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The word "homophobic" should be banned

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Started: 4/13/2016 Category: Society
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The term "homophobia" vilifies people who do not agree with the gay culture. It implies that we all have to exhibit traits that are unmasculine and go against the traits of a normal straight man. Men are losing their rights to fulfill the responsibilities of their gender. No one should be labeled a derogatory term when standing up for what is sound, sane and natural.


Homophobia is a blend word coined in the 1960"s consisting of "Homosexual" and "Phobia". A Phobia is described as "an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something". One may be tricked into thinking that Homophobia is and irrational or extreme fear of the Homosexual. This, unfortunately, is not true, and Homophobia is actually defined as "dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people".

Firstly, I will approach this from a logical point of view. If one was to go about banning a word, how would you do it? In what way is it possible to ban the use of a particular word entirely? You can ban the use of it in newspapers, music, T.V and other media through censorship, you can make it an offense to use the word, and you can provide the next generation with education on how not to use that word. Except, you can"t. In order to do all three, and effectively "ban" the word, you would need to have a fully autocratic society and make yourself the supreme ruler. Even then, you could only control usage of this word within the confines of your country"s borders. The only way to completely ban a word then, is to become the autocratic dictator of the entire world. But even that won"t cut it. You would have to ban every derivative, synonym and Poecilonym that people can come up with. Even if you are somehow able to do that, how do you enforce it? Come on.

As mentioned in the Oxford Dictionary definition for the word "Homophobia", it doesn"t imply anyone has to exhibit unmasculine traits. It means you dislike gay people.

Define "Normal Straight Man"
Define the Responsibilities of the Male Gender
Define "Derogatory Term"
Define "Sound, Sane and Natural"
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, fear of homosexuals is not irrational. 44% of all murders are committed by homosexuals, one third of all child molestation is committed by homosexuals, and 90% of Aids is transmitted by homosexuals. If people did their research instead of being blindly lead by the media, the majority of people would conclude that gays should not have rights. As a parent I have the right to protect my children from potential child molesters. If homosexuals are overwelmingly the main perpetrators of child molestation I as a parent have a right to not allow homosexuals near them. If I am to be labeled homophobic because of this then I am being discriminated against in the worst possible way. The word homophobic is being used to outcast responsible parents like myself. The whole world has gone mad. There are a few sane, sound and natural people like me who think sexual deviation is just that - sexual deviation. Anyone who agrees with homosexuals are also deviates and probably also agree with child molestation.

it is not difficult to ban words. There are lots of words that have been banned, such as "faggot" and "nigger"; you could go to jail for calling someone those words. I would like to see people go to jail for calling me a homophobe. I the right to protect my family without being demonized for doing so.


I"ll begin by asking if you would kindly source your research and data these conclusions are pulled from, including name, people heading the research and year in which the research was conducted please. This is avoid the problem where a debater posts statistics and conclusions that is not stated or implied by the evidence, as well as making sure the debater isn"t simply making up facts that support his or her point. Statistics and other third-party information and research will be disregarded unless they can be accredited. It would be useful as well, at this point, to mention that percentage-only statistics are almost worthless without quantity figures to go with them, as well as how much of the population they make up. Saying 40% of all murders are committed by Homosexuals but not quantifying it, or stating how much they make up the population gives no indication of the likelihood any Homosexual is likely to be a murderer.

Now, about this child molestation concern. You do indeed have the right, as a parent, to worry about the safety of your children, and a desire to protect them is indeed understandable. However, basing the way you treat someone based solely on the actions of the few is wrong in the first place. And to say that someone "should not have rights" because of the actions of the few is nothing sort of fascism. If you are an American, it is the equivalent of saying that White Men are not allowed the rights of the constitution and bill because White Men account for 63.7% of all mass school shootings (97% male, 79% white, 63.7% for white AND male) (1).

I think you should define "worst possible way" for the purposes of this debate. Earlier in your response you mentioned homosexuals "should not have rights" " I think this is classed as a worse form of discrimination than name-calling.

The word "Homophobic" is being used to outcast people who are being homophobic, not people protecting their children from child molesters. While it is true that on some occasions someone is called "homophobic" for reasons other than genuine homophobia, in the same way people can "play the race card" and call racism for non-race based discrimination, it follows the same trend that it more often is genuine malice towards the victim.

The whole world has not gone mad " Homosexuality is still not tolerated in some parts of the world, notably in the Middle East, in Africa and in Russia. So for your statement to be true, these places must be doing all they can to make sure Homosexual offenders get away with everything. In truth, they often get punished for nothing more than being homosexual. In Iran, you are sentenced to death if you are a mature male consenting to homosexual intercourse. (2)

Homosexuality has been discovered to be sufficiently dissimilar to Paraphilia (Sexual Deviation) and was removed from the DSM in 1974(3). Saying Homosexuality is sexual deviation is now imperially opinion.

"Probably" isn"t a good enough basis to deny rights on.

The difference between those words and the word "Homophobic" is that those two words are derogatory slang used with malice against gays and black people respectively. "Homophobic" is like "Racist", in that they are both used to describe the people who use the two words mentioned.

You do have the right to protect your family " so protect them from confirmed threats, not fabricated maybes and false statistically folk demons.

Debate Round No. 2


If statistics are worthless then why do we have them? You used statistics for your argument. I can't remember the source of my statistics, but it is easy to see that they are true. if you think about child molesters. . . Most children that get abused are boys. There are few female child molesters; it doesn't take much figuring out to see that the vast majority of child molesters are gay men. This fact alone should be enough to ban gays in the interest of safety for our children. I don't care if that hurts anyone's feelings. The safety of all the children on earth should take precedence over the feelings of a small minority of adults. I feel that anyone who argues against this is not of sound mind, to say the least. If I am to be labeled a homophobe because of this point of view, then I think political correctness is a vile thing invented by powerful people who aim to control the world with evil intention. My argument is simple and clear cut and needs no evidence to back it up. It is simple logic.

As for racism. . . I feel that this too is a word that needs to be banned. In Australia the government has just tightened its laws on safety for electricians. The absurd thing about that is that Chinese electricians don't have to follow the safety laws; they no longer even have to prove that they are qualified. When the electrician union complained that this absurdity is not only dangerous, but clearly aimed towards bringing in cheap labor at the expense local workers, the government declared that such a view is racist against Chinese workers. This is a clear example of political correctness being used by parties to manipulate society for their own benefits. It is not racist to want equal treatment of workers just as it is not homophobic to dislike potential child molesters. This is why these sorts of words need to be banned. It is in the interest of a better, safer and more balanced world.


LogicalVoice forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by rumywonder 2 years ago
What's the point of having opinions if I'm not allowed to have one? Maybe we should ban all people's opinions. . . As for lesbians: I don't believe they exist because there is no way two women can even have sex. Any attraction would be a platonic one. As for male gays, the idea is too sick for anyone to even imagine. Anyone who can imagine that that sort of thing goes on somewhere must be seriously deranged.
Posted by Okapi 2 years ago
No offense meant, but if you demonize an entire group of people, you will be ridiculed and corrected. I'm also not a fan of the way you refer to yourself as "normal and sane", as if those who don't correspond with your beliefs are not. Am I a child molester because I'm attracted to the female sex? Am I rapist or a murderer? Am I insane just like the people who may not even be homosexual, but who may just disagree with you?
Posted by hldemi 2 years ago
Dude, homophobia is the hatred or fear of homosexuals. This is the definition of the term. Hatred and fear of homosexuals exist as you would surely agree. So why not have a word for it. Why not call a spade a spade.
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