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There Should be a Limit of One Black Family per Neighborhood

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Started: 12/24/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that there should be a limit of one black family per neighborhood. Black people, as we all know, cause trouble and inflict violence on to American society.

Schools and the workplace is much better off segregated by race. Similarly, while society shouldn't entirely be segregated by race, there should be a strict of one black/African family per neighborhood.

If there are extra black families, they will be sent to live in prison, as a solution to overpopulation.

Here are the rules for the debate:

1. Teens and elderly people are welcome in the debate and they can comment.

2. Black people are accepted in the debate.

3. The n-word is absolutely not allowed in the debate.

4. Jews can enter unfortunately.


I'm not black myself; but honestly I just find this quite racist.
It's not like as if the blacks are the only people causing trouble in America, whites are too.
Seriously what is this are we going back to the Jim Crow Laws?
Do you think America was better back then in the 1950s and 60s? Of course not, it was much worse and so many fights and political issues happened back then because of segregation and the whites were gaining more superiority than the blacks. Sadly there still is racism happening today.
If this new 'law' is gonna be implemented in America, then that's just gonna lead to more issues, and the society will tear apart. And your solution to extra black families is to throw them in prison? Are you serious? That's just discrimination right there. Imagine if every neighbourhood had one african family and they are all taken up, where are the remaining ones going to go? To prison?
Debate Round No. 1


Well yes. Black people have indeed caused a lot of trouble for society.

Black people are nothing but a bad influence on the world.

Here are the facts about black people that we must seriously consider:

1 in every 3 black men will end up in prison.

Many black families on being headed by single mothers making barely more than minimum wage. Those families often have kids and youngsters who get in trouble with the law.

Many violence in public schools, especially in downtown and big metropolises, are inflicted by black students.

Furthermore, there have been many incidents where white people were attacked, targeted, and assaulted by black people.

If we completely segregate neighborhoods and cities into black people and non-black people, it is downright racist and cruel towards black people. The only way to prevent black violence from occurring, or at least to minimize it as much as we can, is to have and enforce a strict limit of one black/African family per neighborhood.

Please think carefully about it: once there is already one black family in every neighborhood, what can we do with the remaining black families? We cannot put them in ghettos, because that would be very racist and reverting back to the 1950s and 1960s. Nor can we kill them because that is simply immoral. (I mean, isn't that what Hitler would do?) Instead, the best solution is to throw them in prison, and then let them out of prison once there is a neighborhood with no black family living in it.

Furthermore, if we put black families to prison, we will put them under control. (I think we must segregate prisons by race too.) No offense and not at all being racist, their dark skin absorbs too much sunlight, reducing the total amount of sunlight white people can harvest. And beyond that, throwing them in prison is a solution to overpopulation, because the world will be less crowded. You see what I am saying here?

Now you might be thinking that it's racist and cruel, but it's not. Just read on.

No, I am not being racist. It's true. How would you like to be assaulted by black people or a gang. You said that you are not a black person. Non-black people are vulnerable targets to black people. Since no people want to be assaulted by black people, but we cannot totally segregate the world based on race or skin color, the best way to combat black violence is to limit each neighborhood to one black family. If we throw remaining black families in prison, we are also combating overpopulation so they won't be crowding up the Earth.

Now I want to here a convincing argument from you.


Either way you're still being racist and dominating the whites over the blacks, no wonder your profile pic is a white bear.
You can't assume that all blacks are the same.
First you say there should be a limit to one black family per neighbourhood, next minute you say to chuck them all in prison till there is a neighbourhood with no black family living in it. So if you let them out of prison where are they gonna go? Throwing them into prison is not a good solution and it's still immoral, and I bet if white people did crimes you'd treat them differently compared to blacks
You are being racist. You're just another Pauline Hanson
There are many black people who are educated, get employed and are civilised. It just depends on the way they've been brought up. Same goes for whites; if I was ever attacked by a group of young black teens it's not like as if I'm gonna blame them just because of them being black; I'll blame them because of the way they've been raised by their families.

And also, African Americans only make up approximately 14.5% out of a total population of approx. 323.1 million. So it isn't that much, even if you remove them your country is still gonna be overpopulated.
Debate Round No. 2


Now before you go off and criticize me and all that, let me just emphasize that black violence is always existent, and something that cannot be denied. We have to prevent black violence.


There is white violence too that exists in this world.
Haven't you heard of the terrorist organisations done by whites?
As I mentioned before, there are many black people not just in America but in other parts of the world who are civilized, it is only the ones that have been raised differently.
Preventing black violence by simply throwing them in prisons is injustice.. just look back in the early 60s wasn't there white violence against the blacks?! seriously you people keep claiming that white people are ALL good and all just.
People today in general majority of them are violent; whether it be whites or blacks or yellows or whatever.
What has this world basically come to.
Debate Round No. 3


This is our last debate, so we're going to determine who is the champion of the game.

Okay. So, you said that there are white and Asian terrorists too, as well as possibly Hispanic. But it is much more likely that a Muslim or a black person will be a Hispanic. So adding on to my original claim, there should also be a limit of one Muslim family per neighborhood, and they will not be allowed to own weapons and each Muslim will have their current weapons confiscated, so they won't be able to attack others for not being a Muslim. All remaining Muslims will have to be sent to prison, along with remaining black people.

