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This house proposes that the BBC is wrong to censor the UK Chart show

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Started: 4/12/2013 Category: Politics
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Ladies, gentleman, this house believes that recent censorship of the UK music charts by the BBC is a completely and utterly unacceptable.

I speak, of course, about the ever popular 'Ding Dong! (The Witch Is Dead)' which has made a reappearance in the charts following the recent passing of Baroness Thatcher.

By choosing to play only a select clip of the song, accompanied by a small news-like segment explaining the reappearance of it, the BBC has in effect done the one thing it had tried to avoid - it has shown both political bias and insensitivity to death.

First off, bias. The BBC continually try to avoid showing any form of political bias, it's public. Of course, we all know the amount of propagandic dribble all broadcasting agencies spread is all but intolerable, however, in the case of ones own government, and a matter which is not of any particular importance - they have no right to affect the media involved in any form. That is what they have done. In recognising the political and social implications of the song, and acting on them away which impedes the method in which the song would generally be presented shows (maybe indirect, but still there) political bias.

Now, insensitivity to death. They're trying to be sensitive towards those mourning her death. I say to you, what of the miners, protesters, general labourers, servicemen, the entire working class? Where is the consideration for them? Not only is this move obstructing their freedom of speech through political variation, but it's a complete scandal in regard to those lives that were damaged, that continue to be affected today, to those lives that were lost. Where is the consideration? They claim to be showing an objective standpoint, respecting both sides, nay! That is not the case!

Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad, however, recent representations of her in the news have been so 'fictional' and misinformed that would leave even Joseph Goebbels astonished. The modern youth in the past week, who may not know of Thatcher (another disgrace) and will now hold her on the same plane as Jesus thanks to the BBC, a supposedly transparent and honourable news service. Well, I'm sure the whole Saville debacle proved that to be false.

Finally, it impedes free speech. The charts are generated from statistics, statistics generated by the consensus of will of the general public. The BBC is intervening in this, they are removing a part of that freedom. They have no right. Even Thatcher herself fought for freedom, of speech and being, take Berlin, take the downfall of Communism, take her gender, she affected those more than anyone, she would not have stood for this, just as we shouldn't. The BBC should not only do a U-Turn, something the government will certainly be able to help with, but they should apologizes for this desecration of the rights of each British Citizen.

I rest my case, and look forward to the response.


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BBC's choice to not show the entire song "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" was completely justified. The song, of course, is alluding to the death of the recently fallen Margaret Thatcher. The BBC's action can in no way be called censorship, because the song in its entirety is readily available on the web, and no information was withheld.

My opponent makes the assumption that the BBC's actions indicate some hidden affinity held for Thatcher. The song is in bad-taste, as it's celebrating the death of someone who has recently died. The BBC does not earn the title of "Thatcher lover" for refusing to stoop to the low level of tribal celebration. The song would be offensive if it referred to anyone, a political figure or otherwise.

Next my opponent goes on to, in effect, claim two wrongs equals a right as a reason that a song with offensive implications should be shown in its entirety. The BBC is in no way refusing to present both viewpoints on this issue by not playing the entire song. How is it necessary to play the entire song to outline the issue?

My opponent has no idea what 'free speech' means. It is not a violation of free speech to refuse to do something! A violation of free speech can only occur if one is forcibly silenced.

From poll data, it is clear a greater percentage of the British Public have a positive view of Thatcher than have a negative view :

I fail to see how it was 'wrong' for the BBC to not air possibly offensive material. Is it more important to not offend a great number, or appease some death-cheerers? I think it's clear.
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Arguments extended.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AviateX14 4 years ago
Thank you for a kind welcome, I look forward to your response. :)
Posted by dylancatlow 4 years ago
I see that you are new to this site, so welcome! :)
Posted by dylancatlow 4 years ago
I look forward to an exciting debate!
Posted by brian_eggleston 4 years ago
The BBC has caved into pressure from the Tory-led government, but no amount of forelock-tugging toadying from the media will change the fact that millions of people despised Thatcher.

You are all invited to a mass public party celebrating her death tonight which will take place in Trafalgar Square. It starts at six, bring a bottle and some party-poppers!
Posted by johnlubba 4 years ago
Even the BBC admit that.
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