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The world is over populated

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Started: 9/16/2012 Category: Society
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There are over 7 billion people on the earth. This currently large population is due to proper nutrition and modern medicine. Such a large population requires a large amount of resource that are often limited like coal, oil, land, and sometime food. Humans are also very destructive to the environment by using resources fast than the earth can replenish them. Human presence in an area can also mean the extinction of animals and plant species that can be vital to a balanced and health ecosystem. Developed countries produce so much waste that the environment will be inhabitable to animals or humans. Humans may even be responsible for a climate change. Encourage an intentional population decrease would tramendously help relieve the strain and damage that over population can cause. It can also help economical situations by having more need for workers and consumers. The way we would decrease the population would be to encourage people to have only one kid or no children. Allow the elderly to pass on when they have reached there time. Make suicide legal and to allow those unable to survive with out machines to pass on. These decision would be voluntary and would be a collected effort to keep the environment we live in habitable and to keep the human race from expanding past what the environment can handle. If we don't control the numbe of the population eventually nature will with horrifying and devistating consequences.


I accept and I thank my opponent for setting up this debate. Let's get down to business.


"The world is over populated"

I will be arguing against this resolution. Therefore, to win all I must do is show that the world is not overpopulated.

Burden of Proof

Pro will have the burden of proof as he is putting forth the positive claim.


World: Earth

Overpopulated: The population of an area in too large numbers


Since Pro has made arguments in round one I assume that this round is for actual arguments and not just acceptance, so here we go.

Counter Arguments

1. Too many people

Pro claims that there are too many people, and this is just not the case. Every single person on Earth could fit into Texas and have a 66'x66' plot of land (enough for a single family home + yard) [1]. This would leave the entire rest of the inhabitable earth devoid of human life.

2. Too few resources

Pro contends that there are too few resources, giving examples such as food and oil. In terms of food the problem isn't that there's too little food, it's that a select few groups of people are eating a disproportionate amount. Consider this; Americans, while only making up 5% of the worlds population, eat almost a quarter of all consumed food (24%). In fact, the average American consumes as much food as 370 Ethiopians. It's not just a matter of food consumed either. Americans throw out 200,000 tons (440,924,400 lbs) of edible food every day [2]. Consider also that less than half as many people die from famine each year now than a century ago, even though our population has quadrupled [4], and World agriculture produces 17 percent more calories per person today than it did 30 years ago, despite a 70 percent population increase [5].

In terms of oil, we aren't even close to running out. The end of oil has been predicted for over 100 years now and year after year we see that our oil reserves are actually growing. In 1882 it was estimated that there was only 95 million barrels of oil remaining and that we would run out of oil before the end of the decade. By 1919 (37 years later) we still had oil and it was estimated that we would run out of oil in 20 years. By 1950 (31 years later), there was over 100 billion barrels of oil estimated on reserve. This cycle of people predicting the end of oil and oil reserves increasing has continued until today. Long story short, we now have estimated about 1.25 trillion barrels of oil remaining -- over 13,000x as much oil on reserve as was estimated in 1882 when the death of oil was first predicted [3]. I highly recommend checking out the rest of this video for those of you who want the rest of the figures given.

3. Garbage

Once again, this isn't an issue of numbers, but an issue of poor management. Consider this;

"Due to developments in waste management, the projected landfill waste for the United States (a relatively massive producer of waste) over the entire next century could be stored in a landfill area only 18 miles on each side." [4].

This landfill could even be reduced by upwards of 70% due to recycling [6]. So it's clear that trash is only as big of a problem as we let it be -- and even then how big of a problem it can be is exaggerated.

Finally, it has not been established that humans are responsible for climate change. This needs to be established before I can be expected to debunk this claim.

4. Irrelevant Arguments

The rest of Pro's argument is about ways we can reduce our population and the projected benefits of a smaller population. There are numerous problems with what he's said, but there's no point in arguing about it because ultimately these things are irrelevant to both of our positions. All Pro needs to establish is that the world is overpopulated and all I need to do is refute his argument for that resolution. Questions of how to do deal with overpopulation are meaningless unless it is established that the world is overpopulated in the first place.


I've shown that in terms of land, oil and food, the world is not overpopulated nor is it even close to being as such. As it stands right now, Pro's BOP has not been fulfilled.

I look forward to your response.

3. [video]
Debate Round No. 1


sapere_aude forfeited this round.


Welcome to round two. For tonight's entertainment we have Luciano Pavarotti singing Stella. Enjoy ~
Debate Round No. 2


sapere_aude forfeited this round.


Ending this.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by adontimasu 5 years ago
The world is no where near overpopulated; that's how. :P
Posted by MattDescopa 5 years ago
Posted by 16kadams 5 years ago
Easy con win
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