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There is no room for movement in the abortion debate.

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Started: 1/29/2015 Category: Politics
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I have been deeply involved in the abortion debate for a long time - oddly enough, from a young age. In the entire time I have seen tactical changes, new marketing methods, but never growth or movement.

I say there is no new information that can be introduced into this debate to break the trench-warfare.

1) Not that it matters for this debate, but I am pro-choice.
2) I would leave open the scope/definition "movement" to whomever accepts.


I deeply believe that abortion is murder. I believe there is one case where an abortion is okay and that is rape. I wouldn't want to bring up a child and have to tell it I didn't want it I was abused and sexually trespassed to conceive it.

However abortion is still murder. If you was in the right frame of mind you wouldn't kill someone because you thought they were a burden and didn't think you were able to look after it would you?

Nowadays so many other options are open to you. You wouldn't kill a life that has been bought to this world so why kill one that hasn't? Do they not have a life to live? How can you never give someone a chance to prove what they could be? If you conceived it through consensual sex then the baby is yours and if you take it's life away your taking away the Christmas's where you see them liven up for a day to see what they have really wanted. You miss the chance to see all the birthdays they will have had, had they been alive. You could put it into adoption if you really felt the need to. By doing this the baby wouldn't be a "burden" on your life.

I know that someone may think if you have under age sex and fall pregnant then you should have an abortion it's the only option. Now I'm not here to ridicule the vast majority of our countries teenagers as I am a teenager myself however they knew the consequences of having sex. You can't use the excuse it was an accident because they wasn't just casually walking around naked and they fell onto each other and thus a child was conceived. What happened was they got into bed being a sexually aroused teen and "did the jig" and she got pregnant. That's the harsh reality of it in which case they shouldn't be having sex under 16 anyway so that's illegal so they did the crime so they'll do the time the whole 9 months of it and if they don't want a child after it's has been given life then there is adoption for a reason.

I am defiantly pro-life and that's my opinion!
Debate Round No. 1


Do you have any intentions on addressing the debate subject, or simply proving my point by running through the same arguments?


jodiea01 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My anti-choice counter cant seem to be bother.


jodiea01 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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PoliticsMaster. 7 points to Con. Reason for removal: obvious vote bomb.

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Posted by warren42 2 years ago
TBR, I think this is the only way I can reach you, so sorry about the odd means of communication, but a while ago you said you'd like to accept my debate and take Pro on "Snipers are cowards." I hesitated to accept you as an opponent, because at the time you had only been a member for about a day. I thought you may be one of the people who joins then never gets back on. Now that I see you aren't this type of member, I was wondering if you would still be interested. Please let me know via message!
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