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The world would be a more peaceful place if marijuana were legal.

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Started: 3/27/2012 Category: Society
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More peaceful = less violent and/or aggressive.

3000 characters.

First round is for acceptance.



I accept your challenge! Good luck, hope we have a good time!
Debate Round No. 1


Okay, so my argument is pretty simple:

1. People who are high on marijuana are less likely to be violent. This is why you have never witnessed a stoned person initiate a fight. It is practically impossible to get into a fight when stoned. Marijuana usually has a sedative effect; it reduces irritability, increases happiness, and increases relaxation [1]. It also makes users more talkative [1], and talking is a less aggressive form of dispute resolution compared with violence. Further, marijuana often impairs users' motor-skills and coordination [2], making it physically more difficult to inflict injury on others.

2. If marijuana were legal, more people would be high on marijuana more often. Marijuana is already the most used illicit drug [3], which indicates that people want to use it. The percentage of a population that uses cannabis tends to increase with decreasing penalties [4][5]. Therefore, marijuana use would increase if the drug were made legal.

3. Therefore, if marijuana were legal, violence would decrease. Follows from 1 and 2 above.

4. In addition, all violence stemming from the illegality of marijuana (e.g. gang wars, resisting arrest etc.) would cease. I don't think further explanation is required here.



Marijuana.Pot, herb, weed, grass, boom, Mary Jane, gangster, or chronic. Whatever you may call it, it remains the same. It is a drug that is currently illegal in the United States. The fact that it is illegal says something in itself.
Contention 1: The use of Marijuana impairs Motor Skills
Motor skills are essential for almost everything in life. From playing soccer to driving a car. The problem that Marijuana poses is the fact that it impairs these essential motor skills. I will also take the time to point out that my opponent actually went against himself in stating that Marijuana impairs these essential skills. Now, back to my first contention. When one becomes "stoned", as my opponent calls it, he or she looses a firm grip on reality. They may be able to walk, but i say to the voter and my opponent, that they may not be able to drive. This is precisely the reason why Marijuana is illegal in the first place! In fact "a meta-analysis (a way of combining lots of smaller studies to make one larger and more powerful study) of 60 studies concluded that cannabis causes impairment in almost every performance area connected with safe driving--such as tracking, motor coordination, visual functions, and complicated tasks that require divided attention"(1). The use of Marijuana severely impacts the way a person may be able drive. This being said, legalizing the drug will put motorist in EXTREME danger.
Contention 2: Marijuana tends to lead to danger and even death
I begin this contention by telling a personal story.
I had a friend (that shall remain nameless) that used the said drug. She started of with it. She called me every day with a new story about how she was "high" and went to go steal cigarettes. This soon worsened with each day that passed. One day, i remember that she called me and said she was depressed. She wanted to end her life. I tried talking to her and asking her why she felt like this. She simply said " i'm out of weed". Soon after, she began buying other drugs from unknown dealers. One day, she comes to school after a fight that she had with a dealer that ripped her off by selling her an "ounce of droll", which is another drug. This proves that Marijuana tends to lead to severe problems. My friend could have been killed if the dealer had decided to bring a gun. Why would one legalize a drug that tends to lead to even MORE problems. My former friend wanted to take her life because she was depressed." Marijuana is a Hallucinogenic that takes on the characteristics of a depressant"(2). This being said, the drug acts like an enemy instead as a friend, contrary to what my opponent might say.
Marijuana should remain illegal for all the above reasons, thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


Con has clearly missed the point of this debate, which makes it difficult for me to know where to start.

So far, Con has presented two arguments.

1. The use of marijuana impairs motor-skills.

Con suggests that legalising marijuana will result in more people driving whilst stoned, which will result in more car accidents. I suspect that I am not the only reader who fails to see the relationship between an inability to drive and violence/aggression. Perhaps Con can clarify.

