So yeah, that's my opinion.
Debate Round No. 2


nataliazianturi forfeited this round.


This is my last post for this debate so i wanna thank to you to come up with this topic. i learned a lot :)
Debate Round No. 3
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