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The voting age in the United Kingdom should be lowered to 16 years.

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Started: 3/11/2014 Category: Politics
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The voting age in the U.K should be lowered to 16 years as once you are 16, you have to pay taxes so a view of opinion starts to form on politics. At this age you will be thinking of your future; what occupation will I want to have? How much will I earn? Will I be able to afford the cost of living?

All these sort of questions and more will be in a 16 year olds mind- they should have a right to vote.

I do not agree with the statement; “16 year olds are not mature enough to decide the country’s democracy” as surely, if you work (part time at 16) and pay taxes you have as much right as a 36-year old who does exactly the same things- don’t you think so?

Not only will this, having 16 and 17 year olds voting increase the variety in election results so the popularity turnout will increase.



18 gives youngsters more time to gain experience of the world outside of school which is important. School is biased towards Socialist/left wing policies and the effect of this on your rationality at age 16 is important. When people enter the working world they became more aware of how taxes are spent and how much they are having to spend.

It would be better to raise it to 25 or maybe 30 in my opinion because of how much your opinions change over time as you are exposed to more of the world.

You can't learn so much from school and teachers, there is a saying "those who can do and those who cant teach"
Debate Round No. 1


But without school teachers a pupil cannot gain information about the left wing parties, what is good/bad about them etc. Or if they were going to vote other than left wing they would gain knowledge of the left wings bad points.

I do not agree with your statement that if anything we should raise the voting age to 25 or 30 as young people need a say in our country. At the moment it is mostly only OAP's that get attention as it is mostly them who vote- they get attention on pensions etc.


I agree on the OAPs being problem in regard to questions of pension budgets and that is something that concerns me, however to the question of 16 year olds and voting; school really is a propaganda factory for left wing parties, I remember one of my teachers at school running around shouting like a lunatic after the socialists/labour won the election.

"without school teachers a pupil cannot gain information about the left wing parties" - I really dispute this, school teachers are generally of pretty average intelligence and will give you all sorts of silly, half-baked ideas. Most of these people have not had a 'real' job, they tend to go from school -> university -> struggle to get a career -> retrain as teachers. At least that is what all the ones i know did - VERY FEW people plan on becoming a school teacher. These people aren't very well informed and shouldn't be giving advice on politics. I know this is sad because ideally those who teach kids should be the best, most highly paid of amongst us; but they aren't unfortunately.

When i went to University (18-21) that was when i actually first started to learn important stuff about politics, although i went to a good one so I was lucky and i dont know if most Universities or most degrees would teach you anything more. I did business and it was kind of a side issue we covered.

You are better off at least having some decent experience of work before voting, not even University is sufficient, so that would take most people up to what 23? When I left Uni and worked for the first time I realised how much better work is compared to what I thought it was, I was really dreading having to work for some company - I largely blame the education system for this and the media which has certain biases about how horrible work is - i guess artist types don't fit in to the corporate world either. I thought work would be full of nasty people and bosses would be horrible to deal with - this is completely untrue, at least when doing a skilled job (not part time or low skilled work you do at uni).

People who work at companies are generally better people than people who work at government institutions - the fact that people at a government place think they cant be fired makes a lot of them behave unprofessional/unkindly, or it attracts more of this kind of person im not sure exactly. Imagine if your parents or you could fire your teacher, they would stop giving you attitude wouldn't they? Theres actually a country where this happens in Europe i forget which.

When you start to see how more inefficient and crappy government institutions can be or how good companies can be (this is just one example) it changes your attitudes to politics. Another example, at school you might think illegal immigrants should be allowed to work in the country and then when you try to get a job you find that its difficult because of the foreigners coming over and working for half what you wanted - you needed to be in the jobs market to understand the issue better. All kinds of experiences like that need to be had before you can develop rounded views on issues.

So all this sort of knowledge you cant acquire from school in fact teachers will confuse you with their warped perception of reality thats why 16 is not sufficient. If it were to happen I would think governments would find it easier to buy their way in to power by making stupid promises or re-selling policies which failed in the past but 16 year olds didn't know this happened because they were not around.
Debate Round No. 2


In my opinion it depends what school a teacher is at- if they are at a ordinary secondary school then, I agree, most teachers would be left wing party supporters. But if the teacher is at a private school then, due to a more upper class view on life, they would most likely be a right wing party supporter. I do not know what year you know this ("most teachers are left wing supporters") from but as the years go on, our country is becoming more of a 'floating voters' nation where a citizen doesn't support a consistent party so not all politics teachers are left wing/ socialist party voters.

If a 16 year old was to vote the government would pay more attention to them and maybe help youth un-employment, which has skyrocketed in the last few years.

Your statement about "at school you might think illegal immigrants should be allowed to work in the country and then when you try to get a job you find that its difficult because of the foreigners coming over and working for half what you wanted" doesn't need a proffesional to answer it- it is simply become British people are greedy because they do not want to work for the minimum wage and also many British people are lazy as they can have a better life-style by living on the state benefits.

The whole point of studying politics at school is so that you can gain an understanding of the past (or if you study history) politics and have a clearer view on it- so your final paragraph is not really that true.


adhominem forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Kreakin 3 years ago
What makes you think they will care more than anyone else? Best to get the adults voting before turning to kids.
Still I admire your optimism that it would make a difference.
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