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This house (USA) believes that fences across the border should exist.

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Started: 10/30/2017 Category: Politics
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Okay, guys on the (Border Fence Debate- you had said in the comments section that you are against border fences. I really think this is an interesting topic and if you don't mind I want to debate on this topic. I will be going for the topic. The rules are:
1) There are three rounds.
2) You will get a maximum of 2,000 words.
3) No abuses, stereotypes or any offensive views.
4) You can refer to the internet but will have to give valid facts and insert a link whenever giving one.
5) First round is for defining the terms, and stating the arguments. You can elaborate on a constructive if you want. Second round elaborate on all the the remaining constructive third speech is your rebuts and your last round is for summing up.

Good luck!
US president Mr Donal Trump says that he will make a 700-mile long wall. The preparations for this is already in full swing. The fact will this help America? The fact is that will this or will this not help America. There all lots of immigrants coming to the USA after the Syria crisis. But Mr Trump is sending them all back. But when we say 'make a border' what do we mean? 'Making a border' refers to isolating a place or a person either for their own good or for the good of the others.

My first constructive refers to the refugees who are wanting to come to the USA. But now we have to consider the fact that they might want to get into the country even though they are not allowed to. This would eventually lead to a conflict between USA and Mexico.

My second constructive is that there is limited personnel on the battlefront and on the borders. Despite the vastness of the United States, there is only limited personnel to guard and arm the 700+ miles border.

All the other of my constructive will be addressed during the next speech.


I will negate the resolution, and I thank pro for this opportunity to debate.

The wall would be demonstrably inefficient at it's intended purpose, for according to Pew Research Center, roughly half of all illegal immigrants came to the United States legally via the usage of Visas and Border Crossing Cards. The problem of the wall as proposed by President Donald J. Trump could easily be circumvented by anyone who really set their mind to it. Of course, as we saw from the former escape of El Chapo, Hispanics can build tunnels, and they already use them for the purpose of drugs, human trafficking and such. Hell, even some have electricity. Nevermind that, there's still the Pacific Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. And the wall has been estimated to cost anywhere from 15 billion to 25 billion (Or about half the price for free college for everyone), not including any of the land. Never mind the fact that there a million fewer Mexicans now in 2017 than compared to 2007

Now one might ask, in spite all of this, will this give native-born Americans (who are descended from immigrants anyway) be more likely to have a job? The short answer is no. Due to guest worker programs and such, 1.6 million entries by legal immigrants and 3.9 million by temporary workers from Mexico have occurred in the last 10 years. Entirely legally. This is primarily for farming jobs that Americans typically won't do.

Now let me ask some questions for the opposistion. Why is immigration only now a problem, even though its been going on since the mid-1800s? Second, the US spends the most militarily speaking than any other country? Why do you say can't we defend our own borders, while we defend others like the N Korean and S Korean border. Even upon the construction of the wall it would need to be maintained by personal. You don't eliminate the problem by building it. Third, how will you remove the Hispanics already here, given that there's millions? And how will you do it morally?
Debate Round No. 1


Let me please start out with answering and rebutting the arguments written by side opp.:

Side opp said that the price of the wall will be something around the $15 billion to $25 billion. But with a country like USA, there are lots of recourses and money. Donald Trump net worth is $ 3.7 billion dollars plus. With 9.25% of the money with the president itself, the country will easily have lots of spare money. So keeping the point of money aside, I would like to continue.

You spelt opposition wrong in the fourth paragraph.

I agree to the fact mentioned in paragraph #3. The natives should have equal opportunity of a job than any other legal immigrant but in this debate I would like to say that this is not important because we are talking about stopping illegal immigrants from coming into the United States. The US has a fair enough immigration policy to support people.

In paragraph #4 you said that how will we remove the Hispanics already there. We don"t need to. I have said that walls should be built not all of the Hispanics/immigrants should be removed. For example, if you are the person who enters right before the guard declares the party full. If the other object will the guard pull you out of the party? No!

Coming to the next point you stated in paragraph #2 would fall because of the fact that most of the illegal immigrant come via Mexico which the border is going to cover. Now coming to the immigrants coming by boat or water. USA has a shoreline of 95,471 miles (153,646 kilometres)(measured in 1939- 40). In 2012 it was found that there were 17,985 officers. Also, the USA has 1,429,995 active personnel. All this spread only across 50 states. If the government focuses all its personnel on the border there will be one person every 0.06 miles. But of course, they cant focus all their attention out there we will say that there will be 25% of the army personnel will arm the shoreline there will be approximately a person every 0.26 miles.

Thank you!
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Debate Round No. 4
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