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The war in Iraq was a joke

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Started: 10/23/2012 Category: Politics
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Round 1- Opening Remarks
Round 2- Arguments
Round 3- Conclusions

I think that invading Iraq in the way that we did was a huge mistake and a waste of American lives. It could have been handled much better, and if anything it just destabilized the situation in the Middle East further.


It's no secret that the tension in the middle east has existed for may years. The war in Iraq was initiated not only beause of this ongoing tension but it was more importantly a result of the 9/11 attacks. Once the terrorist brought the fight to our soil the United States government had avery limited time to retaliate somehow before they lost their credibility and power to prevent an open season on American people. The Iraqi government was in shambles and could not control its own people, leaving the commander and chief of the United states no choice: take the fight to them.
Debate Round No. 1


There HAS been tension in the Middle East for many years, I do not disagree with this. What I disagree with is how it was dealt with. The invasion and destruction of Iraq's infrastructure for a second time should not have been necessary. The splintering of Iraq into a groups of small terror cells and the like started back in the Gulf War, where Saddam Hussein (a know unstable leader) was left in power for 10 more years, ultimately dooming Iraq to it's current fate.

According the timeline in the link below, major combat operations were completed in roughly two months in May of 2003. that means that for roughly 8 years, our troops sat in Iraq doing "peacekeeping and eliminating the terrorist threat". 8 years later we found Osama. Meanwhile our troops are being picked off in guerilla attacks and suicide bombings with a civilian population that has no love for the troops.

All while this is going on, Al Qaeda is growing to record strength with hundreds of new recruits from the outraged civilian population. This could have been handled so much better and was a needless waste of life.

I turn the debate over to my opponent.


It is impossible to expect that warfare will produce perfect results. I admit that the war in Iraq has produced some unwanted side affects, but what possible counter attack to terrorism wouldn't. I believe that given the circumstance the actions taken were necessary and not a "joke". To call the war a joke would be dishonoring to the soldiers who participated including myself.
Every decision might not have been the best or yield the most pleasant outcome but the war as a whole was no joke, but a necessary step in order to protect the United states and the people who abide within it.
All of my opponents arguments were small examples of mistakes or bad outcomes within the war. I could give 5 times as many describing World war 2, but this doesn't mean that the war was a joke, it means that the people in command weren't perfect.
I personally experienced the civilians welcoming me and my fellow soldiers on various occasions.
As to the government. The Country of Iraq is now more sovereign than ever. They are slowly but surely rebuilding their infrastructure which might I add was previously run by a cruel terrorist dictator. Now that have the opportunity to start again and become once again a recognized and sovereign country.
Once again I admit that the Iraqi war is not perfect, but what war is?
Debate Round No. 2


I DO believe that a war was a necessity, and I mean absolutely no disrespect to the soldiers that fought and died in it and am deeply sorry if I have offended you in anyway. I think that the USA should have initially focused on removing Saddam from power, establishing democracy, and hunting Al Qaeda; not 6-8 years later. Taking out the infrastructure and making it seem like the country itself was at fault for terrorist actions on 9/11 was what made Al Qaeda's numbers swell to massive proportions, as the population was furious about the invasion. Take my information as you please, but you know that what I say is true. Vote Pro!!!


AmericanPatriot forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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