A couple’s pancake breakfast for two quickly turned into sour grapes when a Kansas man laced his pregnant girlfriend’s pancake with an abortion pill. Thirty-year-old Scott Bollig faces first-degree murder charges after admitting he crushed an abortion pill and mixed it into pancake batter, when he fed it to 36-year-old Naomi Abbott, who was (only) 8 to 10 weeks pregnant."[7]

I ask Con and our other readers who oppose me in this debate - "How can it be said that "abortion is not murder" when we have people being charged with 1st Degree MURDER - for killing a child in the womb with an illegal one?"

Also, as it relates to the legal aspects of this debate - I would like to submit the fact that abortions are already banned and illegal in several other Countries. I understand that this debate is about Abortion and the laws of the United States; However, I feel it is important for the sake of context to at least mention the fact that the allegation "Abortion is Murder" is not without an actual legal basis that stems from already existing laws in many other countries. [8]