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There should be a Pikmin movie.

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Started: 10/23/2015 Category: Entertainment
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First round is acceptance, and any optional comments Con might want to make.

A few definitions, in case you have no idea what a "Pikmin" is.

Pikmin: 1) A real time strategy game trilogy made by Nintendo where you have little creatures (see next definition) do tasks. 2) a "pikmin" is also a creature which is a sentient plant with a leaf on it's head, which can grow into a bud, then a flower. (Can drink nectar to instantly go into it's flower stage) Pikmin can also be used to carry things back to base.

Distant Planet: The main setting of the Pikmin games. It's based off of Earth and is after the extinction of humans. Also known in Pikmin 3 as "PNF-404".

If anyone thinks a Pikmin movie isn't a good idea, enter this debate.


I accept your challenge, as many have shown how video game movies are not exactly the best idea for any director to persue, or for fans to demand. Being a close subject to me, expect fierce opposition.
Debate Round No. 1


Allow me to make a few points:

1: Many video games had movies.

Quite a few movies have come out that were inspired by video games. Mortal Kombat had a few movies. But most of said movies, that were from video games, have real actors. Movies like Super Mario Bros. were mainly real actors pretending to be Mario, Luigi, "Toad". (I don't know that many movies off the top of my head) A movie like that wouldn't bring back (most of) the same feelings as the video game.

But an animated movie would capture the worlds we know and love. There's a Ratchet and Clank movie coming out in 2016, and it looks good. A Pikmin movie would be animated (obviously), and with similar graphics to the animated Pikmin shorts you can download on the Wii U.

2: A story idea.

The movie will be a mix of all 3 Pikmin games. First, Olimar crashes on the Distant Planet. He would then discover a red leaf pikmin (which will be referencing Steve from Chuggaaconroy's Pikmin series throughout the movie). And eventually he'd discover the other 2 color pikmin (Yellow and Blue), and fix his ship. When Olimar returns to his home planet (Hocotate), he discovers that Hocotate has gone bankrupt (Now in Pikmin 2). And him and Louie would get treasure from the Distant Planet to pay off the loan, while also encountering the White and Purple Pikmin. After Olimar and Louie gain enough Pokos (Hocotate's currency), they go back to Hocotate... but, like in the game, Louie gets left behind! Now Olimar (along with the President of Hocotate Freight) find the Dream Den, the final cave in Pikmin 2, and fight the Titan Dweevil, 'rescuing' Louie (Louie was controlling the Titan Dweevil, as the game hints. Louie is secretly evil.). Now, Pikmin 3 takes place.

Let's hear Con's side of the debate. (BoP is shared, mind you.)

Let me make it loud and clear. Video game movies are TERRIBLE! Here is the arguments against them:

1. They cannot capture the immersion video games allow. in video games, unlike in books or movies, you have he power of choice, to do it your own way. Converting video games back into movies takes immersion points away, as the viewers do not feel as part of the world the way players in video games do. Films just have you watch pre determined events, where as there is no beaten path of how a story goes in video games.

2. Players have a greater sense of control in a video game world than they have in a movie. Going off of my previous argument, movies have a beaten path in which the charechters must act, such as in a war movie, actors like just shooting important targets. In video games, you have the choice of not just destroying key targets, but you can destroy most everything if you are one of those people who like to blow stuff up. Converting games to movies takes this freedom from viewers, once again taking power from them, and as if they are not important.
Debate Round No. 2


Ah, MatPat. Nice to go to your channel again (I've watched this video before.).

Anyways, on to my rebuttal:

1. Still a good movie.

Sure a movie isn't AS GOOD as a video game, but that doesn't automatically make all video game movies terrible in general.

To say any movie is bad is to say the Ratchet and Clank movie coming out in 2016 will be bad, which is wrong, looking at the trailer, which brings me to my next point.

2. Super Live Action Bros the movie.

To translate, "Live Action Movies vs an Animation". Most video game based movies were made with real actors. Let's take, well, the Super Mario Bros movie. That was made almost entirely with real actors (mainly "Toad", at the beginning-ish). A live actor "Toad" or the Toad from the video games... video game Toad would bring back fond memories.

