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This Treehouse would state: Jedism is true

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Started: 9/2/2014 Category: Philosophy
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Jedism: The belief that star wars really happened. The movies produced by George Lucus (Glucus) are an accurate discription of what once happened.

First round is for acceptiance.

I'm getting the gloves on for this one.


Fascinating. This resolution is amazingly more balanced then debates I've been in before.

May the Force be with you.
Debate Round No. 1


Everyone thought star wars was a fake. But Glucus was a prophet and created star wars as God instructed him too. There is some evidence from the films. For one, the physics of star wars is highly accurate.

Tatooine's twin suns

Everybody thought twin star systems were bullsh1t. Everyone laughed at ole lucus for his stupid idea. Here is a photo from the movie

With recent evidence, we know this is likely and common.

Instestingly enough, it is likely common. This means some time, life should evolve around a twin star system. No way for lucus to have known this. If fact evidence has shown Kepler 16B is a twin star system

Likeliness of Aleien life

Alien life is very likely. There are so many planets out there. It is high unlikely that there aren't aliens out there. It has happened on earth and with sooo much time that has been elasped, it is very very probable that some other alien life has evolved, and that some of them have engaged in space travel (after all we did).


The technology in star wars can happen and has hapened. For example its relly possible to create a light saber, they really have

Levitation tech

Levitation tech is also possible via the use of room tempurture super conducters


Holographic communcation is also possible and has happened. As star wars predicted. And communcation can easily become FTL via quantum entanglement.

How can star wars have known these are possible in the real world. No body thought these were possible and everybody laughed. Whoooo's laughing noooow?

The Force

We know there is a force, electircity can move objects already. we also know the body has an electic charge.

Thats what the force is a bio electric force. We already know it exists.

We have amny many reports of telekinesis and we see many religions center around things that can be explaned by the force.

Example, Jesus used the force healing to heal the sick.

We cannot discredit these claims because at least one must be correct. A force is a likely explanation.

When we get down to it we see the force explains many things and star wars was right.


Good day good readers and opponent!

I would like to take the opportunity to counter a couple of my opponent's points:

I.) Tatooine's Twin Suns
While it is true that Binary Star Systems ("two-sunned systems") exist in real life, their existence was not first postulated (or "remembered") by George Lucas (Glucus?). In fact they were first imagined by British astronomer Sir William Herschel in 1802, a full 175 years before the debut of Star Wars.

II.) Alien Life
Even if we do take the probability of extraterrestrial life existing into account, this is completely irrelevant to the topic of Star Wars having actually taken place. There are fish in Star Wars; the fact that fish exist does not contribute to the probability of Star Wars existing either.

III.) Lightsabers, Levitation Technology, and Holo-Communication
Like the aforementioned aliens, the existence of these technologies is completely irrelevant to the probability of Star Wars existing. In fact, it further challenges it. If Star Wars did indeed take place "a long time ago" why have humans only recently discovered this technology on Earth?

IV.) The Force
Despite my opponent's claim, the Force as depicted in Star Wars has no existing counterpart. The Force in Star Wars is portrayed as a power available to a select few that can actively disrupt the laws of nature and even return consciousnesses from death. This is completely contrary to any scientific force known to humans. It is definitely not "bio electric force."

In short, Star Wars as a real historical event is not simply unlikely, it is impossible and contrary to modern science and logic. Thank you.

Your turn good sir!
Debate Round No. 2


I can see the nurf hurder is drinking too much Skooma. Con tries to hand wave up all the arguments away.


Yeah Glucus didnt come up with them but he knew the existed. Some tea drinking star gazer may have thought of them, but noone thought they were real. Everyone laughed at the red coat scientist and called him names because everyone thought he was a stupid.

Alien life

This shows the plasuability of star wars. Since the univese is big, there is a big chance that star wars happened. Simple simple simple. Also there are fish in star wars, but LOL we already know fish exist. My commander kills them all the time.

Its like this. If we had a random numver generator that generoted any number from 1-99999999, one day we will get the number 420 . Cuz we keep pressig the generator, well get that 420 one day. Because the universe is big, it's big that star wars happened. If the universe is infinite, then we know star wars happened. Guess what? Evidence shows the universe is infinite

QED Star wars happened.

Lightsabers, Levitation Technology, and Holo-Communication

This argument misunderstands the modal operator HJS[] <> W. Where W is some possible world where star wars is false. When we see W we notice a lack of tech. If W <> then Tech [] F. This is stating when there is a world where star wars is made up, then the tech is not possible. We see the tech is possible and exists, then W does not hold, meaning because there is SW tech then it follows []J or neccecarily jedism is true.

The Force

you have no proof of this. Star wars is a guide not everything in the moveis is 100% true, but its an accurte representation or the most accurate. The concensus is the force is a bioelectric force. Take note below

The Force is actually bioelectric energy. It was created by God and exists in everything, but it should never be confused with God. The Force serves the purposes of God.


In short, my arguments are winner.



Good day good sir! To start off I would note that Skooma is from the Elder Scrolls video game series; more pertinent to this debate would be a reference to Kessel or Ryloth Spice. But now to real counter-arguments:

Insulting an eminent British astronomer really does nothing to disprove my point. The existence of binary systems still does not prove the existence of Tatooine.

II.) Alien Life
If I interpret correctly, your argument here is that since the universe is infinite, Star Wars must have happened somewhere in it? This argument is fallacious. Simply because it can be imagined, doesn't mean it exists in an infinite universe. Following this reasoning would mean that somewhere in the universe is the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a world inhabited solely by pigs, and/or a fleet of spacefaring unicorns.

III.) Star Wars Tech
So the existence of Star Wars is tied to the existence of its technology? Then we must obviously live in the Star Trek universe; the tricorder has just been invented.

IV.) The Force
This source is completely unreliable, and I suspect it to be self-written.

In conclusion, you, sir, have not disproved a single argument of mine, retained your previous fallacious arguments, and have brought up new fallacious arguments. Thank you.

Your turn!
Debate Round No. 3


Jedi4 forfeited this round.


In conclusion ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have summarily proved that Star Wars is entirely fictional, and is in no way historical events given in revelation to George Lucas. I believe that I have given exemplary evidence, and that my opponent has failed to properly refute any of my points.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Your votebomb has been reported. Please refresh yourself on the site voting standards before voting again.
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Sorry, I should have said the definition is too short... as 'history records' clearly show conflicting accounts in episodes 4-6, therefore which one of the accounts is in question should have been outlined in R1, since only one set of episode 4-6 has the possibility of being an "accurate discription of what once happened."
Posted by Jedi4 3 years ago
WTF do you mean? Jedisim is clearly defined.
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Is this a troll debate? If not, it's lacking a vital definition for Jedism.
Posted by wjmelements 3 years ago
The Pro's argument seems to be for plausibility instead of probability or actuality.
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Reasons for voting decision: Between the forfeit and the lack of actual justification for his case, it's clear that Pro lost this one.