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This house believes that the feminist movement should renounce the title of "Feminism".

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Started: 3/5/2013 Category: Society
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round 1 is for acceptance. New arguments can be introduced in rounds 2 and 3. Round 4 is reserved for rebuttals, extension of arguments and a final wrapping up.

Sources do not have to be cited for this debate.

I would like to thank my opponent in advance and look forward to a engaging, civilized debate.


The Lizard accepts. Make your case.
Debate Round No. 1


Before I begin, I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate.

Ladies and Gentlemen this debate revolves whether the term Feminism is still needed so that equal rights could be achieved. And as side proposition, we believe that the feminist movement should renounce the title of "Feminism". Why?

1) The idea and connotations behind the word "feminism" have become so corrupted that they give gender equality activists, ie feminists, a bad name, therefore should be renounced.
2) That the meaning of the word itself is flawed.
3) The feminist movement has met its objectives, the title of "feminism"" is now no longer needed to empower women, therefore should be renounced.

Let me begin by raising some statistics. In 2005, a poll conducted by CBS asked 2 questions: (1) Do you consider yourself to be a feminist, or not? (2) A feminist is someone who believes in social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Do you think of yourself as a feminist or not? In answer to the first question, only 24% of women and 14% of men answered yes, whereas in response to the second there was a drastic increase, with over half of participants answering yes. What does this show us?

This tell us that in today's society, the title of "feminism" no longer means what it should, and therefore must be renounced. The connotations behind the word have shifted from a word of empowerment and equality to a title that can only be taken with the belief that women are superior to men. It has become associated with feminist extremists and misandrists who damage the integrity of the title itself. Although these people do not represent the majority of feminists, this is what the word has come to mean. With a world dominated by the media, the gross exaggeration of "feminist" ideals has tainted the feminist movement's image, and consequently make people shy away from feminism. The title of "feminism" is in fact doing harm to the feminist movement by discouraging potential support with its bad rep.

Carrying on with this, we can see that the word "feminism" takes on many more meanings that it originally entailed. Liberal feminism, radical feminism, marxist feminism, cultural feminism, ecofeminism. Search deeper and there are probably a myriad of examples. The title "feminism" has branched off and diversified so much so that it has become difficult to ascertain what it truly means to be a feminist. It is no longer true to its initial meaning, and in fact clouds people's knowledge of feminism itself, confusing them and further alienating potential feminists. Again we can see from this that the title of "feminism" is doing more harm to the feminist movement than good.

Moving on to my second substantive: The the word itself has limitations. The word feminism is inherently inferior, as it fails to regard the rights and contributions of half of the other half of the population. Obviously in the past it has served its purpose to empower women, but in the present many feminists have come to take the stance that men cannot be part of the feminist movement. This is holding back the progress of the feminist movement, and becoming a huge obstacle in feminism's true purpose: to promote equal rights for both sexes. It is much inferior to a universal term such as "equalism", which takes into account the contributions and opinions of all groups in society. This is another reason why the title "feminism" should be renounced: because equality cannot progress beyond a certain point until such exclusive terms are abandoned.

I will be introducing my 3rd point in the coming round.


The reason why it's called "Feminism" is because it deals with social problems specifically aimed at women. Issues like earning less. In 2011, female full-time workers made only 77 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 23 percent. [1] And issues like rape. In 2011 the US Centers for Disease Control found that "nearly 20% of all women" suffered rape or attempted rape sometime in their life. More than a third of the victims were raped before the age of 18.[2]. These are issues that us dudes largely don't have to worry about. Since the focus is on women, the name should obviously reflect that.

Women's issues has a long history of fighting oppression and gaining rights, like being classified as "persons" and to vote and to drive and so on and so on [3]. Even right now in the world, you see women fighting their male dominated governments in order to gain rights, like being allowed to go to school and drive in the middle east [4]. You don't see this kind of thing happening to men, which is why it only makes sense to call it feminism. It's about equal rights, but since women are the ones fighting for equal rights, the name is meant to represent their perspective.

Basically, to conclude, the name "feminism" is appropriate for this field of study because it is specifically dealing with rights issues with women. men don't have this problem, so just calling it "equal sex rights-ism" or something like that doesn't even things out, it just takes the focus away from what the actual issue is about.

