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There is nothing wrong with being homophobic.

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Started: 2/20/2014 Category: People
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I am a homophobic, and there is nothing wrong with such. I do not hate hate homosexuals, but I hate homosexuality. There is nothing wrong with that. I would like anyone who thinks otherwise to participate in this debate.


Hello, I thank you for starting this debate.

I am gay; I hope your phobia doesn't scare you away from this debate.

Could you start by explaining to me why you hate homosexuality?
Debate Round No. 1


Well assuming you are asking a question, I would prefer this round to be a quick discussion, rather than a debate. Basically, I am Christian, which is against such. Furthermore, I believe it is unhealthy and inappropriate. Why do you think people don't tell children about homosexuality?


Firstly, homosexuality cannot be changed or 'fixed'; I know this because I am gay myself. When I was growing up, I was ashamed and tried to force myself into liking girls -- it didn't work. I could try and stay celibate for the rest of my life, but after thinking about it from a completely logical perspective, I came to the conclusion that homosexual relationships cause no harm whatsoever, except to people who simply "don't like it". I don't like a lot of things in life, but I'm smart enough to realise that anything that doesn't cause harm to other people is not morally wrong on any level. I don't like the hatred that many religions promote, but I tolerate them because (in Western society, at least) no physical harm is coming to anybody.

You say that homosexuality is unhealthy. I can assure you that it would be far more detrimental for a homosexual person to force themselves into a relationship with someone of the opposite gender -- they would be living a lie; depressed and isolated. Homosexual people can practice safe and healthy sex just like any other couple. Sexually transmitted infections are not limited to gay people.

"People don't tell children about homosexuality" is a massive statement to make. What's true in your circle of friends is not true for the rest of the world. Sex and relationships is a difficult topic to talk about to children, regardless of sexuality.
Debate Round No. 2


I would spend all day discussing the morality of homosexuality, but that is a different topic. Now to start the debate.

Basically I just want to say that everyone has a right to their opinions. There is nothing wrong if they are against something, especially if it is against their beliefs and religions.


I'm going to try and keep this debate short and informal because you've taken it down an opinion-based route which is very difficult to argue.

The fact that you are homophobic is wrong because it does not sit well in Western society. There are many different people from many different backgrounds; society is not optimal when there is hatred and intolerance ingrained within the population.

If you look at homosexuality from a universal perspective, forgetting your personal and religious feelings, you will find that there are no consequences or harm being caused. Why would somebody be phobic of something that does not cause harm? Homophobia is just an excuse-word for people that find it disgusting -- often due to their religious beliefs, which have been imprinted within them from a young age via their parents. It's very hard to see from a clear perspective when you have been told how things are from childhood.
Debate Round No. 3


I thank you for the response.

"The fact that you are homophobic is wrong because it does not sit well in Western society. There are many different people from many different backgrounds; society is not optimal when there is hatred and intolerance ingrained within the population."

Homophobia isn't necessarily hatred. To hate is to "to dislike intensely or passionately". [1] Now on the other hand, disagree is to "to differ in opinion". [2] Homophobic people do not necessarily hate homosexuality, but disagree with it. Disagreement is acceptable in western society, and so our beliefs and opinions. According to the Fundamental freedoms in the charter of rights and freedoms in Canada:

"Fundamental freedoms

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association." [3]

people have a right of thought, belief, opinion, expression etc. Because of such, it is acceptable to be homophobic in "western society". Making it not only not bad, but acceptable.

"If you look at homosexuality from a universal perspective, forgetting your personal and religious feelings, you will find that there are no consequences or harm being caused. Why would somebody be phobic of something that does not cause harm? "

Because of many reasons, but those reasons are beside the point. I would like to remind both con and voters that the debate is about homophobia being either good or bad, not about homosexuality. My opponent mentions why homosexuality is okay, but this is irrelevant to the concept. Though he may believe that homosexuality is acceptable, he completely ignores what the debate is about, homophobia.

And homosexuality causes many problems, and contributes a large amount of harm to both themselves and the people around them. It can easily induce depression onto the homosexual statistically. [4] There are also much more health reasons affecting homosexuals more than heterosexuals, so how is it that this doesn't cause harm?

Now to explain my view of this arguments.

First of all, as I have already mentioned, it is acceptable in Canada. People can believe whatever they want, they have a right to their opinions. Because of such, being homophobic, have an opinion that homosexuality is perfectly acceptable, therefore incapable of being wrong according to society. Furthermore, religion is also accepted, and since homosexuality is wrong in many religions including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc. [5] Since these religions are against homosexuality, there is nothing wrong with them being homophobic.

Secondly, it doesn't harm anyone. Having a belief should not harm anyone, and if so occurs, then this is unfair. People have a right to opinion, so this should be accepted.

So basically, anyone can believe and have whatever opinions they have. Their is nothing wrong with such, therefore being homophobic is not bad. It is perfectly acceptable, and allowed.




Firstly, two of your sources ([4], [5]) are exactly the same webpage. Two others are simply dictionary definitions and the last is Canadian rights, which doesn't have much relevance to this global issue. I urge my opponent and voters to look for quality sources as opposed to the quantity.

I agreed in round three that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but having an opinion does not necessarily mean it's right. The debate is whether there are things wrong with having an opinion -- homophobia -- and there are.

