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The use sale and manufacturing of marijuana ought to be legalized in more areas of the United States

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Started: 11/14/2013 Category: Society
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First Round is acceptance only
Second is Construction only
No new arguments may be introduced in the final round.


I accept the challenge.
Good Luck, and glad to be here
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for accepting my challenge.


Contention 1:It is the personal choice of each individual american as to whether or not they smoke marijuana, regardless of the harms (assuming that the persons are informed on the potential harms).

Just as is the case with tobacco and alcohol, each US citizen should be allowed to choose for themselves whether or not they want to use marijuana. As long as the citizen is informed by the manufacturer of the potential harms (as is the case with alcohol and especially tobacco products), it should be the choice of theirs, not the governments, as to whether or not they choose to use marijuana. Each adult citizen is responsible for making these decisions for themselves.

Contention 2:Marijuana can be used for medicinal uses.
Another reason marijuana ought to be legalized in more areas of the US is that marijuana has useful medical employments. Marijuana is used to treat symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy. Marijuana is also used to treat glaucoma. Marijuana ought to be legalized to help treat those afflicted with diseases that can be treated with medicinal marijuana.

Contention 3:Legalizing marijuana would reduce drug related crime rates.
With Marijuana legalized, the government would no longer need to arrest all marijuana dealers, only the unlicensed ones. Also governments would not have to arrest users of marijuana. Non-violent drug offenders now account for 1/4 of the prison population (1)

"The cost to put a single drug dealer in jail is about $450,000, composed of the following:

The cost for arrest and conviction is about $150,000.

The cost for an additional prison bed is about $50,000 to $150,000, depending upon the jurisdiction.

It costs about $30,000 per year to house a prisoner. With an average sentence of 5 years, that adds up to another $150,000.

The same $450,000 can provide treatment or education for about 200 people. In addition, putting a person in prison produces about fifteen dollars in related welfare costs, for every dollar spent on incarceration. Every dollar spent on treatment and education saves about five dollars in related welfare costs." (2).

I thank my opponent for accepting my challenge and await his response eagerly.



evandudeguy forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I regret my opponents forfeit. I hope he can return promptly.
Forward all points.



Thank you, and I apologize in advance for spelling/grammar mistakes, and missing my last appointment, as I had a few distractions recently. I am operating from my ipod, and that will also cause more consequences for me down the road. Honestly I do not even support the legalization of alcohol or tobacco. both have been scientifically proven to distort ones mind and body over a period of time, and marijuana has been proven worse than both of them. no one would want a person driving at them going 60 mph, and that person is high and hallucinating.


"Legalizing marijuana would reduce drug related crime rates."

I disagree. A drug related crime is (paraphrased) defined as "an infraction of local, state, or federal law involving the use, production, possession, or manufacture of any illegal drug or abused drugs of any kind" this would increase the number of drug related crimes because most would use marijuana until they became high, meaning hallucinogenic and of a distorted mind. The "line of abuse" would likely be drawn at that point, because it is when the user becomes dangerous and isn't really fully "there"(just like alcohol gets you drunk, and that is where the limit is for alcoholic beverages). people would do things without thinking, leading to mass havoc in the streets. and definitely raising the DRC level.

"Marijuana can be used for medicinal uses"

This is true, however the dangers far outweigh the relief marijuana brings. For one thing, there is no debating, marijuana is addictive. For another thing, marijuana decays brain activity during use by blocking connections between neurons. THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana has been found to interact with segments and chemicals in the brain that control dreams, which is what causes hallucinations, according to many scientists. And conclusively, inhaling smoke or powder damages the lungs. Powders turn to thick paste that can clog ducts when coming in contact with mucous on the surface of the lungs. Smoke does just what you would thing it would do, it smokes the inside of your lung, like barbeque. There are more reasons, but I am stretched for time.


Thesis: Why do we need drugs anyways, and why use it if it can cause harm to others as well as users?

I understand that smoking marijuana gives a desirable effect that is enjoyable, however there are many other ways to enjoy yourself, more safely, cheaply, and legally. I enjoy life as it is and I have never touched marijuana or any illegal drug for that matter. Marijuana distorts normal function and leaves the user severed from the outside world, and logical thinking. This is EXTREMELY dangerous. I can not stress this point enough. Marijuana users are unpredictable, and do not evaluate most of their actions while high.


Debate Round No. 3


I thank my opponent for returning to the debate.

Final Focus

Pro's Case

Con attempts to rebut my point regarding the crime rate, but misses the point of my contention entirely. His rebuttal is off the mark and doesn't really prove how legalizing marijuana would actually increase the crime rate.

His second rebuttal concedes that marijuana has practical uses.

Both rebuttals are unbased and lacking in sources.

My point regarding freedom of choice is left unrebutted. I forward this point.

Con's case

"Thesis: Why do we need drugs anyways, and why use it if it can cause harm to others as well as users?"

No one said we needed them, but people do want them. My opponent contends that because one can have fun without marijuana that marijuana should be made illegal. Cross examine this "thesis" with my entire argument.

I thank my opponent for an entertaining debate.


evandudeguy forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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