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Theistic Evolution is the most reasonable explanation for the formation of Life

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Started: 4/30/2013 Category: Religion
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This argument is for those that already believe in the Christianity. This means that there is already belief in God, and there is value to the word of the Bible.

Theistic Evolution is the idea that God intended for evolution happen, but God still created the origins of life.

Life is the all things living.


I think there were prophets that came after who Jesus that should be examined however I will accept the premise that the God of Jesus, Mohammed, Isaac and Abraham did in fact create the universe. I will also be arguing that Theistic evolution is false and Creationism is more plausible. I accept your definition of life. I also will be arguing on a Christan basis and leave all Non-Abrahamic holy books out of this(Tao Te Ching, Vedas, ETC). Are the Koran and Torah acceptable sources? Thank you for hosting this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate.

In this round, I will show proof to the validity of Theistic Evolution.

First, the time of creation. In the Bible, it says that God created the earth in seven days (Genesis 2:2). To the creationist, this means seven, twenty-four hour periods. But the Bible does not specify that these periods are seven, twenty-four hour periods. . Days are measured by twenty-four hour periods therefore when the word "days" is used it is associated with a twenty-four hour period. But the fact is no one knows how long these days were. That means that these "days" could have actually been decades, centuries, millenniums, or any length of time. If these days could have been a several thousand years old, evolution would have been plausible. This now allows creation to coincide with evolution.

Next, one must note the creation of the world. Following theistic evolution, one knows that the Bible says that God created the universe. One can assume that since God was creating the earth, all things created were created in their earliest form. Following Descartes idea that all creatures without a soul function like machines, man would have functioned like a machine until man was given a soul. It was not until man had reached a certain point in "growth" or "evolving" that God took man, and breathed life into him (Genesis 2:7). This was a spiritual creation of man. This could be interpreted at the "creation" of man in which the Bible refers to in Genesis 2:7. "Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being." (Genesis 2:7). The Bible itself even emphasizes that it is this breath of life that makes him a living being.

Given that all this information is being interpreted into useful information, and not just taken word for word, one can note that Genesis is left for a lot of interpretation. Some can and will claim that this is not room for interpretation, but deceit. Given that the Bible says the word of God is truth (Deuteronomy 32:4) and the Bible is the word of God, as a Christian, one can accept that the Bible is truth, even if it is inaccurate at times. For instance, the Bible says that insects walk on four legs (Leviticus 11:20-23), bats are categorized with birds (Leviticus 11:13-19), and that rabbits chew their cud (Leviticus 11:6). All of these things can now be acknowledged as false, but that does not mean they are deceitful or a lie. We know today that all of these things are not true, but one must acknowledge that the Bible was written before today"s scientific information was even considered. Regardless of whether the subject is telling time, animal classification, or the anatomy of insects, there was a lack of scientific knowledge. Also, the Bible was written to those to whom God sent the message. These people chosen to account these messages would interpret them into their own words. From the time the Bible was originally written, to now, the language has change, and so has the translation of the Bible.

Before I go any further, I would like to note that theistic evolution does support the proof of evolution. All things proving evolution such as Lucy, the Tiktaalik, and proof of natural selection are believed as true by those that believe in theistic evolution.

Moving forward, evolutionist often will argue against theistic evolution saying that the timeline of the Bible does not coincide with the timeline of evolution. The first example being in Genesis 1:20-21, the bible says that fish and birds were created in the same day. Evolution says that birds evolved from fish over time. This means that fish and birds were created in the same day, and one could not have evolved into another. Also, the Bible says in I Corinthians 15:39, "Not all flesh is the same: people have one kind of flesh, animals have another, birds another and fish another." This verse specifies that all creatures have a different flesh. If each creature has a different flesh, there is no way that people and birds could have evolved from sea creatures. If birds, amphibians, non- human mammals, and humans all evolved originally from sea creatures, all these animals would be of the same flesh. This is not true; given that, as established earlier, if one is to open the seven, twenty-four hour time periods up to bigger amounts of time, it is possible for fish and birds to evolve from one another in the same day. If there were several thousand years between the beginning and end of each day, fish and birds could have evolved over that thousand years" time period, thus making these created in the same day. Also, while the Bible does say that all creatures have different types of flesh, the Bible does not say that each animal was created in their own specific flesh. If fish evolved into amphibians, the skin of that fish would evolve too.
Next, evolution often argues that in addition to the fact that the Bible says that humans do not share flesh with other animals, the Bible says that mankind has power over the creatures and all the land (Genesis 1:26). If humans had evolved from mammals, which evolved, from amphibians, which evolved from sea creatures, humans would be last on the evolution timeline. Why would God have given humans the power to rule over all the other animals, if humans had evolved from these animals? In terms of evolution, if it were not for the fish, amphibians, birds, and other mammals, humans would not be here. Theistic evolution, however, will point out that while man was the last to develop when it comes to evolution, mankind was the first and only creature to be given the breath of life from God. This breath of life makes man have a piece of God, thus giving mankind an advantage over the other creatures.
Lastly, evolution points out that in Hebrews 4:3 says "" His work was finished since the creation of the world." In this verse, "His work" means God"s work. If God"s work was done from the day of creation, how is evolution possible? God would have to continually work to push evolution along, if evolution were part of the creation of the earth. This cannot be the case, given the fact that the Bible says that "" His work was finished since the creation of the world." This would be another point in the Bible in which the Bible, which is the word of God, and the timeline of evolution do not coincide with one another. In response to this argument, theistic evolution again use the seven-day period to point out that if God intended for evolution to happen, His hand would not have to be in every part of evolution, If He knows the plan, and knows how everything is supposed to work, He could create it so that it all happens that way. Also, the Bible says that his work was finished from the creation of the world. Technically, the world was created in a seven "day" period. Within these seven time periods, God created the universe, and gave Adam the breath of life.

