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There is no one true religion...yet

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Started: 7/28/2010 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm here to try out a theory of mine regarding religion. Many people say that their religion is the right and only true one. I wanna prove otherwise. For clarification, I am not an atheist, and am looking for a opponent who is of a major religion ( Christian or Muslim etc. ) and wants to prove me wrong.


Greetings, let's begin.

Observing the resolution:

Paying close attention to the resolution, it reads "There is no one true religion...yet" Now, what we must focus on is the "yet" in the resolution, this is suggesting that because we don't know which religion is true, that there isn't a true one. This is false, regardless of what we have discovered there is still a "true" religion, despite what we know, whether this is belief in no deity, belief in the Christian God, belief in Buddhism, the possibilities are limitless, but there is still a "true" one, we just may not know about it.

It seems my opponent has provided a resolution in which comes with an impossible burden; however, i eagerly await his next round in which he must prove that there really is no true religion yet.

Good luck and i'll see you in the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


Wow, I realised I read some of your other debates only after I sent the invite.

Anyway, the one true religion thing was supposed to be taken in the context I gave in the description. Like how the Bible is the Word of God (or something). My argument is based on this theory...God is all powerful, omnipoent, perfect. His way would be THE way. Undeniable, irrefutable. Surely a single phrase from the holiest of holy texts would be able to convert us puny humans.

BTW: Would you disagree with the theory that, if Heaven is outside the Universe, Time doesn't exist and thus, God never had a beginning or will end. It takes a while to get your head really wrapped around it...

Vote for whoever you want to not lose!


I must say I am lost in what i should post this round, I don't see anything thus far presented that would give me something to contend with.

Reviewing the debate so far:

R1A: Says that he is looking for an opponent representing a major religion.
R1B: I Argue that this does not agree with the resolution, nor does it give me something to argue.

R2A: He says he meant the resolution in context, and then says his argument is that God is all powerful, omnipotent, and perfect. Even though in R1 he says he is looking for an opponent that is a Christian or other major religion, so me (being a Christian) accepted this debate, I didn't realize you were a Christian as well since you asked for a Christian opponent. So I am here confused and caught in a hard place about what we are arguing.

I suggest that you explain your position thoroughly and build a powerful case in the last round since this is all the more time we have together, and thus far nothing has been presented.

I await the final round.
Debate Round No. 2


Delcano forfeited this round.


To DDO purgatory we go!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Alex 6 years ago
Cut it to 3 rounds and i'll accept.
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