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There should not be preschool

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Started: 1/15/2014 Category: Education
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Round 1 is acceptance, 2 is opening debate, 3 is rebuttal, and 4 is closing statement.

I believe that children start school too young.

Citing your work is welcome, but not required.


I will take the stance that preschool should continue its availability for parents to send their children in.
I wish my opponent luck and hope to see a productive debate!
Debate Round No. 1


saxman forfeited this round.


I think it is only fair if I wait for my opponent to post his first argument (assuming that he has no internet connection at the moment). I shall give him another round to post them. If failed, I shall post my first argument regardless of his absence.

I hope to hear from him soon!
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry, our computer had a meltdown, so we put it in the refrigerator to cool down. But on the debate side of everything, preschool is too soon. I think that kids should learn the basics of social etiquette from their parents. I don't think that shoving 20 kids into a room with a teacher. Many of the kids are 4-3 years old, and might not even be potty-trained. The best alternative is daycare. And i happen to know someone in the daycare system, and they run it out of their house. she can house by herself around 10 kids. Most of those kids are 1-4 years old. She normally only has 7 kids. But how can a teacher teach anything but colors to 20 kids. In some occasions, the teacher could be in a teachers union, and sometimes, they take advantage of that and do not work as hard. I never went to preschool, and my mother was working at the school, and i tagged along much of the time. So I was at the school when i was 3 years old, and I never once went to preschool. And whatever people say that preschool is helpful to kids, not having preschool is helpful to kids as well. I am an honors student, having a 4.0 average throughout my entire schooling career. Little kids need to bond with their parents before they are shoved in a room with 20 other kids who have no idea how to behave themselves.

Preschool is unnecessary, and can even be harmful to a child's social development.


Thank you for your reply, it is nice to see you again. I hope your computer did not suffer any permanent damage.


“I think that kids should learn the basics of social etiquette from their parents.”

According to Jean Piaget’s theory of Cognitive development, teaching manners and appropriate social behavior is vastly different from teaching an adult. Since birth until around age 7 or 8, it is normal for a child to make selfish decisions or exhibiting lack of understanding others’ perspective, this is called ‘egocentrism’, which falls in during the Preoperational stage of cognitive development. With egocentrism, the child is unable to understand others’ view of themselves or even what others see—children at this age may unknowingly block you from the view of television. Ergo, teaching even very basic social etiquette may be an extremely difficult task, it may even be useless since the child’s brain has not been developed enough to accommodate such a cognitive milestone.

Source: [1]

“...and i happen to know someone in the daycare system, and they run it out of their house. she can house by herself around 10 kids. Most of those kids are 1-4 years old. She normally only has 7 kids. But how can a teacher teach anything but colors to 20 kids...”

On the contrary, in a typical American preschool, preschool class sizes do not have a ratio of teacher-per-student greater than 1:10, and is usually assisted with an assistant or a student volunteer. These teachers are not amateur teachers with no related studies in teaching, but most of them must pass training and even a university degree. According to the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) 87% of preschool teachers possess a 4-year Bachelor’s degree. On the other hand, only 31-47% of daycare teachers do have a Bachelor’s degree.

Source: [2]

“Little kids need to bond with their parents before they are shoved in a room with 20 other kids who have no idea how to behave themselves.”

As I said before, 20 children per class is an exaggeration. Children are more likely to be raised by ‘helicopter parents’ than in a preschool. Helicopter parenting is dangerous to a child’s dependence at later stages of life. Preschool teachers are instructed not to stop conflicts between children, but teach them how to get along with other children.

Opening Argument

Educational Development

According to numerous studies, preschool is very beneficial to a child’s long-term achievements. Research done by NIEER indicated that children from poor family backgrounds can benefit greatly from preschool and have a much higher high school graduation rate than those who did not join preschool. Additionally, preschool can indeed increase social behavior, children will learn to cooperate as a group better in elementary or middle school if these skills are practiced in preschool. Statistically, colorado kindergarten teachers reported that 1/3rd of their students are not prepared to learn, which are the same group of children who did not attend preschool

Source: [3], [4]

Social Development

Preschool can extinguish sensitivity to racial and cultural difference, consequently in the near future, may put an end to racism for good. Another statistics revealed that adults who entered early education make better health decisions as well.

Source: [3]


Debate Round No. 3


I believe that school starts too young. We need a stronger family. Thats where it all starts. In a broken family, sure, its better than nothing. but I learned to read and had basic math from my mom, who has a job of her own, but she invested her time into my brothers and I. Preschool is too great a distraction from a family. I am not the only one to believe this, as if I were, preschool classes would be overflowing. A strong foundation is the best thing. And preschool builds on an immature foundation.


Concluding Remarks
Research shows that 80 percent of an individual’s brain develops within the age of five, ergo, quality education is almost essential in order for a child to reach his/her maximum potential for the many decades of learning to come. Parents sending their children into preschool has made a right choice which does pay off physically and mentally; this had been proven by statistics and research—such as a research conducted by NIEER . Preschool exists today because it gives out these benefits at a low cost and allows children to interact in a safe environment and bound with their peers at early age. Preschool teachers are also instructed to give students heuristic approaches in learning, and assist children to build good social behavior while a parent may not be specifically trained to do so. Parent-child bonds are innate, infants hear muffles of their mother’s voice while inside the womb and are attached to their father within the first year. In other words, parent-child bonds are important, however, 6-8 hours—or any given time—of preschool will not negatively effect that bond, additionally, children will learn to create bonds with their teachers and fellow classmates. For aforementioned reasons, preschool will bring out the best qualities of children and acts as small—and fun—preparation for the endeavor of continuous learning throughout their teen and adult life.

Source: (Same as sources from the last round)

Thank you, Saxman, for giving me an opportunity to debate with you.

Debate Round No. 4
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