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There is no true evil naturally, and absolute good doesn't exists too

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Started: 11/10/2014 Category: People
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The fist round is only to accept the debate. This debate can go a bit of topic, if needed. And after the debate we still can add comments with extras. I'm a Pro, because I think that there is no true evil without any psychological problems and that no evil exists naturally. Plus I would like to mention that no absolute good exist too.


I accept the challenge. I am Con, because I believe that there is indeed good and evil. I look forward to what promises to be a very interesting debate.
Debate Round No. 1


G"day and Thank you for joining my debate. And Ill be quick.
Evil is the fear that we all know that is bad. But I would like to say that absolute evil cant exist naturally. Because of animal or any other species could be evil. Even humans, that are very intelligent, cant be evil without any disease or psychological problems or bad childhood...
At animals or other species:
Evil cant exist, because the main meaning in the life of animals is for a species to survive. Many carnivorous plants have been seen as evil, but we do know that these plants cant know if they kill a prey, they just do it because they evoluted so and because they need more nutrition. The only amazing here is Cannibalism, but it does make sense since after all specimens survive, prevent starvation and an epidemy.Many cultures and believing say that there are many evil species. The tipical Christian problem is the snake. Some think that spiders are evil. And many propaganda and media stereotypes have made even other species "evil" like: Bats, Scorpions,... But we do know, that all species of these aren't evil at all. Some are just aggressively protecting them, other feed that way, some don't even have the properties like shown on the TV and many other reasons. But we do agree that none of all existing species (including plants, fungi, protists, bacteria, archaea...),do this on purpose.
For instance imagine an animal loving biologist, that killed a wolf only to protect him self, the other wolfs sure would think that his evil, aldue the man wasn't evil.
At Humans (H. Sapiens):
The evil doesn't exists as well. But all your beliefs say that there is some and that you have to pray to stay alive. Well who are the most evil persons that we can imagine: Osama bin Laden, Hitler, Stalin, (some include) Napoleon... But do you know what caused this. No , it wasn't God or their will. Osama has been believing too much in his religion. Hitler survived the 1st world war and was teached nationalism, Stalin was partly psyhologycaly ill. Even killers always come from suffering childhoods, bad education, humiliation, depression and so on. Diseases and age can also cause problems. This is visible if we compare Texas and Denmark, the higher equality and personal care in Denmark, causes less crime. So in all conclusions the "evil" exists only in forms of diseases or problems. So naturally there is no evil. The most of us, wouldn't attack the president or kill all people naturally.

Perfect absolute good, doesn't exists as well. First ,nothing is perfect. Second of all, a "good" person is seen as a man that helps you and other and is generous. And even God is seen as Omnibenevolent, but if he possesses infinite love for the H. Sapiens, than why do we still suffer. And jet more "because" will be revealed in the next round.
Amazing video:

Thanks, its time for your argument.


Let me begin by saying that plants and animals do not apply to this arguement. Good and evil are ethical concepts, and ethics require sentience to be understood. Therefore, you are correct in saying that "absolute evil cant exist naturally," but incorrect in thinking that it must be natural.

You also argue that humans "cant be evil without any disease or psychological problems or bad childhood." I don't quite understand how you think this furthers your point, but in reality, you admit that they do exist with these conditions. Even without these conditions, there are many, many examples of acts of tremendous evil committed by healthy people who had good childhoods. Adolf Eichman, for example was the right hand man Adolf Hitler, one of the most reviled, evil men in history. As for your examples, Osama Bin Laden is neither justified nor pardoned for his religion. Tomás de Torquemada, the first Grand Inquisitor of Spain was also a truly evil man, despite the fact that what he did was fueled solely by religion. Hitler was true evil, and no cloak of nationalism protects him from the fact that he was wholly evil.

No one believes in a perfect, absolutely good human being. However, this does not mean that absolute good does not exist. "Evil People" can do good deeds. Similarly, "Good People" can do evil things. When you accept this, the question goes from whether there is true evil or absolute good, but what they are. Talking about God turns this debate to a theological one, and that's a completely different argument. It would be an interesting one, but off topic. And you are right, that is an amazing video.

Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your argument.
Well, if we look at this problem from the evolutionary side. We evolved from previous species of genus Homo and other pre-mammal's, but as we and you know there is no evil in any animals and other species. So where did the evil naturally come from. As some monkeys we also live in groups, but our are very much more complicated and not only this ,our species lives also in a different hierarchy. The most, if not all "evil" people come from societies. This is because of rejection,humiliation, bad standards and other psychological problems that a society can cause. Like depression form the school inequality (guys make fun out of losers)... This isn't new, monkeys have a similar process of rejection, but they usually don't kill after that, except if there's a fight with the alpha male. Evil as described, can be everyone for a moment, just for fun, try it. But still all bad guys and bad woman's come from bad influence or bad growing up. This is also visible if we compare a child that lived in a rich moralistic family and a child that lived in garbage and fight for his food. Who is more likely to be "evil". The one who has everything or the one who has nothing. And what if bad beliefs (like Nazism) affect a person, his automatically "evil"? True 100% evil, of course cant exist. But a still quite very evil person can exist. But a healthy person simply couldn't be "evil", therefore evil cant exist naturally.
A absolutely good person cant exist as well.


TheTrueScotsman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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