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There should be no maximium speed limit anywhere in the USA.

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Started: 1/24/2016 Category: Society
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R1: opening statements and argument
R2: Rebuttal of opponent's argument
R3: Defend your argument

Stupid ape's argument

I Pro, will argue that the speed limit should be lifted for land based motor vehicles. Air planes and boats will be considered outside the argument.

People should be able to drive as fast as they want. This quote comes to mind. "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” Ben Fraklin [1]

Sure the roads might be a little bit secure, but at what cost? Lift the speed limit, maximize freedom. People should be able to drive 200 mph on country roads, high ways, downtown, school zones, and in parking lots. There is no good reason to forbid this action.

As seen by this link, raising the speed limit leads to safer roads.

"But almost all measures of highway safety show improvement, not more deaths and injuries since 1995. Despite the fact that 33 states raised their speed limits immediately after the repeal of the mandatory federal speed limit, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported last October that "the traffic death rate dropped to a record low level in 1997." Moreover, the average fatality rate even fell in the states that raised their speed limits." [2]

This great country is based upon freedom. Why wouldn't we maximize our freedom? Not only that but people still break the speed limit all the time. This reminds me of the softer contraband drugs like pot.

People want to speed, we should give them what they want. People shouldn't go to jail for speeding.

"Speeding violations do not typically result in jail time though they often may result in a combination of additional points on your driving record, community service, and/or a requirement to attend driving school. Obviously the laws differ from state to state. Many states provide for jail time – typically between 24 hours to 90 days – for the following" [3].




Sorry for the taking so long to respond, I accepted this a bit prematurely. Also because of time restraints I"ll keep it somewhat short.

I"m sure you must have some super awesome clever trick lined up; there must be something that I"m not seeing. Look forward to hearing your arguments.

I"ll be arguing con, so in favour of keeping speed limits in the USA. I"ll concentrate on counter arguing the case made by pro, since I would argue that the statuesque as it is, is better than what pro is suggesting.

So as a quick recap we and for those who have been living in a cave for the last century I"ll explain why we have speed limits. They keep us safer than if we didn"t have them. First of all it decreases the likelihood of someone running over children in school zones, since you have more time to react to children who might be in your way. Alternatively how could someone possibly cross a road if cars could be driving 200km/h even if you don"t see a car one might come round the corner or from behind the horizon? Whoosh, you are dead. Nobody has time to react neither the driver nor the one crossing the road. As an added bonus they even minimize damage when accidents (lower speed smaller impact, better chance of survival), hence speed limits are lower in places where accidents are more likely to happen.

Pro states that speed limits are restricting peoples freedom. Which I suppose is true, but by taking away freedom from the drivers they are giving freedom to others. By saying people are allowed to drive as fast as they want, you are taking the freedom of people to move safely anywhere in America. Not just freedom of pedestrians but other drivers who don"t want to drive so fast because they know the risks.

The fact is that by joining society we give up some of our personal freedoms. When deciding which freedoms to keep or which to give up in order to gain other freedoms, it is important to look at the effects of each freedom on a larger scale. The freedom to move as fast as you want anywhere you want is not worth exchanging for the freedom to be safe.
In the current statuesque we have a working system where both drivers and pedestrians enjoy some freedoms and some restrictions. In going to absolute freedoms on one end we sacrifice freedoms on the other, so why throw it out of balance.
Debate Round No. 1


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Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has no outside links at all. Sorry about the forfeit busy all the sudden.


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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Balacafa 1 year ago
This is hilarious, I'm almost tempted to accept due to how easy it would be to win but I've got better things to do than to noob swipe.
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