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The value of family is degrading in America, and this is a Bad thing

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Started: 1/7/2014 Category: Society
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I believe that the family is being broken in America. there are several problems for this, and several repercussions.

round 1 is acceptance
round 2 is opening arguments
round 3 is Rebuttals
round 4 is closing statements

Cites are appreciated, but not completely necessary. I understand that in many occasions, this debate will come from the person, and not society.


i accept this debate with open arms, proceed.
Debate Round No. 1


Family has always been a foundation in society, any society. When that foundation crumbles, children, which are tomorrows leaders, will not have been taught the basics of manners. Aristotle once said that a resilient middle class is the salvation of society. Well the family is the salvation of the middle class. in 2012, the federal government said that 40.7 of all births in America were out of wedlock. That is completely insane! A child needs both of his parents to mature completely. Without a mother, there is generally less of a compassionate side, or an insecurity. Without a father, they are generally less "tough" and decisive. Now there are compassionate fathers and tough skinned mothers, but that is just a generalization. Is not the "American Dream" to become successful, grow old with your soulmate, and then let your kid care over you? If your child doesn't respect you, they will not care for you.

Look at the History of the World. In the nations were the family was he strongest, the nation traditionally perseveres. Look at the nations in Africa, The children are stolen from their homes, made child soldiers and slaves. They are scarred. The nations in Africa were once great, but now they have been overcome by warlords. In fact, the slavery in America was mostly due to Africans kidnapping other Africans, and then selling them as slaves to reopens looking for cheap labor. An issue that divided our country was due to the crumbling of the family. A child learns to fend for himself/herself from the mother and father and their siblings. In America, the moral values and home experience of children is decreeing, and that is one reason we are in the mess we are in now.

We always feel sorry for orphans, but in some cases, the family a child is in is not compassionate, firm, or even a complete family. This needs to be fixed. The crumbling of a family is a bad thing.


value: [mass noun] the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

The value of family is everlasting, and despite the fact we have seen a change in the way families spend their time together, does not mean the overall importance and worth of family is degrading. I would like to prove two things today. Firstly, that the value of family is not degrading, and secondly, that even if it was (hypothetical) it would not be a bad thing.

Aristotle once said that a resilient middle class is the salvation of society. This does not mean the family is the salvation of the middle class, as the opposition supposed. Society, refers to a whole community, not simply one family. A community can involve anyone from friends, to family, to school teachers, or to bosses. So maybe, the salvation of the middle class is our communities. Why is this relevant? Because we rely on many people to develop fully and 'mature', and despite our family being a major influence on us, they are not the only influence, but i will come back to this^ later.

Family values remain strong in modern society. Just because the way families spend their time together has evolved, does not mean family values have been thrown out the window. Many families may no longer sit at the table for dinner: they may instead watch a recent episode of the 'Walking Dead' or 'Doctor Who', but families are still maintaining strong relationships with each other. I have not witnessed the outbreak of a rogue generation nonetheless? Children are still being taught manners, weather it be by their Dad, or by their school teacher. And importantly, strong respect is still shown towards parents.

There will always be some children that grow up, and leave their parents in an 'Old Folks Home', but likewise there will be 60% or so of the children that grow up, and look after their parents. Furthermore, the children who grow up and leave their parents in a nursing home will most likely still care for their parents, and visit them regularly. There is a reason these homes exist! Not for unkind, ill-mannered children to dump their parents, but because it can be very difficult to care for the elderly. Most children respect their parents, it is purely natural variation that some don't, due to unfortunate circumstances. This variable will not change.

Now, moving on to the second part of the argument, and of the debate. Let's suppose the value of family was degrading, I still do not believe this is a bad thing. As i mentioned earlier (i used the oppositions Aristotle quote), society is community. If the value of family was degrading, children can rely on their friends, and on other social structures to aid them. If a child fights with his family, who does he turn to? His friends, the people he can rely on if something happens. Maybe it's his 5th grade school teacher who he knows he can talk to? For that 16 year old girl it could be a work colleague? People do not rely on their family alone, but on several important social structures. If one of these structures fails, the others come into action, much like a metaphorical safety net. Because most of these people who have disputes with their family will end up either forgiving their parents (most likely), or moving on.

In America, moral values and the values of the family are not changing, and this is not a bad thing.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all, when you say that the degrading of the family is not a bad thing, let me say this. In a family in where two homosexual parents have custody of an adopted child, psychologists have stated that they have troubles growing up, making friends, and accepting some parts of society. That is because a child was meant to have a mother, and a father. When they disconnect with their parents, they don't listen to any knowledge that they have to share and to prepare the for when they have to support themselves. And a friend give more comfort than advice. There is a lot of stupid advice that a friend can give, even when given with good intentions. I never sit at the dinner table with my family, we watch TV and eat. But we do have a strong connection. You are confusing the value of the family with the traditional stereotypical view of a strong family.

And really? the moral values of America are not changing? you must live in a sheltered neighborhood. America has always had its problems, but right now we are going back into drug acceptance, like the 60s and 70s. We are becoming more of a casual encounter type of society. With easy internet accessibility, people can look up things that they shouldn't. There are exceptions to this, but mainstream usage has problems with this.

Have you been to a grocery store lately? If you have, you will see children whining and complaining, throwing thins. And this is acceptable for small children but i see this in 6 year olds, and they are too old for that. And every family has its values, but they are lessening, and getting weaker. the family is the core of society. While a child has other social outlets, the family is the most important and the largest. Its like taking water away from someones diet. They can have juice and pop, but those have water in them too. their friends have families as well. Its like diluting everything.

If the family is broken, then society will collapse, and corrupt. This is definitely a bad thing.


dylanm123 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


saxman forfeited this round.


sorry for not finishing saxman, didn't have the time, really very sorry.
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: This should have been a layup for Pro, but his final argument in the round ended up losing it for him. There is no evidence whatsoever to support his statement about gay parents. Much of the rest of his statements are unwarranted, uncited, and often wrong assertions involving personal experience. I don't believe everything Con says either, but at the very least, he tells a convincing story with logical inference to back himself up. He gets dinged on conduct because he forfeited and then used his last round to apologize rather than continue the argument, but Pro simply isn't winning the argumentation.
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Reasons for voting decision: Saxman provided a strong rebuttal to the chnaging of society. But he/she has too much of an informal manner of debating.