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This house believe that school uniform should abrogate ^.^

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Started: 3/10/2009 Category: Society
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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First of all, I would like to define this motion.
This house means England. Which means the school uniform in PUBLIC highschool in England should abrogate.

There are 3 arguments for support this motion,

1. It's quite waste of time if we have to take care of these things and many school
uniforms are really expensive and also fashionable.
2. A school uniform policy inhibits a student's freedom of choice.
3. Uniforms don't teach children how to deal with people who are different then
themselves and also uniform is not about the education of them.

I will explain 2 arguments first then, I will explain the last argument next time.

Well, for the first argument "It's quite waste of time if we have to take care of these things and many school uniforms are really expensive and also fashionable." we can explain that many school uniforms are really difficult to clean and some are really expensive. Most of school uniforms (55%) are more expensive than normal clothes. School uniform also very unfashionable. So, why we have to buy this kind of things instead of pay this money for more education? and also the waste of time, why don't we use that time to do something else which is better than just clean uniform. Many of parents are not happy for their children uniform because it's quite expensive.

For the second argument, "A school uniform policy inhibits a student's freedom of choice." which means that the school uniform can't stop the student from breaking their rules ,but it will make more students break their rule because "more force that you put on teenager, more against that they will put back to you". This is the normal teenager habit. Also teenagers have to decide what they want to wear to make them to be a good choosing in the future. Some girls in the school also tried to make them look more fashionable, which can make them have creative style ,but uniform against them to do that to just follow the standard which can't use when they are adults because when they have their job, they have to have creative thinking for their new projects which is much more important than following the standard with nothing new.

School Uniform is not good to the children and it can't make the student to have better life. While informal clothes for student can improve them many things. Therefore, the motion should stand.


Fist of all, I would like to explain that a school uniform is a safety regulation. The school issues the uniform so that when students go on trips, if they get lost or disband from the group, they can go into a post office or a shop, and some one inside can look at their uniform and recognise that they are a student. They can then find out where they go to, by searching the school on the Internet or phone book and contacting teachers to report the missing child.

Ill now start with Tifa's first point, "It's quite waste of time if we have to take care of these things and many school
uniforms are really expensive and also fashionable".

School try to make the uniform easy to wash, as they use non - stain able products such as the poster paint used for art. The fact that a child gets home from school with dirty uniform isn't always down to the school. They may have been paying and got their cloths dirty on the way home. At school however, the only way they can get their uniform dirty is from falling and getting dusty or getting food down the front of their jumper. This may reflect on the way a child is taught how to eat at home. Tifa then mentions the expense of the uniform. That is not decided by the school (unless you order the uniform through the school). Many high street clothing stores sell shirts, trousers, shoes and socks at a fair price. For example, 'George at ASDA' (an English clothing store). Other shops may sell items such as the school jumper/blouse with the school emblem on it at a higher price, but this can be solved if you have financial problems. A simple letter to the council asking for school uniform vouchers can entitle you to the correct set of uniform without having to spend a penny (as long as the council can see that you defiantly need the voucher for reasons such as debt, loss of job or ressesion.). The last comment I am going to make on this point is the fashion. I respect what Tifa is saying, but again, the school issues the uniform for safety reasons (please read top of post) and to tell people that you are part of this schools community, showing respect and loyally.

The second point is, "A school uniform policy inhibits a student's freedom of choice." This may be the case, but again, the safety and respect lies in the uniform. Students also have the opportunity to where what they want for days at school like non-uniform day, comic relief, children in need and other activities inside school. But there is a problem behind this. Depending on what other students wear, it can start arguments and, if the argument grows stronger, a fight. This can be provoked by some one saying "How can you wear that!? Its ugly!". All it takes then is for the other student to defend them selves by saying "No it isn't, it looks pretty cool." or saying something like "Get lost, I'm wearing it, not you", causing the argument to escalate. This is also why some schools don't like items of clothing with logos on them. Tifa also mentions "more force that you put on teenager, more against that they will put back to you". To be honest, I cant not see how a uniform can effect the way a student behaves, but, if this is the case, all the teacher has to do is give out sanctions, such a bad comments, detentions, isolation ect. The last comment I am going to make on this point is the boundaries of creativity that uniforms as apparently meant to create. There are no limits to a students imagination. This can be used to produce work in subjects such as IT (ICT/computers), Art, Product design (DT/Technology/PD) and more or less any other subjects. The fact that the uniform can prevent creative skills is not always the case. If they wish to express their creativity with cloths, they can do so in their work or design their own outfits in their own time at home.

School uniform is a legally binding contract with schools, which entitles the safety of other students and shows that they support the school, there for, school uniforms should be worn.
Debate Round No. 1


Well, I have a lot of rebuttles here,
First of all, I would like to rebuttle in case of "get lost without uniform". Most of the student knows what is their school's name so, they don't have to wear school uniform. They can contact their parents by themselves without uniform and if they have their phone why don't they call them?

Secondly, Are you sure that these kind of school uniform easy to wash? Lady and gentlemen, the opposition didn't tell us the detail about why and how the uniform is easy to wash? Well, in my case, I believe that the "SUIT" uniforms are really difficult to wash even, they were dirty from chocolate and it's very difficult to get that kind of things out from the uniform. Most of school in England use "Suit" uniform even the opposition's school also use that and how can he think that it's really easy to do that. Of course, for the girl in the school, they also have the "Menstuation" which is really difficult yo get this kind of thing out from your clothes. If one day, she has it so, it's really difficult to wash the skirt too! Normal skirt for informal, they are really easy to wash because some of them are made from cotton.

Thirdly, I would like to rebuttle the case about "Students are happy to wear their uniform in non-school day" I believe that's not true. For the fact of this, there are 63.25% of students in England who doesn't want to have uniform.
So, is that mean they are happy to wear the school uniform at school? Most of the students really want themselves to have great looking so, they won't make themselves look ugly. The opposition also wants himself to be good looking that's why his rebuttles can't effect much! Many students break the law because the behavior that I mension, the opposition also do that! So, he can't argue that students don't have that behavior.

Fourthly, I would like to rebut in the case of "Students' imagination". Are you sure that many students are really interest in their education to improve their imagination? Most of students are not interest much in "Media". Only 35.67% of students in the class that interest in that. Normally, students are interest in "Movie Stars" and the fashion book. So, they prefer to be in their looks to create more fashoinable things. This can compare to be like the art.

And I would like to ask the opposition that :"WHAT ARE WE DEBATING ABOUT?" He said about the other things that isn't about the uniform. ie. education and etc. He also didn't mension about his mainpoints, stance and also the model.

This is my argument and good luck for new young debater Cloud!


JakeStrife forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Tifa forfeited this round.


JakeStrife forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Well, the opposition side had missed 2 round. Anyway, I am going to debate.

For the last argument,
"Uniforms don't teach children how to deal with people who are different then
themselves and also uniform is not about the education of them."

First Explain : Uniform is the thing that we have to go to school with it. Without uniform isn't mean that we have to be uneducated. Uniform don't mean that the children is good or bad. Education is about the information in your head not the things that you used to wear at school. It's the same as hairstyle. Many of high school students broke the law but it isn't mean that they have to be stupid. We have to focus on the education not the uniform.

Therefore I should win in this debate .. ^^


JakeStrife forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Tifa 8 years ago
^.^ Good job for new debater lol
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