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There is no such thing as a virus

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Started: 11/13/2016 Category: Science
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We have all been fooled by the medical system. Viruses don't exist. Viruses are illogical and can't exist, purely on a logical step by step analysis of what viruses are and how they are supposed to work. Nobody has ever seen a virus. The ones you see on the internet are just computer generated fakes or they sometimes show pictures of hormones and try to tell us that they are viruses.

1. How did the first person see a virus and know that it was a virus without having any reference material?
Answer - They just made it up, hoping to get a Noble prize. That's how!


This is a very weak point. Viruses do exist. They are logical; the bacteria spreading through contact (such as sneezing) to other bodies is very logical. Or if you mean spreading through your body is even more logical, because it already entered your system and has weakened your white blood cells. It is true, nobody has seen a virus, but that doesn't matter. Just because you don't see something it doesn't mean it isn't there, like oxygen.

The discovery of the virus was made by Dmitry Ivanovsky. He discovered the first virus, the tobacco mosaic virus. Ivanoski reported in 1892 that extracts from infected leaves were still infectious after filtration through a Chamberland filter-candle. He showed that the incitant was able to migrate in an agar gel, therefore being an infectious soluble agent.
Debate Round No. 1


1. Where do viruses go to when people are not infected with viruses?
Answer - Nowhere, because they didn't exist in the first place.

Take the common cold for example. People get the flu on a regular basis. The occurrence of the flu virus is extremely random and doesn't follow any pattern. This violates the germ theory rules which stipulate that a virus should spread from a single person and spread gradually by passing on the virus to others who are nearby. But one needs to ask, how did the first person get infected? Answer - They didn't get infected because viruses don't exist.

So, if there are no viruses and people are still getting sick, then what is causing them to get sick?
Answer - Grain, sugar, dairy and alcohol. That's what REALLY makes people sick.

Thus, why does the medical system not recognize that grain, sugar, dairy and alcohol makes people sick?
Answer- Because the medical system is there to make money and not to make people better.

Surely this can't be true! We are taught that doctors are saints and are working to save lives. True, they may save some lives using surgery and drugs, but, at the same time, they turn a blind eye to the causes of these problems.

Note - This is recent information. Thus, doctors can't be blamed for being deceived by the system which taught them that viruses and disease cause ill health. Modern concepts of nutrition are slowly being adopted by the medical establishments but they still cling on to many old and redundant ideas which are thousands of years old.


Viruses don't and can't go; There are 7 million people on Earth. It is impossible to have all of them cured. Especially those poor people who can't afford it. So the virus will just keep spreading.

Scientists have been able to piece together some viral histories, based on the fact that the genes of many viruses"such as those that cause herpes and mono"seem to share some properties with cells' own genes. This could suggest that they started as big bits of cellular DNA and then became independent"or that these viruses came along very early in evolution, and some of their DNA stuck around in cells' genomes. That is where they come from.

It is sometimes true that doctors don't care about their patients, just about the money, but some do care. And the probably do know that grain, dairy, and alcohol also make people sick, because a virus isn't the only thing that gets people sick!
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has not answered the question of where do viruses go to when people don't have colds or flu.
Note - In order to go, you first need to come. Viruses don't come, so, therefore, they can't go either! lol!
Thus, we can see, that the concept of the 'virus' is totally illogical.

The appearance of viruses is totally random and doesn't follow a pattern. Thus, according to germ theory, viruses should follow a pattern of spreading in concentric circles from the point of origin. But, alas, this never occurs in the case of the flu virus. Flu viruses only appear when people eat excessive amounts of dairy, sugar,grain and alcohol. This is the only pattern that I have observed.

Since switching to a Paleo diet and avoiding grain, sugar, alcohol and dairy, I have not had any colds, flu, headaches, tooth decay, chest pains or any other health problems. Thus, this proves that the medical system is out of date and uses old redundant ideologies which no longer apply.

My previous references show that the medical system is corrupt and that scientists have hidden agendas to falsify research data so that they can continue to get grants to do ever more bogus research in regards to non-existent viruses.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Akhenaten 1 year ago
You briefly dismiss leaky gut syndrome as "one of many" ways to get sick without even bothering to mention what those "other" ways are. You use the old "hit and run" formula of never staying around to dwell on a particular issue. Thus, you avoid scrutiny and close examination. Everything which lies outside the establishment view is considered to be "conspiracy" and therefore, "invalid" according to your faulty and biased thinking.

