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There is nothing in existence that does not require faith to exist

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Started: 8/22/2013 Category: Science
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There is one known thing in existence that doesn't require to exist. This is conscious thought, it is something that humans are born with. It doesn't require faith to exist in reality.


What my opponent is alluding to is the classic 'cogito' arguement, albeit with confusing wording. It isn't that conscious thought doesn't require faith to exist, it's that it doesn't require faith to believe in. It's said that it can be 'known' to exist.

I ask for my opponent to clarify and elaborate on his position in full, and we'll continue from there on what should be an interesting debate!
Debate Round No. 1


I apologize for the confusion, and just to clarify something, I'm female so I ask respectfully that you use my correct pronouns thank you. What I was attempting to debate was that nothing exists with a person or group of people believing in it, my stand on this is that it's a false statement and my example would be conscious thought is a known example and doesn't require faith to exist.


I do apologise for using the incorrect pronoun, I'm usually good at saying 'him or her'when I don't know, but of course the one time I slip up....

I'm still uncertain what it is we're debating. The statement 'nothing exists with a person or group of people believing in it' isn't making sense to me. Did you mean that it *doesn't* exist without a person or group of people believing in it? I could only assume, which leaves still ambiguity. Are you arguing in favor of rationalism? As in knowledge of the existence of consciousness is indoubitable? Or for objectivism? As in what does exist, exists regarless of whether or not it's being observed having a presence in someone's mind? You haven't invested in presenting a clear and concise arguement, and with our mere two rounds already over, I'm afraid there isn't a foundation even established for a proper debate.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Sagey 3 years ago
If a completely unpredicted and unknown Asteroid was to suddenly (undetected, no warning) wipe out the entire population of humans on planet Earth.
What faith created it?

Such a notion is ludicrous.
Even the existence of microbes destroys this concept that our minds create the universe, which is a misconception created by bad philosophy.
Yes, even if we cannot perceive nor imagine objects, they still exist, regardless.
Faith has nothing to do with reality.
Reality exists in spite of faith.
Even Plato realized this Fact!
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