2. The use of marijuana leads to danger and potentially death.

Con offers a singular anecdote about a friend in support of this claim, and almost nothing in the anecdote relates to voilence/aggression. Perhaps Con can clarify.

Con does raise the issue of potentially dangerous drug deals, and this does relate to voilence/aggression. However, if marijuana were legal, then dangerous drug deals clearly would not exist. Buying marijuana would be like buying groceries.

Unfortunately, Con has completely missed the point of this debate. Con is arguing about whether or not marijuana should be legalised. The debate is actually about whether the legalisation of marijuana would result in a more peaceful (less violent/aggressive) world.


I shall begin by clarifying to my opponents what i meant in my arguments.
1. The use of legal marijuana by motorist would lead to more deaths, thus making this world a less peaceful environment since death is usually NOT a part of a peaceful society. This being said, legalizing the use of Marijuana would not lead to a peaceful environment.
2. I say to the voter, that my opponent actually agrees with me by saying "Con does raise the issue of potentially dangerous drug deals, and this does relate to voilence/aggression". This being said, the point that my Opponent aims at me about not tying my anecdote to violence is very vague.
My opponent goes on to say that if Marijuana were in fact legal, then "dangerous drug deals clearly would not exist." But, does one agree that Marijuana is not the only drug available? My opponent made a fatal mistake in stating that "drug deals would clearly not exist". The fact that Marijuana would be made legal has ABSOLUTELY no effect on what other drugs are being sold. The drug deal in my anecdote was about "Droll', another illegal drug and in fact not about Marijuana. This being said, one must now begin to understand that legalizing marijuana would have no other effect on the use of other drug deals, contrary to what my opponent stated
Now, i shall continue by reinforcing my case.
Contention 1: The use of Marijuana impairs Motor Skills.
One could agree that a peaceful society is one without deaths, correct? So how is the fact that people would be dying due to the fact that Marijuana is legal be PEACEFUL? How is the fact that motorists will be riding our streets while under the influence of Marijuana while they are behind the wheel of a "car, [which] can be considered deadly weapons if they have the ability to cause harm"(1) a peaceful thing? This being said, a deadly weapon in the hands of a person under the influence of Marijuana , which as my opponent stated in his first argument, impairs the use of motor-skills, would not make this world a peaceful place.Furthermore, Violence is defined as being rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment. So a person being killed by a stoned motorist is an act of violence, whether intentional or unintentional.
Contention2: Marijuana tends to lead to danger and even death.
Marijuana whether leagal or illegal, tends to put the life of a said person in danger. In fact, contrary to what my opponent stated in his first argument, "Studies show that violence can occur more often among people who use marijuana regularly, rather than those who use it occasionally or not at all."(2)
In sumation, i belive that marijuana should remain illegal for the reasons above. Making this drug legal does not stop anything violent from occuring while using the drug. Thank you for taking the time to read my case.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by RinWindSan 5 years ago
dude. if we legalized marijuana we probably wouldn't be in debt as a country.
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
When in doubt, always link things to nuclear war.
It generally works.
Posted by thett3 5 years ago
Actually my bad, weed legalization links to nuclear war. KEEP IT CRIMINALIZED
Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
Au contrair, thett, this debate will be massively easy for the con. In order for pro to win, he must prove that on a wholistic basis, that the world will be more peaceful with marijuana legalized. Although I don't think the legalization of marijuana will end things like the wars in it really won't do much.
Posted by thett3 5 years ago
I don't see any con ground on this topic. OF COURSE criminalizing anything that has a demand to it will lead to smuggling and conflict with the law. The argument is if that's a good thing.
Posted by beatmaster2012 5 years ago
I agree but with only that argument I don't think you're going to get far.

1. Put taxes on them > Huge amount of income > Helps economy
2. Use as sedative > Cheaper than morphine or other anestestics.
3. Government can keep an eye out for it > Underground deals will lower.

Just some examples.
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Reasons for voting decision: cars=/=violence. And pro points out legalizaiton will decrease users getting killed on the drug.