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The world would be better without religion.

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Started: 6/4/2015 Category: Religion
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I would be open with arguing both sides, as I don't believe in anything, religious or not. I

have seen how religion can positively affect people. Say one of my buddies dies and I go to church

for the next few months and it helps me get over it, and cope with my friends loss. You could then

claim that the person that had been enlightened by going to church is delusional. Religion has no

scientific proof, none of them do. Religion was created thousands of years ago when we didn't

have iPads next to us at night, when there was nothing but the trees, skies, and the stars. We began

to wonder where all of these things came from. As we have known, the people of our history liked

to create stories and pass them off between generation. As there are MANY different cultures

MANY different stories will start on how things became to be, this is how religion starts. A mass

of people now believes these stories passed down through tradition. I'm not saying this is a bad

thing, what I am frustrated about is how religion is so protected. You cannot slander religion

without sound like, well, an arshole. Religious folks will never argue the beneficial facts to The

Church not having to pay city, state, or federal taxes, EVER. I could argue that if all religion was

abolished this place would be happy. BUT if we had abolished it before it had started it would be a

way better outcome. Abolishing religion right now will only make people want it more because it's

someone they may or may not have believed in and they cannot have it now. Not being able to

have someone almost makes someone want it more.


Religion has been one of the biggest causes of death. People kill for religion of many reasons including: disagreeing, delusion, false justification, and through despite killing from people blindly following. All cults are religions and many religions are similar to cults in many ways. I grew up Mormon, I stopped going two years ago at eleven and I am no longer allowed to go near the church. When I began to think of leaving the members tried to pressure me into staying with guilt and even fear (they did not follow through). considering hate crimes, terrorism, and mass amounts of abuse/rape in cults; religion is bad, or at least religious people can be bad. If people didn't have religion they would focus more schooling because they would realize that since this is all we have this is all that matters. We would progress more effectively and efficiently. People could consider and mindset shred by a large group of people to be a religion; in that case even if current religion was wiped from the minds of all humans it would again develop in some way or another. I believe that is one of the major things stopping people from progressing. I think that the world should separate the people that believe in the thing and put them with people that don't. If they are truly religious they won't loose their faith although without a sense of power caused by people in numbers and their would be a lot less of the "us vs them" mindset. Less people would die, the diversity would promote creativity, and advances in human kind would be exhilarated.
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