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The world is coming to an end because of Global Warming

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Started: 5/27/2013 Category: Science
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The world IS coming to an end because of Global Warming, the polar ice-caps are melting and sea levels are rising, temperatures are getting hotter because of excess carbon dioxide emmitted by transport vehicals. Hurricanes and Cyclones are destroying civilizations because of rising sea temperature. There is a massive increase of flooding. Global warming will be the end of humanity.


First of all, these statements that the world is "Going to end" because of global warming, is what I will be arguing against.

Firstly, I do not deny that polar ice caps are retreating, and that the sea levels have risen *a little bit*. But, this has happened in cycles over hundreds of thousands of years - the earth has gone through countless global warming AND cooling periods.

Secondly (And this is the main point in this debate in my opinion) is that CO2 does not raise the temperature of the earth. Yes, CO2 is a greenhouse gas - but it makes up 5% of all greenhouse gases, which are in turn, a minority of our atmosphere. The other 95% is water vapour.
If you look at the graph that shows the level of CO2 in the atmosphere, and global temperature, you will notice that CO2 in the atmosphere does not cause temperature rise. Temperature rise causes CO2 levels to increase. As the earth gets warmer through activity of the SUN, the warmer temperatures cause carbon dioxide to be released from the ocean into the atmosphere - CO2 has such a MINOR effect on climate, it isn't really even a factor.

And thirdly, my opponent has provided to evidence at all to back up his claims. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, I am a girl.
While my contender has provided a sufficient argument, there are parts of it that have been proven not true. Yes it has happened before in the history of the Earth, it is a completely natural cycle, however our contribution to Global Warming is becoming more and more of a worldwide problem. Recent study has proven that Co2 levels are rising abnormally high, and within the next fifty years temperatures will get out of hand.
5% is actually a lot of atmosphere, considering the dimentions of Earth, and with our contribution to the levels of Co2 in the air we are raising those scores.
While our experts try to warn us of these problems, our own destruction is becoming oblivious to us, And by the 'entire world' ending I mean every living life form on the face of our planet. Animals will not be able to evolve fast enough to adapt to these conditions, resulting in extinction.


Well this is certainly an interesting argument presented - albeit almost completely misguided.

First of all, I said 5% of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are then an even smaller percentage of our atmosphere. But that is irrelevant. Here is a graph for you:

Yes, CO2 levels are rising - I don't deny that. But look at this graph - what do you see? Temperature changes, then CO2 changes to follow - lagging behind a few hundred years. What does this tell us?

Well, as the temperatures rise, CO2 levels rise, because the higher temperature causes the ocean to release the CO2 trapped inside it - thus, causing a global rise in CO2 levels.

And telling us that every life form will die is ridiculous - I am fairly certain the last ice age didn't wipe out EVERY living cell on the planet.

Now, take a look at this graph

Here we see that the 2 are inextricably linked - as the sunspot activity increases, we see a global rise in temperature. Amazing, huh?

Also, note the cooling period between 1940-mid-1970s.

This was a period of mass industrialisation - where a lot of CO2 was being released - why do we see no rise in temperature in this period? If CO2 causes the world to heat up, why do we not see this?

(NB: I am not disputing whether climate change is occurring. It is. We know this. But I am disputing whether or not CO2 is responsible, and whether or not it will end all life on this planet.)

So, I would like to see pro prove 2 things:

1) That CO2 is the leading cause in climate change.

2) That the world will in fact end. Please prove this.
Debate Round No. 2


While you make good observations, I do believe the sites you have given as evidence were proved false by NASA and many Global Warming Specialist Networks. CO2 rises first, yes, and this causes the heat levels to rise, like a chain reaction. I do not argue with the fact that the Oceans release Carbon Dioxide, but there have always been enough trees and plants that absorb the gas. Our intervention with the forests and wildlife has made this natural cycle unbalanced, and the lack of trees in the world are letting the CO2 gas to spread more and more into the air, absorbing more sunlight rays and trapping the heat within our atmosphere. This, with the addition to excess CO2 release from fossil-fuel powered machines is having devastating consequences on the environment, and practically the air we breathe.

You have mentioned that the last Ice-age didn't wipe out everything, and you are completely right, there are many evolved animals on this Earth today that survived the ice-age. However, may I remind you that we are not debating about ice-ages, we are debating about 'Global Warming'. which is a completely different matter. When Ice comes, there are ways to stay warm and alive that nature will always succeed in doing. If the world is too hot, there will be no escape for the wildlife. Water will rise in temperature as well as the land, resulting in devastating consequences as most marine animals cannot survive a 4-5 degree difference, let alone 20.

Chain reactions are funny things, sometimes they have quick responses, other times they can take centuries. As I said before, your graphs are very faulty, but another reason you do not see a rise in temperature in this period of time is because C02 levels can take a long time to respond to the environment and spike the temperatures. We are only feeling the effects of CO2 released 50 years ago today. The same as we will only feel the CO2 being released now in the next fifty years. It is why we must stop emitting now.

There will be no escape for anything from Global Warming, our technology is not yet developed enough to reduce Carbon Dioxide Levels, cool the earth, or even save humanity by blasting off into space. If we don't stop polluting our atmosphere now, life will cease to exist on Earth. You have asked me to prove my point, 'How will it end life, CO2 being the main culprit'. Well I must ask you, my contender, why won't it? At the rate we are going?


Thandiflight forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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