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This house would make physical education compulsory

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Started: 12/4/2013 Category: Health
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Required PE classes help students develop good exercise habits, resulting in healthier lifestyles. According to the Bright Hub Education website, healthy exercise helps prevent obesity and other serious illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis. Because most of the normal school day requires students to participate in relatively sedentary activities, mandatory PE classes force students to do something active. The classes help students burn calories, exercise muscles, reduce stress levels and improve their psychological and physical health.


I accept your challenge in this debate. I will break my argument down into 3 pillars of why physical education should not be mandatory.

1.) Physical education takes from precious time during school hours that would best be used for educational purposes. There is no need to spend time on physical education where time would better be spent studying or learning new concepts. People wonder why education in this country is messed up than they go about making kids do pushups during school hours.

2.) There are many other places children can get physical exercise such as after-school extracurricular and sporting events. If a child wants to be involved in physical exercise, there are plenty of places to do so. Why encourage a disdain of exercise by making the fat kid do pull-ups.

3.) This is just another attempt to dictate rules upon people and take whatever power opportunities are present. Enforcing this on children against their will is pointless as they probably won't try hard and you will just be wasting their time, and the time of employed physical education staff.

Thank you
Debate Round No. 1


Definitely, it is important to do exercise and there is no excuse for people who are just not bothered.

PE is extremely important for your health and shape because if from a young age you become obese it is hard to regain fitness if you have never learned it at school and PE helps teachers monitor how you are doing and if you need help at things like running.

Technological advancements have indeed made our lives easier, but at the same time have made us too dependent. Imagine the people in the movie Wall-E, those people have been living on convenience their whole lives. Normal actions like walking are no longer done, so they had trouble even standing up straight. Relative to the real world, actions that would have required a lot of energy consumption in the past could now sometimes be performed with only the press of a button or a flick of hand. When we spend energy that means our body was able to perform exercise. Just the right amount of exercise equates to good health. Good health equates to better immunity to sicknesses therefore better survival. And since nowadays we don't spend exercise, we are less healthy compared to the people in the past. As a solution to this, PE should be compulsory so that the required exercise our body needs is performed.

On another note, when we exercise our glands produce secretions that make us relatively cheerful. So to have a healthier and happier lifestyle PE should be compulsory!


Renegader forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


This country has a health problem. It"s common knowledge that there is almost a 33% obesity rate in children according to the American Heart Organization, and many solutions have been offered to address the epidemic. MVHS replaced many of its more unhealthy foods in the cafeteria with healthier alternatives four years ago and substituted fruit juice for the soda in the vending machines with fruit juice. However, there is another solution that has yet be enacted, one that is largely controversial due to the academic nature of MVHS: mandatory Physical Education classes for all four years.

P.E. classes provide a way for students to get some exercise, whether it be playing soccer or lifting weights. In addition to keeping students fit, P.E. also helps students in the classroom. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention physical education classes increase test scores and students" focus. As is currently the norm sports would still grant P.E. credit, meaning that two seasons of a sport would replace one year of P.E. This provides a choice to the students to either explore new activities or to pursue one or several sports they are passionate about while still ensuring that everyone is getting their daily exercise.

It is a common complaint, however, that much of P.E. class is downtime with no physical activity happening at all, or that some units such as yoga are not enjoyable and do not keep students fit. These complaints have some merit, but they are not targeted towards the idea of P.E. classes but rather the current implementation of these classes. By increasing student participation and teaching units that are more relevant to students" interests, P.E. can be made both more enjoyable and more effective as a means for exercise. This may be enacted by offering more choices to students in daily activities, ensuring that students are truly interested in the current sport or unit and will be more likely to give their full effort. Class time can also be made more efficient through better planning of the day"s activities allowing, students to make full use of their class time to play sports or exercise.

A solution requiring students to take four years of a class that provides no weight on their college applications is not without controversy, however. A school like MVHS is filled with students who would much rather pack their schedules full of AP classes than take P.E classes. However P.E. is more than just a class taken for credits. If taught and led correctly, P.E. provides a path towards a healthy lifestyle, something that is more important than any single AP class. According to the Mayo Clinic, physical activity also provides an excellent source for stress relief, something that students at MVHS could definitely use. Although many would disagree with the idea of having to take P.E. for the entire length of high school, P.E. would provide a healthier lifestyle while at school and for the rest of their lives.


Ok, firstly, you are simply copying arguments word for word from other websites. Plagiarism at its finest. I hope voters will take this into account.

Another big point I want to bring to the table is expenses. With the recession in the United States and schools having to make education cuts, physical education should not be the primary focus in expenditures. Schools would be forced to pay to
- buy/maintain a gym
- pay teacher salaries

While I am not saying that physical education is a negative class, there are better ways that the schools funds could be allocated, because it is indeed a "school."

Also, there are quite uneven results when looking on the effects that PE has on children. Many children find some sports uncomfortable and believe that they cannot perform on par. This is damaging to self-esteem and it is much worse when there is an apathetic gym teacher who allows bullying of the kids who perform sub-par.

Thanks for hearing me out fellas.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: This House. Am I correct in thinking you are a Parli debater, Pro? The words were plagiarized from other websites. Next time Pro, use quotes and cite (even a link would be acceptable). Con forfeited two debates and then gave arguments at the end that couldn't be countered. Conduct and arguments therefore goes to Pro, while sources goes to Con.
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