It is you who dislikes debating and love to hide behind cliques and establishment opinions and then have the temerity to call them your own opinions. What a joke you are!
Posted by kylet357 1 year ago
2. I never mentioned you forgetting anything. When I said "But forgetting all of this for a second", it means that the argument I present thereafter stands on it's own regardless of my previous argument. Leaky gut syndrome is only one way in which people can get sick.
3. Again, conspiracy. You present no actual argument or evidence that supports your position. You simply assert matter-of-factly that your position is true, and present your position as evidence for your position. In other words, your argument is circular.

So, I'll ask you this: Why the hell are you on a debate forum when you obviously have no intention of actually debating? You're simply here to spout whatever nonsense that Age of Autism and Natural News post. You don't post any actual peer-reviewed, scientific papers to support your position and claim. You simply assert it is true. So, I think I'll apply what is known as "Hitchens' Razor" to your argument. In case you don't know what Hitchens' Razor is, it's an epistemological razor (such as Occam's razor). It states "That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence." You have asserted, time and time again, your position without evidence. And thus, I will dismiss it as easily as you assert it.

Good day, sir.
Posted by Akhenaten 1 year ago
kyle357 - 1. Who or what doesn't matter because viruses don't exist in the first place. Note - You can't kill something that doesn't exist, so your argument is illogical at best.
2. Forgetting and ignoring are your specialty, not mine. You have forgotten about leaky gut syndrome which causes bacteria and food to enter the blood stream directly. This is what makes people sick. Thus, gluten and other inappropriate foods cause inflammation in the gut which allows bad bacteria to enter the blood stream.
3. You are under the illusion that the medical system is there to make you healthy and better. That is not their purpose. Their main objective is to get rich and make lots of money. Have you ever seen a poor doctor lately? Answer - No you haven't. Most doctors drive around in Porsches and Mercedes because they are filthy rich. This is because getting rich involves deceiving people. Note - It is virtually impossible to get rich without deceiving somebody or committing some kind of hideous crime against humanity.
Posted by kylet357 1 year ago
"If viruses die, then, who killed them?"
In the event of the death of a family member, do you immediately think that they were murdered? Then why would you assume a virus has to be killed by a, so-called, "who". The more correct thing to ask would be *WHAT* kills them. And that is the question that I will answer.

Viruses can be killed by:
*Eliminating their resources*
-Obviously if you destroy or take away the resources for an organism, that organism will die. That's why if a virus wipes out a population too fast, they won't spread. The virus is effectively eliminated and has no way to further spread. Can't exactly keep a fire going if there's no more wood to burn.
*Direct elimination*
-There are two ways to directly eliminate a virus. Taking medicine that targets the virus specifically, or helps alleviate symptoms of that virus so that you may continue to function properly and your immune system can then better fight it. Remember, Ibuprofen doesn't eliminate the virus that gives you fevers and other symptoms. It just alleviates the symptoms by helping your body while it fights off this foreign invader.

But forgetting all of this for a second, this debate worries me. You aren't just denying the existence of viruses, you're denying fundamental facts of biology and evolution. Your arguments are nothing but conspiracy that the worldwide science/medical community is lying to everyone. You ask nonsensical questions which you then provide nonsensical and/or conspiracy answers for. Thus, I have two conclusions:

1. You're a troll, in which case, this debate should be ignored or just removed.
2. You're actually genuine, in which case this debate should just be ignored.

If you truly believe you're right about this, feel free to publish your papers proving your idea into the peer review process. Submit your idea, have it peer-reviewed, then tell us what the experts told you. I'm sure if you're as correct as you think you are, you'll be getting a Noble prize
Posted by Akhenaten 1 year ago
The BenNoC - Yeah, Batman, why can't the world be more sensible! lol!
Posted by Akhenaten 1 year ago
Is that what the T.V. commercial for using soap and disinfectants told you? lol! Hope you don't get dermatitis from those dangerous chemicals! lol!
Posted by madness 1 year ago
@Akhenaten-Flu viruses are capable of being transferred to hands and causing an infection, which can survive on hard surfaces for 24 hours.
This is more than enough time to spread to another person.
Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
not necessarily anyone
Posted by TheBenC 1 year ago
This is one of the silliest debates on this site. Just go to google images, you can see many forms of virus for yourself.
Posted by Akhenaten 1 year ago
If viruses die, then, who killed them?
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