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This debate will be boring or stupid.

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Started: 9/15/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 814 times Debate No: 79760
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BoP is on Con. First round acceptance.

Aww yes!
Debate Round No. 1


2 + 48 = 99

Cause + effect = logic

Bing bong song.


43 is life.



It is my opponent's

contention that this debate will be

boring or stupid. I say that this

debate will be boring and stupid.


off, we have

everything my opponent

and I have written thus far, and it is all stupid,

and everything we've both written has



I'd also like to point

out that, my opponent

announcing I have BOP, doesn't make

me automatically have BOP. I say that he

has BOP. He is the one arguing the proposition

. I'm also writing this debate using the H1 tag

, so the debate isn't only boring

and stupid

, but



Debate Round No. 2


Guys! Guys! Gravity is just a myth. See?


My opponent has failed to offer rebuttals for my argument. I argued that the debate is both stupid and boring, therefore it is not stupid or boring. This argument drop should be counted against my opponent, and I should be granted the win. The final round is too late to bring up new arguments, so finishing this debate is a formality. Just like having sex with my opponent's mom once I hand over a twenty dollar bill is just a formality.

Black lives matter
Debate Round No. 3


Con says that this debate is stupid and it is up to you to voter to decide if it is boring since boring is subjective. (I know I'm not allowed to post arguments this round that's stupid but that's the whole point.)


Wylted forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: Balacafa// Mod action: Removed<

4 points to Con (Arguments, Conduct). Reasons for voting decision: Con made the debate stupid with the weird counter to the resolution and Pro made it boring by showing us boring links to how gravity doesn't actually exist. Therefore this debate was both boring and stupid. I guess since this is slightly different to a normal debate I'll have to award points for bad conduct and a forfeiture made the debate even more boring so I'm going to give you a good point for a bad round which was actually good for this debate if you know what I mean ...

[*Reason for removal*] The voter just generally seems upset without clarifying the decision. He points to problems with Con and then affords him both conduct and arguments without any reasoning for why he should receive either arguments or conduct.
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
I intentionally tried to remain boring. FML
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
I thought so, but didn't want to force you into something you didn't want to do.
Posted by ClashnBoom 2 years ago
Lol. I'm joking. I would've put a elo limit if not.
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
Just ask Airmax, if you're serious. If you want we can also just let the timer run out on each round and call it a tie.
Posted by ClashnBoom 2 years ago
How do I cancel the debate? I can't debate a master .
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Vote Placed by imabench 2 years ago
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Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: Con cleverly tried to argue that the debate will be both boring AND stupid, whereas pro set out to try to make it either boring OR Stupid. As a troll, I found con's attempt to spin this debate his way quite interesting, which unfortunately made the debate mildly entertaining to read. The debate was certainly stupid, but not boring, so I award argument points to the Pro for that reason