These points help to point out that the timeline of creation coincides with the timeline of evolution.



Thank you for the interesting argument.

Now then I will refute Pro's argument in two simple parts.
Firstly and foremost we have the issue of the length in which the creation of the Universe and creation of the natural world revealed to us really was.

1. We both accept the Bible is 100% The word of God.
2. We both accept the universe begins with Genesis 1:1

From these two agreed points we can deconstruct the argument for Theistic Evolution.

I.In the other books of the bible the mesuarement of time is a constant. The idea that a day can actually be intrepreted as tens of millions of years is a dangerous one. For example imagine if Jesus was not resurrected for 1.9 Million years. We both know this is ridiculas and in reality his resurection took place over the course of a mere few 24 hour periods.
In the Classical World the only difference in the understanding of the definition of a day is that the transition of days happens at sunset rather then at midnight as we have today. The Greeks, Hebrews, and Romans all had words for long mesuarements of time during the Biblical age. Why would God choose to reveal the creation of the universe in a unit of measure not consistant with reality? Since the Bible is God's word on earth to give light to the masses it is insanity to propose that God would intenionally attempt to confuse us.

II.Furthermore since PRO accepts the "proof" that modern evolutionists have agreed on then one would find the statement a serious problem for Theistic evolution:
"Theistic evolution, however, will point out that while man was the last to develop when it comes to evolution"
Now the scientific theory of evolution and darwinism believes all animals are constantly delvolping and moving forward. I would like PRO to point out how exactly this fits in with the Scripture?

Unless Pro can provide us with any reason as to why God would choose to reveal creation in a set of days rather then any of the other measurements of time understandble to man at the time then all of his arguments cannot function. Furthermore Pro must explain how scientific Darwinism and Evolution do not contradict the creation narrative and Christan Scripture.

Debate Round No. 2


First, I can see CON's point, but the 24-hour day period is an earthly thing. The "day" for other planets can be much longer or shorter than 24 hours. If God created this universe, then one knows that these 24-hour "day" time periods could have been small amounts of time, until the earth was created. One cannot measure what the time of a "day" for God would be. So what could be considered a day to him, may be a significantly long period of time for us. And to cover CON's point on the fact that the rest of the Bible is consistent with the actual 24-hour days, this is easily understood. Once the earth was created, and time was established, humans had what they knew to be how to measure a day. When once recorded Jesus" resurrection, time had already been established on earth, so when God told someone to record it a certain way, when the word day was used, they assumed 24-hour period. This could also explain how the word day had the interpretation that it did in Genesis. If God had sent the message to note that he took 6 days to create the universe, days would be assumed to be a 24-hour period to the one recording this message from God, even if that is exactly what God meant. However, this wording misunderstanding does not apply to any earthly situations in the Bible, such as the resurrection.
Second, Theistic evolution obviously believes in all the proof supplied by evolution. As I made my first point, I was simply trying to note that evolution was, of course, considered in all of this. However, when I previously stated that humans were last to evolve, I simply meant we are the most advanced species to evolve yet. This still does not change my previous point of humans having ownership over the land and animals, and does not note at all the ability or the idea of humans further evolving into something else. This confusion was due to my misinformation.


Alright, your misinformation aside the decisive factor in this debate now is the definition of the "day".
You say that the length of the day to God at the time of creation may have been well longer then 24 hours.
The issue with this as I pointed out previously is why would God choose to reveal this to mankind as he did to
the classical world in an unit of measure different from the contemporary or all future understandings?
I will give you another opportunity to answer why he would do this and what purpose would it serve.
Debate Round No. 3


KimberlyyPaige forfeited this round.


extend all of my arguments.
Debate Round No. 4


KimberlyyPaige forfeited this round.


PRO missed two rounds and failed to refute my arguents as well as admitting to spreading "misinformation."
Vote CON
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by A.WitherspoonVI 4 years ago
I ahve my argument saved on my computer at school it will be posted tommorow afternoon
Posted by A.WitherspoonVI 4 years ago
I do in fact believe in the God of Christ so this should be fun :D
Posted by Noumena 4 years ago
So yer essentially just debating against creationism. I was hoping this would be surrounding the "theistic" nature of yer understanding of evolution/abiogenesis.

Message Medic0506. He's the only creationist I know of around here.
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