Debate Round No. 2


TheBigA forfeited this round.


The Lizard will wait for my opponent to respond.
Debate Round No. 3


So far in this debate we have two completely different sides. We have a con who fails to recognize women have gained their rights over time and doesn't understand that it takes time for these statistics to change. Whereas our side believes that the name feminism has already been corrupted and has many flaws to begin with.

Before I move onto my third point: the feminist movement has met its objectives, the title of "feminism"" is now no longer needed to empower women, therefore should be renounced, I would like to provide a few points of rebuttal.

1) Con has claimed that men earn more than woman. That is true. However this is not due to gender discrimination or anything related. In fact, statistics have shown that woman work less hours compare to their male counterparts and that if both female and male work the same amount of hours, this so-called gender pay inequality would be so minor that it is negligible. Also, a 1997 study shows that men's educational and experience levels are currently greater than women's and that men gravitate toward industries and occupations that are higher-paying than women, including union jobs. These factors reduce the remaining wage gap by 62 percent. Therefore your argument on this gender pay gap is invalid.

2) Rape. Woman has a higher chance to be raped. That is not true. While it is physically more difficult for women to rape the average male, the male victims of female rapists tend to be of much younger age, and much smaller build than the attacker. And, male arousal is a nearly purely physical response to stimulation and does not require emotional or mental arousal.

3) Women in middled east are ALLOWED to receive education. Look at Afghanistan and Syria.

Now moving onto my third substantive: the title of "feminism" is now no longer needed to empower women, there should be renounced. In many developed countries, women have already gained rights. The only places where women haven't gain equal right as men are in 2 different type of places. 1) Religious inflicted countries and 2) countries that are in flux like Somalia. Therefore, generally this term is no longer needed.


What Pro fails to realize is that the feminist movement is not over. Like I said last round (the one pro didn't forfeit) there are still places in the world where women have to fight for rights. This is still a women's movement, hence the name feminism.

1. Money: Pro says that when you control for a bunch of different factors, the gap shrinks. Well, if we look at earnings by degree level, men earn more every time.

no college............$543...........$710 [1]

Since it takes about the same time to earn these degrees, you would expect each gender to make about the same.

2. Rape: pro says that women aren't raped more on average, but his follow-up argument has nothing to do with this. He's just saying that women rapists tend to rape weaker men. That doesn't mean women rape men more often. He also doesn't provide a source.

3. Middle East: he says that women are allowed to be educated in the middle east. I gave a source, he didn't, so...

Since none of the issues I brought up have been shown to be equal between the sexes, it's obvious that this is still a women-centric issue, so the name is apt. Pro is wrong, so vote Con!

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Bijan67 4 years ago
Unfortunately the concept of Feminism has become associated with female supremacy and instead of fighting for equality has now become anti male movement.
In a form of putting men down to show or accomplish female importance"s. Although along the way women have succeeded to obtain many of their legitimate rights and targets ,many of wrong ideas and actions have had an extremely negative impact on society.
Uniting men and women in equal respectful society is wonderful but stepping all over men to achieve equality is what is taking place in many cases such as our court system and family matters.
Feminism as a word sounds just like racism,the word itself is saying it clearly. Preferment or discrimination of one group ,gender or race over the other or becoming all about one does nothing but create hatred. Men and women are equal while they are very different. Just like 8+2=10 so as 7+3=10. Different but equal with variety of stronger or weaker abilities in different areas designed by nature to deal with particular tasks. So stop arguing who is better or smarter or more valuable or has more important role in life. The term Feminism must be changed to something like Humanism or equalism.
Posted by Fonzie 4 years ago
Also while women don't get equal pay to men in many cases and women are getting stone to death for being raped, we (feminists) have not met our objectives. Also, misandry is not on the same scale as oppression towards women.
Posted by Fonzie 4 years ago
The thing is though that feminism gets it's name from women seeking equality from patriarchal societies, and focus solely on that area of inequality. Women are still not seen as equal to men in many societies so I believe to renounce the word and replace it with something that focuses on equality as a whole would be to undermine the viewpoint and ultimately disregard the oppression of women. I think the connotations of misandry are more down to the general ignorance of society more so than to the word itself, although I do see your point when it comes to many people not actually understanding what feminism is.
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