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Tim Tebow will not be a successful Quarterback in the NFL

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Started: 5/11/2010 Category: Sports
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1. Tim Tebow's ability at quarterback
Tim Tebows ability at quarterback has been questioned lately as scouts have been able to find a lot of flaws in his game.
a) Tebow holds the ball too long
b) Tebow has trouble throwing a tight spiral making him very inaccurate
c) Tebow has never had to read the opposing defenses and coverages
d) Tim Tebow has not been good at dropping back and taking snaps for the pass
e) Tebow thinks about the run more than the pass
f) Tebow has a very unorthodox playing style like his jumping passes.
Just looking at Tim Tebow his only upside is that he has excellent leadership skills but... I don't feel that it would help him if he cannot throw the ball in the right places...


I would like to thank my opponent for making this debate.

He's accurate. He's smart. He anticipates well. He's a commander in the huddle. He has good footwork. He has agility. He has athleticism. So many things are right about this guy. I hope he gets a good coordinator and a good quarterback coach. If not, he'll be smarter than they are. Tim Tebow's smarts are going to get him through the NFL.

If I knew nothing more than what I saw on the film, I would admit that I would be concerned about him in the NFL. Everyone wants to talk about his long windup and dropping the ball, but if he takes the ball up with two hands, which he didn't do in college, you have to put it in the same spot near your ear every time. If you wind up (as Tebow did at Florida), you get a different release point every time.

The kid has too much determination not to succeed. Montana wouldn't have been the QB he was if he went anywhere other than San Francisco. I think it's the same here,he gets drafted by the right team and the sky is the limit with Tim.

If Tebow is willing to work extremely hard as he did in college, nothing is stopping him from being a successful QB. He just needs a little time to develop.
Debate Round No. 1


Tim Tebow was so good in Florida because of the system that he was in. Florida was good as a complete team not just Tim Tebow. he had a good core of players around him with Percy Harvin (Last year's offensive rookie of the year) and Louis Murphy. At Florida Tebow never needed to read the defense. Tim Tebow is athletic but he is not the first athletic quarterback to ever step on to the NFL scene. Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young, Michael Vick, David Garrard all really athletic quarterbacks with the ability to run the ball but without the precise passing ability they never became better than an average quarterback. Tim Tebow's speed will not be as effective as it was in the NFL he ran a 4.7sec 40 yard dash at the NFL combine, you got linebackers at the NFL level who can run that and they will destroy Tebow. Yes Montana would not have been as good as he was if he was drafted any other place besides San Francisco. Tim Tebow is not in that same situation Broncos do not have many options to throw to. Brandon Marshall their premier receiver recently left the team and now they are left with Eddie Royal who's a decent wide receiver but not a real threat. Tim Tebow, I understand will not start right away in the NFL but with the Quarterbacks in Denver who is he going to learn from? Long time back up Kyle Orton? NFL bust Brady Quinn?

Tim Tebow requires a lot of polishing at the quarterback position. The coaches all need to teach this quarterback how to throw the ball which seems like a skill that the quarterback should already know. Joe Montana had the kind of throwing style that Bill Walsh wanted when he was already drafted. Tebow has to completely learn to re-throw the ball, read defenses, and not think about running the ball which he was so used to doing in Florida because at his speed he will not out run the NFL defenders.

Hard Work is not just enough sometimes to make it, you need to have the natural instinct of a quarterback which most scouts feel Tim Tebow does not have and feels he would have more success at the Tight end or Runningback Position


Thanks to my opponent for their response.

When exactly was it determined that a 22-year-old in this sport is no longer pliable? Joe Theismann, the former Redskins quarterback whose mouth is quickly becoming more legendary than his arm ever was, said in an interview with a Jacksonville radio station that Tebow should ``retire,' claiming that Florida has not properly prepared him for the NFL, and that Urban Meyer and his staff don't teach throwing the football.

Isn't that exactly the argument for giving Tebow a shot in the league? His arm has been deemed strong enough, and he has thrived in the areas he has been taught well, so wouldn't that convince a team that Tebow can learn the position quickly enough?

All the other intangibles that seem to fit in with the quarterback position are already apparent, so there shouldn't be as much skepticism as there already is.
Debate Round No. 2


You need the intelligence that goes along with it. Tebow relied a lot on his legs in college the rushing touchdown records prove that. Learning how to play a completely new style is not easy, Everybody talks about him in new offenses like the wildcat but a quarterback wildcat has never been successful. Tim Tebow has to re-learn basically everything, he has to learn to take snaps from center which might seem like an easy transition but it reality it really is not for example Alex Smith the Quarterback for the 49ers is still learning how to take snaps under center and he is already at his 5th year in the league. Tim Tebow is a smart guy but i doubt he can just forget his playing style at Florida and transition to just a drop back quarterback I do not see it happening with any success. Tebow has nobody in Denver to learn from and has nobody to throw to when he does take the snaps. Leadership will not overshadow his bad accuracy and bad play recognition.


'He won't be able to run an NFL offense efficiently.'

Tim Tebow threw 88 touchdowns and 16 interceptions in his time at Florida, and was the first college quarterback to both run and throw for 20+ touchdowns in a single season (2007). Those two statistics speak volumes about his maturity as a young quarterback. Add to that his Heisman Trophy as a sophomore, another NCAA first, and you've got a balanced playmaker who is clearly well ahead of the traditional QB learning curve.
Tebow did all of this without elite receiving options in the most aggressive defensive conference (SEC) in the nation. If that doesn't spell NFL-ready, I don't know what does.

'Tim Tebow doesn't have the traditional delivery.'

Tim worked throughout the last year to teach himself the traditional delivery that NFL coaches prefer. He has succeeded at everything he's ever done, and done so at an accelerated pace. Tebow will master a new throwing motion in less time than it takes to teach a lesser two-way quarterback the new playbook.
Add to that his proficiency with a non-traditional semi-sidearm throw, and you've got the kind of versatility required to survive in the NFL. Tebow's natural throw is more useful on the run, and as a running quarterback he can challenge defenses to chase him outside of the pocket.
Pursuit or coverage? Pick your poison.

I would like to thank my opponent for the debate... I've enjoyed it.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by nickthengineer 7 years ago
Steve Young? Steve McNair? Hello????? (in the Herm Edwards voice. lol.)
Posted by Loserboi 7 years ago
tebow is not the first quarterback who came into the league with this kind of unique ability to run the ball

David Garrard
Vince Young
Jamarcus Russell
Michael Vick
All are very very gifted athletic players but the idea of a mobile quarterback has not beared fruit. They all got the arm strength but no accuracy.Philly has tried to get the wildcat going with Mike Vick arguably the best running quarterback of all time but it has not been successful.
Posted by Ore_Ele 7 years ago
You know, I can understand and respect people saying that Tebow is not the Best QB and all, but saying that he sucks only shows ignorance.
Posted by Loserboi 7 years ago
I want to try a double stack
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
What about KFC?
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