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This House would monetize water

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Started: 10/25/2016 Category: Health
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Good day, The resolution that stands before us today is THW monetize water and we on side opp strongly disagree. For the reasons I will now state for you.
1. Water is a human right
Water is a human right we should not be able to sell it just as we do net sell air
This is absolutely ridiculous water is a right not a product we can sell
We need water to survive and so we should be monitoring the use of water not Selling it
2. What about less privleged people
What happens in third world countries where people can barely afford food and homes never mind the price of water wich by the way is 1Million times the price of tap water. people are dying from no clean water and we want to sell it to them?
This is infair and unjust.
3. There is no garuntee of cleanliness
Bottled water is often just tap water that is slightly filtered and given a fancy package
plus there is still no garuntee that the water provided will be 100% pure and clean no matter what it says on the package people can still keep dying of these water realated parasites and even worse they will be paying for something that could make them sick or even worse kill them
This is absolutely unjust and inhumane
4. What about Corp.s
If we allow Corparations to gain such a huge resource such as water what is gaurenteeing that they won't take control and make it almost imossible to get enough water
We cannot risk this happening
For all the reasons I have just stated and many more this resolution
Must and SURLEY will FALL
Thank you


Good Afternoon Con! I accept your challenge and will be arguing that This House Should Monetize Water.

Thank you for your arguments! In this round, Pro will be arguing that water can and should be monetized. But before I begin, you seem to have missed out several definitions. Thus, I shall attempt to define the terms used in this argument in accordance to what you have argued already


Water: the clear liquid that has no color, taste, or smell, that falls from clouds as rain, that forms streams, lakes, and seas, and that is used for drinking, washing, etc.

Monetization (Monetize): to utilize (something of value) as a source of profit

In this argument, I will first be bringing up new points of argument and, as this is the first round, will not be rebutting any of Con's arguments

While there is no doubt of the necessity of water for human life and society, to argue that it should be absolutely free is unrealistic and disastrous. While seemingly abundant and easy to obtain, water is not a simple commodity to procure. While heavily dependent on the geography of the country in question, water can be scarce and costly to produce. In a nation state such as Singapore, drinking water has to be imported from the neighboring country of Malaysia or produced through the desalination of sea water, both of which are costly processes. This has resulted in the country developing a new method of producing drinking water, reverse osmosis. This is my first point, that the monetization of water results in the incentive for the advancement of science, which is of the utmost importance as we consume more and more of our limited water supply. Not only will this improve our ability to produce fresh water, but also our science and technology as a whole.

tl;dr Water is hard to produce, monetization produces the incentive to find new ways to expand our water supply and ultimately forward science and technology.
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