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This House regrets the decline of conventional morality.

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Started: 3/17/2013 Category: Education
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This house regrets the decline of conventional morality because it ruins future of people.
-In the family, children don"t obey their parent"s advice.
Ex: On Sabay"s website, there was news about a girl who didn"t listen to her parents. She hasn"t finished her study yet. She ran away from home with her boyfriend to Siem Reap Province. In the end, she was cheated left alone by her boyfriend. Nowadays, she works in a karaoke shop and she has a baby.
You can see here that her future was ruined and not only her future alone. I mean the feeling of her parents and the hardship that her baby will be facing.
-In high school, students don"t obey the rule and don"t listen to the explanation of the teacher.
Ex: In high school nowadays, students act like gangsters. They divided themselves into groups, didn"t obey the school rules and didn"t obey their teachers. How can they get knowledge from their teachers when they didn"t listen to their teacher? So what about their future?


This house strongly believes that the decline of conventional morality doesn't ruin the future of people.

In a class the most common scenario is when the teacher picks a student who is good in academics and may not neccesarily be good in morals. Even for job interviews morals are important but not so important that they can decide your future. Ultimately, it's your marks that leaves an overcasting impression of yourself.

It's only when you commit mistakes that you learn. So, if a girl ran away from her home without listening to her parents and it didn't turn out so well then it is her fault. She would learn from her mistake and not repeat it. But what if her parents were wrong and she is happy with her boyfriend. If moral values would have been imposed here then she might not have meet her true love.

About the students in high school, however they act, it is the responsibility of the teachers to maintain discipline. Like I stated earlier, " We learn from our mistakes" so High-school students are mature enough to understand what is good for them and what is not. In addition to this, strict action can be taken against the students for rowdy behavior and the parents may consult the school staff about any such issue.

Therefore, I would like to conclude by saying that 'Choices have Consequences' and thus we must take our decisions wisely.
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