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The wage gap between men and women is exaggerated

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Started: 4/1/2016 Category: Politics
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I am a firm believer that the so called "wage gap" between men and women is highly exaggerated based on the fact that men and women are inherently different and make different decisions career wise which effects how much money we make in a life time. Studies have shown some evidence to support my conclusion. Firstly, men work than women on average in the United States. The US Department of Labor Statistics released a study in which they found that men on average work around an hour longer a day on weekdays, which can make a bit of a dent in any average income per year gap there may be. Secondly, men on average are more likely to have some sort of college education, which leads to higher payed jobs. Thirdly, the social roles and expectations of men and women when in school, even at a young age, are completely different. Boys are more likely to be pushed towards science, math, and business, while girls, are more likely to be pushed towards social work, education, and nursing. I'm not saying that women are inherently worse at anything, they aren't, they are capable of anything a man can do, but the stats don't lie, women tend to work in different fields than men that are usually lower paying. Lastly, but not least, studies find, that if you compare a man and woman, same age, experience,and education, that women make 98 cents on the dollar, so there is a gap, but it's no as big as most people believe.


Thank you to Jebond93 for instigator this debate. Good luck!

Basis for Debate

The measure up for debate is "The wage gap between men and women is exaggerated". The method of proving this debate will therefore be showing the actual value for the gender wage gap, showing the believed wage gap and comparing them to show that the latter is larger than the former.

Burden of proof is on PRO to support their claim. To succeed I can show that they cannot put together a solid case for the wage gap being exaggerated or provide evidence of my own that it is not exaggerated.

I will attempt to do both.


1) Lack of Sources

Aside from referencing an unknown report by the US Department of Labor Statistics, my opponent provides no sources to back up their argument.

2) Human Capital

PRO brings up several points that can collectively fall under "Human Capital". Human Capital is the stock sum of knowledge, skills, abilities and personality attributes attributed to workers in a labour market. In to this fall things like education and drive to work extra hours.

However, the wage gap being due to differences in human capital is not mutually exclusive with being due to gender. Many women face discrimination in the process of accumulating and developing this human capital. Let's look at education, as PRO bought it up. there are a multitude of studies that show that teachers are primed to give males in the classroom more attention than females as well as other forms of classroom bias [1][2][3]. The first paper cited above explains for instance,

"For some girls, the lack of attention may be unnoticed, or even desired (Feldhusen & Willard-Hoyt, 1993), but the impact can be costly. Increased teacher attention contributes to enhanced student performance. Girls lose out in this equation. African-American girls, for example, enter school assertive and outgoing, yet grow more passive and quiet through the school years (AAUW, 1998, p. 49). The power of the teacher’s time and attention means that boys reap the benefits of a more intense educational climate."

Indeed, PRO even admits that "the social roles and expectations of men and women when in school, even at a young age, are completely different". This is a clear admission of people being treated differently due to gender - which is to say sexism as based on the definition "attitudesorbehaviorbasedontraditionalstereotypesofgenderroles" [4]. Therefore the differences in performance are at their core and by my opponents admission, due to gender and so must be counted as part of the gender wage gap - not excluded as my opponent wants.

What do people believe about the Gender Wage Gap?

PRO's implicit assumption, though he does not prove it, is that most people think the gender wage gap is larger than the 2% difference he cites when he gives his (also unproven) 98% figure. However although there are certainly pelnty of people online willing to argue there is a decent sized wage gap, this does not necesssarily mean this is the view of people in general.

In fact the Global Gender Pay Gap Survey found that: "7 in 10 employees in the countries surveyed believe men and women are paid equally for equal work at their current employer." [5]

If the majority of people believe that there is no gender pay gap, then even a small gap such as the 2% cited by my opponent would mean that most people understating the gender pay gap rather than exaggerating it.

I could therefore cite studies which give a much larger gender wage gap, but I don't currently need to because by even PRO's definition the issue of debate is false and cannot be supported.

Debate Round No. 1


Jebond93 forfeited this round.


As in R1 I have turned PRO's argument and shown that even by his own (unsupported and unsourced) estimates the wage gap between men and women is not exaggerated but rather underestimated, I feel there is not much more to add due to the FF.

Hopefully my opponent posts in R3 and we can finish this off.
Debate Round No. 2


Jebond93 forfeited this round.


Opponent has FF again, please cote CON based on my R1 arguments.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: StatsAndFacts// Mod action: Removed<

1 points to Con (Conduct). Reasons for voting decision: As Pro did not debate, Con wins by default.

[*Reason for removal*] While this is a full forfeit debate, Pro did post an actual argument in his opening round and not just a series of assertions. As such, if the voter wishes to award points beyond conduct, the voter must assess those arguments as part of their decision.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro made some reasonable arguments about men being better educated and working more hours. Essentially that a direct comparison of wages without taking this into account does not make sense. Con responds that women are discriminated in education not having equal chances to get higher paying jobs. Pro FFs, not giving himself a chance to respond. Reasonable arguments from both sides. Therefore conduct to Con for Pro's ff