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This house would make public college free

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Started: 1/10/2016 Category: Education
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Free college would be amazing I would love a life free of student loans but people don't understand how impossible free college is. Sure other nations have free college but no those nations are not 18 billion dollars in debt


There is no thing as free college. Even in countries that students do not pay for college, their is still a cost. I will assume based on what my opponent has written that his premise is it is impossible for college to be incorporated into a system in a similar way as the public school education system. The education in these settings takes place is public funded so for the student there is no cost. For the sake of this debate I will take this position to mean "Free college education" or any other of the various semantics and euphemisms.

My opponent seems to be making a case, that because the US is nearing 20 Trillion dollars in debt that does not leave any budget room for the government to offer a free education.

The first problem with my opponents view is he feels the college system, the public college system should be Federally funded. The purpose of the federal government is NOT to manage or pay for the college system. The states, like with the public k-12 system is funded mostly through state property tax. Such a funding has nothing to do with the original thesis of my opponents position - the federal government can't afford it.

State governments can make it work if the wanted to by raising property taxes or reducing benefits in other areas such as state funded healthcare, or food stamps. The priorities are there for the fixing and just because there is no room under the current budget does not mean the next budget would be unable to be revised allocating money into a different category.

Lastly, I would suggest a different paradigm that allows for this to be completed in the public school setting. And one that would be less costly and more close to a real "free system".

First I would suggest extending high school to grade 14. The students would be able to take college level classes taught by the current teachers. The teachers would then give the students state standardized tests. Those students who score a certain level are given college credit. After graduating highschool in the 14th grade, they would have enough credits for a BA.

Secondly, online is a much cheaper system. There is little overhead. The course could be standardized with video sessions, online course work, and online exams. Successfully passing the final exam would equate to college credits. Enough college credits would allow the student to graduate from a state university/college.
Debate Round No. 1


TANYAHHHHHHH forfeited this round.


yay such a waste of time....
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
Though I think this happening, as a college student is awesome.
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