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This house believes that students should be assigned to classes according to their exam results.

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Started: 1/10/2018 Category: Education
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I believe that students should be assigned to classes according to their exam results because it can improve a student's self esteem. The self esteem of a student has an effect on the amount of perseverance they put in into their work. For example, a student who struggles in math is usually partnered with a student with excellent math skills. Naturally, the lesser skilled student is likely to feel intimidated. When the student feels intimidated, he/she will not put his/her best effort into his/her work. When the teacher notices this, he/she is most likely to point out the student's flaw and the student will be embarassed and is unlikely to even try to ask questions or get good grades, so the student will forever get bad grades because of this. Instead, the student should be partnered with someone who has the same abilities as him/her. They both will be equally willing to try and learn so they can improve their skills without any unhealthy competition. Hence, they will get good grades and feel good about themselves. Thank you.


I think students should not be assigned to classes according to their exam results. In these days, imaginative power and creativity are more being seen as the talent of most successful people. Students should be seen as their creative parts, not their intelligence. When AlphaGo and Lee competed with baduk, Lee realized that he couldn't win a super intelligent AI with his brains, he used his creativity to compete. Lee won a game at the time. Students should be graded by their creativity, not their intelligence.
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Posted by canis 6 months ago
What about students who are not results. just "better"or different...?
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