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The united states should legalize the use of water boarding on suspected terrorists, for information

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Started: 12/3/2008 Category: Society
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I will let KK start, if he chooses to accept my challenge.




Suspected- to have a slight or vague opinion of the existence of, without proof, and often upon weak evidence or no evidence;

For the time being I will simply say that the use of "water boarding" would be used against suspected terrorists. Not convicted or proven terrorists, which is the way it should be.

A story for example-

A taxi driver named Phil purchases a flight from South West Airlines to go and see his great aunt Maria in Los Angeles. He goes to the airport, and in his rush he forgets to remove his 9mm pistol he carries in his jacket in case he is assaulted by a crazy person after driving them to their destination. Phil gets his ticket and proceeds to security. He gets to the front of the line and takes off his belt and shoes and jacket, which has his pistol in it, and then walks through the metal detectors when a high pitched beeping noise is heard and soon Phil finds himself face down with 7 TSA guards on his back.
Phil is taken to prison and is considered a "suspected terrorist." And if the US legalizes water boarding then this innocent citizen is subject to that treatment.

And now to X...

Debate Round No. 1


"Not convicted or proven terrorists"

this is not true. when you suspect somebody of terrorism, even when you prove that they are terrorists, they are still suspected of such, and still fit under the topic.

the use of water boarding would be against ALL suspected terrorists, convicted, proven or not proven. It makes no difference in this topic.

so taxi man phil has his gun. sure, he may be in a hurry, but I don't care how stupid he is or how heavy his jacket is, you can easily tell if you have something as heavy as your 9MM gun in your jacket.

On a second note, since 9-11, with the hi-jacks, no person in their right mind would even try to bring a gun onto a plane with them.

the correct solution for phil would be to get frustrated at himself, put the gun in his luggage, and then walk through the metal detector.

you are allowed to bring weapons in your luggage, as long as it is not in your carry-on. passengers have no access to the luggage until before and after getting on the plane, and they will alow weapons.
water boarding is an effective method of recieving information. the pour water on your face which makes your brain think that you're drowning, when in reality you're not. it is a method of getting information without actually causing any physical harm to a person. use of water boarding could get more terrorists to give information, being alongside a lie detector, it would be an effective and efficient resource.



My opponent has failed to recognized that however "stupid" Phil may be, he is still now considered a suspected terrorist. And will then be subjected to the treatment of water boarding.


"it is a method of getting information without actually causing any physical harm to a person"

Wikipedia says-
As the prisoner gags and chokes, the terror of imminent death is pervasive, with all of the physiologic and psychological responses expected, including an intense stress response, manifested by tachycardia (rapid heart beat) and gasping for breath. There is a real risk of death from actually drowning or suffering a heart attack or damage to the lungs from inhalation of water. Long term effects include panic attacks, depression and PTSD.
In an open letter to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Human Rights Watch claimed that water boarding can cause the sort of "severe pain" prohibited by 18 USC 2340 (the implementation in the United States of the United Nations Convention Against Torture), that the psychological effects can last long after water boarding ends (another of the criteria under 18 USC 2340), and that uninterrupted water boarding can ultimately cause death.

The affects of water boarding last long after the treatment is over. Also during the water boarding procedure there is are the risks as stated by wikipedia. Obviously, there is physical harm.

*Back to my case-

Water boarding is considered torture, which is against the 18 USC 2340. And therefore that in itself is why it should not be legalized.

To restate, this treatment would be used on suspected terrorists. These people who are "suspected" of being a terrorist still have the possibility and probability to be law abiding citizens. Not only should water boarding be illegal because it is torture, now my opponent wants to use this technique on people who aren't even convicted.

That is why you should vote in the CON position.

Debate Round No. 2


Ped-X-ing forfeited this round.


"it is a method of getting information without actually causing any physical harm to a person. use of water boarding could get more terrorists to give information, being alongside a lie detector, it would be an effective and efficient resource."

This is the only case my opponent has posted.
No sources used to prove his side. Just his supposed 'knowledge'.

I have presented sources and given examples and situations.

Vote according.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ReptiDeath 6 years ago
yeah well killing thousands of lives is so cruel... i agree with Ragnar_Rahl
Posted by Ragnar_Rahl 8 years ago
Hell no.

Convicted terrorists with invalid ends: Waterboard, pull out the knives and hot irons, mutilate, rape, I don't care.

Suspected: Anyone can be suspicious > waterboard everyone!
Posted by Ped-X-ing 8 years ago
but necessary in some situations.
Posted by Enduring_Freedom 8 years ago
? wow... water boarding is so cruel...
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