I explained why homosexuality was acceptable because it directly links to this debate; why would it be right to disapprove of something that was not wrong? What if someone disapproved of heterosexual relationships? They are entitled to that opinion despite it being unorthodox, but it's actually no different than disapproving of homosexuality in regards that both practices do not affect or harm society as a whole. Disapproving of people that cause no harm is inherently wrong, hence making homophobia wrong.

Unfair disapproval of people is wrong because...

You claim homosexuality "can easily induce depression onto the homosexual statistically."

Have you ever stopped to wonder what causes depression in the LGBT community? Homophobia is the direct cause [1]. Unfair disapproval of people is wrong because it isolates and discriminates against the group, causing depression and other signs of unjust anguish. Using the LGBT's depression as a reason to support homophobia is a paradox. You go on to cite higher HIV levels as a good reason to be homophobic, despite it being incredibly unlikely for a homosexuals to spread HIV to somebody that does not engage in sexual acts with them [2]. The issue is contained within the LGBT community and thas no relevance to heterosexuals. Stop pretending to care for gay people just to justify homophobia -- another paradox.

"Having a belief should not harm anyone, and if so occurs, then this is unfair." ~ my adversary. Read my above paragraph on the effects homophobia has on the LGBT community. Pro has shot himself in the foot.

Your argument that it's acceptable because the rights Canadian's have does not hold much ground because that does not change the fact that discrimination, which includes 'disapproving' of people (homophobia), is a global issue that is wrong outside of any national human rights.


Having an opinion such as homophobia is 'allowed', but there are things conclusively wrong with that opinion as mentioned above. The title of this debate, 'There is nothing wrong with being homophobic', is therefore proven incorrect as I only had to show one thing wrong with homophobia.

[1] -
[2] -
Debate Round No. 4


DarkChiyoko forfeited this round.


Opponent has forfeited.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Taylur 3 years ago
There is a difference between homophobia and disagreeing with homosexual acts. I should have made that clearer in my last comment.

Also typo'd in first paragraph. I was meant to say 'every ounce of logic'.
Posted by Taylur 3 years ago
I am fine with people disagreeing with homosexuality as long as they don't discriminate against homosexuals. I agree entirely with what you are saying. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, to find things disgusting or immoral, but it shouldn't affect the way you treat the person if every once of logical indicates that it doesn't cause anyone harm -- which homosexuality doesn't.

Homophobia is very difficult to separate from discrimination, though. Homophobic people are unlikely to see a gay person as equally deserving of their friendship than a straight person. They would never trust a gay person to babysit their children, etc. (generally speaking).

I also find it discriminating to actively protest against gay marriage and adoption.

"Homophobic" people that can honestly put their opinions to one side are fine in my book. One of my best friends disagrees with homosexuality, but they don't judge me for being gay.
Posted by Jackthemarine86 3 years ago
I would have taken a different spin at this than Pro did. There were mistakes in reasoning concerning some arguments made by both pro and con. On a side note, I'd like to remark an observation concerning the subject of approval / disapproval of homosexuality:

One of the major flaws for people in both camps - activists for homosexuality, and opponents of homosexuality, is learning to distinguish between a behavior and a person. For opponents, often they claim to "love the sinner, but hate the sin", and yet they won't allow themselves to associate or befriend a person who professes to be gay. Or they refer to homosexuals in derogatory terms.

For activists, they fail to distinguish a person's view of their behavior apart from a person's view of them as a person. Any disagreement with their lifestyle gets translated as being hate speech and intolerance. But that's not necessarily accurate. Here's an illustration:

I'm married with two kids. I believe in a monogamous relationship with one woman. However, I have good friends who are single, don't want to get married, and will sleep with 4-5 different women, or more. Now I like my friends, and think they are great people. However, I don't agree with their lifestyle - and if they asked me, I'd tell them. Does that make me intolerant?

If so, I'd say people need to sit back for a second and look at what tolerance means. I know the homosexual community craves it, but tolerance only granted to those who agree with your position is not tolerance. Tolerance is putting up with those opposed to your position on an issue. The only way an opposed position can be known is by oral or written form, as we cannot read minds - However, nowadays, that opposed position and person is automatically attacked and labeled for simply expressing a belief system. I call it the intolerance of tolerance.
Posted by Angie1 3 years ago
you know there is wrong with being against homosexuality but there is certainly something wrong with the way that people treat homosexuals as people.
Posted by The_Serb 3 years ago
no, nothing ;-)
Posted by Taylur 3 years ago
Result of society? I grew up in the same society as every other boy in the UK, and I didn't see them 'become' gay. I have 4 straight brothers, one with a child.

I'm not sure if homosexuality starts at birth, but I am sure that I have never had sexual feelings towards girls in my life.
Posted by DarkChiyoko 3 years ago
Show me a link please.
Posted by Gencsta 3 years ago
The funny thing is all the data collected by people who have studied this subject mostly conclude that homosexuality is a result of society.
Posted by Frikcha 3 years ago
i agree with the con but if you hate homosexuality that's your choice and i don't think you deserve to be criticized for that. i'm glad you underline that you don't hate homosexuals, you simply hate the act and idea. to each is their own and while i hate the religion of Christianity i don't hate all Christians.
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