Well you are thinking: come on, man; just let them live on the streets? Bad idea. You know that they can still terrorize people and cause destruction, right? Furthermore, throwing those people into prison will also prevent and eliminate violence, curb overpopulation, and save the environment because those black people and Muslims won't be there to pollute, once they are in prison.

Don't you see why there should be a limit of ONE BLACK FAMILY PER NEIGHBORHOOD?


I have never seen anybody so racist like you, you white nationalist.
First you say blacks now Muslims?!
Are you freakin serious?!
And since when did I say there are Asian terrorists, I never even mentioned Asian
First of all, terrorists aren't even considered as Muslims; in Islam a person who goes and fights and kills innocent people aren't even considered as Muslims; stop trying to link terrorism to Islam, we even condemn terrorism.
Islam preaches peace and unity not violence and racism like you
You Americans have all the weapons and sell them to terrorist groups just for the sake of making loads of money
So what if those remaining Muslims and black people were innocent? It isn't fair to just chuck them into prison and treat them badly when they haven't even done anything wrong.
We don't need white nationalists like you who wanna tear up the society and make it a white society; we're not living in the 20th century anymore.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Debating_Horse 2 years ago
Racist cunt.
Posted by DeletedUser 2 years ago
Woohoo! I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Tedoken119 2 years ago
It's selfish to put to whole races of peoples of a country in prisons. You said ghettos are bad, but IT'S THE SAME THING!
ghettos hold people in an area which they aren't allowed to leave and are constantly watched.... SO BASICALLY PRISON!!!
You're only caring about the whites, putting Muslims and Blacks in prisons would make them worse than they already are. AGAIN! people of the white race making other races worse, then blaming them for it!
look at my previous comments or see this video:
Posted by Tedoken119 2 years ago
that whole 1/3 blacks arrested is bull crap. That's because Blacks have far greater odds of being arrested from doing the same thing as white... for example:

if a white was speeding, they'd have higher odds of getting a warning
while blacks would have higher odds of getting a ticket.
Posted by Tedoken119 2 years ago
Sorry to the con, I'm unable to vote due to the site's requirements, so please vote for con! read my previous comment as another argument.
Posted by Tedoken119 2 years ago
Some who agree with the Pro may think that he has good points about crime rates or whatever...
But why do you think the Blacks typically act "bad".
Back in the day, when innocent Africans were taken to America as slaves. When slavery was abolished they were mistreated (segregation.. KKK). They were also less likely to get a job (most didn't even accept them), so many had to resort to other illegal things.
when slavery ended, the black parents who literally traumatized. Who would raise a kid better? a mentally scarred one,or perfectly normal one.
All of these black people claiming to still be victims from the slavery that ended decades ago... sadly still are.
culture is influenced by the past, and the African Americans just don't have a good one.
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
Put simply, neither side met their BoP:

This is by the very resolution a racist debate. Pro does not auto-lose for having such a topic. Neither side was convincing at all. Pro makes some extreme assumptions about a whole race of people, but does nothing to support those claims to justify the need for the solution; nor the benefits of said solution for that matter. Con did not bother refuting these ideas, instead opting to just remind us how racist they are. I will give con credit for questioning the validity of the overpopulation claim, but too little of the debate hinged on that. I also give pro credit for being so comical, such as talk of white people needing to harvest sunlight.

Con of course could have easily won. A couple things that could have done it were a simple reminder of the infeasibility, or crime still happening in prisons (pro based much of his case on protecting black people). Another angle would be how such a group is defined being too open for interpretation...

Conduct is an area with a clear winner. Con focused more on Ad Hominem attacks than the debate itself, to include against pro's profile picture "no wonder your profile pic is a white bear." Pro can be the devil himself, but when you accept the challenge you are agreeing to engage with the topic, not disagree with the debate even being established.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
As much as I agree with Con on this debate, this debate goes to Pro.

Pro starts his arguments (beginning R2) by giving statistics on crime committed by African-Americans in today's world. He then purposes that segregation would be an injustice to them as it would create crime by placing them in impoverished portions of the country and murder is immoral. He then moves to state that AA (which is how I'll be reffering to Blacks now). Con, unfortunately, doesn't do too much to refute Pro, by calling him a bigot and a racist. He does find a flaw in Pro's argument in stating how he flip-flopped positions in the prison vs. Housing arguments. Con states there are several AAs who are civilized and have a positive impact upon society.

Pro counters by stating that black violence would always exist. This is an argument in which Pro contradicts himself in that the violence would always exist, why would this make a difference? Con, unfortunately, fails to point this out. Con states there are White terror groups. Con speaks on how the reverting back to increased violence against blacks is a harm and there are several other blacks in the world outside of the US.

Pro brings up an atopical argument in which he claims his arguments are crossapplied to Muslims. This argument is invalid. Then he moves on to re-enforce his claim that all AAs would have a place to live and not be on the streets. Con gets hung-up on Pro's Muslim argument effectively dropping all of Pro's arguments. The arguments in regards to crime reduction and the safety of the AA community by keeping them out of ghettos is what held the most water in this debate and all of which were entirely dropped by Con.

With that, I have no choice, but to vote Pro in this debate.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
RFD coming up in a few minutes.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
Dear God, what did I agree to.
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