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There are not enough positive role models in today's society

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Started: 10/25/2014 Category: People
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In today's society, whenever we turn on the TV and sit down with our kids, there are at least four channels we have to skip and ignore. The first channel might include a reality show that is very open about drinking around the house. The second channel might be a movie about people in an urban city, snorting and exchanging drugs. The next channel could be 'new' series, Dating Naked.
So in the matter of the five minutes you took to change the channel, your kids would have had time to look at drug snorting, people being drunk of their butts and women parading around in their birthday suit.
Your kids have now got these three pictures stuck in their brains for at least a week, before they decide to go and check them out themselves on the internet. One thing can lead to the other, and then, boom! Your children aren't so innocent as you'd thought.
So I believe, that in today's society, that there are limited amount of positive role models. And most of them have been outshined by pop stars who go to rehab and prance around in their underwear.


I'd like to thank Pro for starting this debate. I hope that this debate can be done in an appropriate and professional manner. This is also my first debate, so I would like to apologize in advance if I do something wrong.

The topic for this debate is, "That there are not enough positive role models in today's society." Since Pro did not give a definition of this topic I will go ahead and put forward a definition which will be used for the entirety of this debate. I define "Role Model" as a person looked up to by others as an example to be imitated. Due to this definition, the role model does not have to be publicly famous or have a high reputation in the media which is what Pro seems to believe with their first argument.

I do believe that there are more than enough positive role models in today's society. In a report done by "Highlights State of the Kid", studies found that kids aged from 6 - 12 years old put forward their friends, followed by their teachers and parents when asked who they admire and look up upon. Celebrities barely even registered! I do agree with Pro that in this current age, some of the television shows are highly ridiculous and are not setting good examples on kids. However these kids don't even look at this people as role models in the first place. Yes, a small percentage may, but it is important to debate for the majority and not the minority. The programs that Pro mentioned above are shows which ARE VERY UNLIKELY to be screening when you watch television as a family, usually in the later hours of the night. This is something Pro has clearly not understood and I do not believe it is a strong point to be put forward.

Due to this, I do believe there are more then enough positive role models in today's society, with only a small percentage of people like celebrities influencing poor behavior.
Debate Round No. 1


( This is my first debate too, so I don't specifically know the correct format. Please ignore layout mistakes.)

Before I continue on to my next point, I would like to rebut Con. Con said that most kids look up to their friends, teachers and parents.

Firstly, according to, most kids smoke due to the fact that their friends smoke. They count friends as role models, hence finding smoking something cool and good. And when they ask their role models for a ciggy, their role models don't care at all about the kids; they give them either a drag or the whole cigarette which increases their chance of getting ill.

Next, teachers. Most kids don't look up to their teachers when they are going through life changing moments. They don't really think of their teacher as anything but a man or woman who are telling them of the world. It's usually through the time of the kids' early-mid teens when they look up for guidance and support and therefore look up to the people that are deemed 'cool' and 'popular'; despite how they act or behave.

Lastly, about parents. Patents can send the wrong message to kids in a couple of ways. The obvious, does the parent abuse? There have been many scenarios when children have been misused and not told the right way to go. They might think that it is ok to get away with this kind of thing, and would portray emotion through actions. Another point, kids don't look at their parents after they pass the age of 12. Kids still find parent good and on the right path, but don't consider them as role models or people who they want to be like in life.

Stating these facts, I believe that our society doesn't have enough positive role models for kids to chose from. I believe that there is only a handful of truly good souls for kids to aspire to be like. There is too many bad role models that outweigh the amount of positive role models


I'd like to thank Pro for responding with his/her's arguments. I will spend this round by refuting the oppositions arguments, and concluding the debate.

Pro stated that "Most kids smoke due to the fact that their friends smoke" and therefore it is a negative influence, making them a poor role model. According to a study undertaken by tobacco free kids (an organisation that researchers into the ages of smokers as well as many other causes of smoking,) found that 5 percent of children smoke. I don't wish to touch on this point for too long as I believe it is going a bit off-topic, but i clearly stated in my first argument that "It is important to debate for the majority and not the minority." This means that only 5% of all children experience this situation or dilemma meaning that it happens in rare and isolated situations.

Pro also stated that "Most kids don't look up to their teachers" and that, "They don't really think of their teacher as anything but a man or woman who are telling them of the world." I'd like to highly oppose this point. To better illustrate this I'd like you to think about the following scenario. Think of at least 5 winners of America's Top Model. Name all the Kardashian Sisters? Chances are you struggled to name any of these people (maybe apart from Kim Kardashian) Now think of at least 5 teachers you had back in your schooling. You probably could think of even more than 5. My point here is that teachers DO have a profound impact on our lives. We are in the same environment as them for around 12-13 years so how could they not have an impact on us? As a result of this, many people in today's society DO see these people as role models, aiming to be just like them or share some of the same morals they have.

Finally, Pro mentioned that "Parents can send the wrong messages to kids" by abuse. Once again this is a problem seen in the minority of cases. Also they mentioned that "Kid's don't look at their parents after they pass the age of 12." By saying this, Pro is referring that we don't see our parents as role models for the rest of our lives after the age of 12 years. This is highly untrue. VAST STUDIES AND SURVEYS illustrate that young adults aspire to be like their parents throughout life. I believe that this argument put forward by Pro is a highly inaccurate source.

So in conclusion, due to all of this I think it is evident that in today's society there are more than enough positive role models. I hope I have helped crystallize this in your minds throughout this debate. Thank you to Pro for setting up and writing two very good sets of arguments.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Thank you for being apart of my first debate, Pro. ;)
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Back in the day our role models were John Wayne, Clint Walker, James Arness, Red Skelton,Dick Van Dyke. Sammy Davis Jr. Robert Duval,Tom Selleck,James Garner,Bill Cosby.

But the main role model were fathers that did what they had to do to take care of the family.

Now when the father even stays around, they get government to pay the bills of their family.Not all, but far too many, and it does affect society. Then the young girls look up to the feminazi's for leadership which almost always ends with them killing their baby at abortion clinics.
Posted by notyourbusiness 2 years ago
This topic is not a very concrete one as no one can define what "enough" is. Does it mean that everyone should have good morals (which again needs defining), or something more concrete such as zero crime rates (which will not be possible)?
Posted by Atheist-Independent 2 years ago
Maybe you should attempt to show that there are too many negative role models in society. Under the current title the contender could simply play semantics.
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