Same with Pikmin! The movie will be animated, unlike most of the movies that were made. Then again, Pikmin wouldn't exactly be possible without making it an animation but... yeah.

BoP is on Con to prove why a Pikmin movie would be (almost) as terrible as Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, or worse.



1. You say it will still be a good movie. But look at the rotten tomatoes reviews for EVERY SINGLE GAME MOVIE! Highest ever is Laura Croft Tomb Raiders with 44%, which according to standardized tests would already be a big fat F. Most are considered the worst movies EVER, only recieving 1% approval rating! The huge reason for this is not just because the player involvementis taken away. According to a survey I conducted around my campus, 95% rejected a Pikmin movie, and their reason: "It is an already beaten dry idea that has been splattered all over the internet. I love the games, but look at the past failed attempts. Save the game's reputation, please!" Quote from leader of school robotics team.

2. Lack of compelling story cannot hide behind glorious graphics. Literally, as MatPat would say, The story is nothing but guy crashes on planet, has to rebuild ship, natives help, he flies off again. The end. What kind of story can be made from such a simple game? If you are tying to appeal to very young childeren, then this might be a good animated short. But a movie on such a lackluster plot? Just no, don't even ask.
Debate Round No. 3


Here's my counter rebuttal:

1. Not that good of a story?

My opponent appears to be oversimplifying the plotline of the Pikmin series.

I quote: "guy crashes on planet, has to rebuild ship, natives help, he flies off again. The end." However, that's only the first game. The storyline goes far beyond just Pikmin 1: "Olimar finally reaches his home planet, Hocotate. But, terror seizes him as Hocotate Freight has gone bankrupt! The president of Hocotate Freight tells him the frightening story of the Golden Pikpik Carrots (a valuable food on the planet) was eaten by a terrifying Space Bunny that Louie encountered when importing them (forgot where, though)! (The "Space Bunny" was actually Louie. He's greedy, especially if it's food.) So Olimar and Louie must go back to the Distant Planet to repay the 10,000 Pokos to save Hocotate Freight! Meanwhile, on a little planet, known as Koppai... Everyone is short on food supply! So they needed to send space shuttles to search for edible matter, albeit no results... When hope seemed lost, there was one shuttle that had found food!" I could go on, but hopefully you get my point. It has potential.

The movie would still be good, even if it appeals mainly to children (and Pikmin fans).

2. So what if other movies are bad?

Just because many movies based off of video games are bad, that doesn't mean a Pikmin movie must also be bad. Nintendo released some animated Pikmin shorts for the Wii U, and I've seen clips of those, and they were good. Why not add some of those into the movie as well?


Final arguments and conclusion

1. That is quite the mundane story.

Pro states that Pikmin will have compelling story for making a movie. I must sadly inform you that according to the majority of my peers, and according to rotten tomatoes, you're dead wrong. I mean, Laura Croft has an ICONIC storyline with compelling and more believeable charechters! But it still FAILED in the view of Rotten Tomatos. That was the best one! The reason why is that aside from taking away immersion and making you feel part of the action (already an importat part of video game success), but it also uses the SAME story that games use half the time. I would hate to see a Pikmin movie in this respect in the knowledge that the story IS simple. According to Pro, The first game is helping a random guy get back home to his planet. Next game, fighting a financial crisis and trying not to starve. AND yet Pro calls this a stand-up story? The producers would make more money turning Pikmin into an early childhood learning program.

2. How other movies affect new ones...

Again, as I and MatPat CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH is the fact that EVERY single video game movie TO DATE was always flop after flop after flop, even if the game is iconic. History tends to repeat itself in the world of entertainment, despite Pro obviously neglecting said fact. I mean, why would producers even ATTEMPT to make a video game movie when they see the flops of the past? They probably would not if they cared much about their finances.

In conclusion, we must all have a look back on history. See how incredibly Pro's idea has worked for so many years? I don't. As a matter of fact, MANY people I know state that movies even TARNISH the reputation of the respective video games. So I urge everyone who views this debate to vote Con, if you wish to keep the reputation of your favorite Sonic and Mario games intact.

Debate Round No. 4
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