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Time travel is possible

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Started: 12/12/2013 Category: Science
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In this debate I am arguing that time travel is possible, my opponent will argue that time travel is not possible. First round is for acceptance.


Oh yeah, you could time travel super small objec............OBJECTION!

I thankyou for making this debate happen. I am the contender.

Debate Round No. 1


Good luck to you sir!

Before we start we have to ask ourselves, what is time travel? Time travel is the action of traveling between past and future, according to

Simple enough. I will attempt to prove that this action is possible, and in fact takes place on a daily basis.

1. Time dilation:
Einstein's general theory of relativity showed that gravity and acceleration affect time. An object that's accelerating will experience time going slower, than an object at rest. Similarly, an object that's exposed to gravity will experience time going slower, then an object away from gravity. In fact, satellites in space have to account for this phenomenon. The clocks on satellites have to be adjusted, in order for the time to stay synchronized with the clocks on earth. (1)(2)

Here, I will try and explain why time dilation occurs. Imagine two people shine a laser pointer at the same time, from the same place, and one of these people is in a moving car. Who's laser pointer would go faster? Neither. The lasers would travel at the same speed, because you cannot travel faster than the speed of light. To make up for this, the person in the speeding car (and his laser pointer) are experiencing time more slowly. Remember these are not my words, they are the words of Albert Einstein.

If you drive a car, you have experienced this effect. Every time you accelerate, you experience this effect. If you go to the top of a building (less gravity), you experience time dilation. I have demonstrated that time travel is not only possible, but actually occurs to all of us every day. Admittedly, the effect of time dilation us humans experience is small, but it is by definition time travel. One could argue that in the future, when super fast speeds are possible, we could take advantage of this phenomenon, and use it to literally time travel.

There are other more theoretical means of time travel. So far this is limited to sub atomic particles, worm holes, and spinning black holes. For the sake of simplicity however, I'll ignore these topics for now.



TheHappyMAn forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Well this was fun


Whoa, sorry for the wait.

Time travel is not posible and i will explain why.

"gravity and acceleration affect time"

They don't effect "time". They effect the timing which is different to the word "time"

HOLY FUCAKAJL fuking update, nearly finished BUT A CRAPPY UPDATE! SERIOUS! i dont care for this anymore.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PureEnergy 3 years ago
Yes, if a time machine were created we would only be able to travel from the time in which the machine was created and after. Traveling to the past seems very unlikely.
Posted by TheHappyMAn 3 years ago
Why doesn't my laptop NOTIFY ME WHEN IM GOING TO HAVE A UPDATE!,brm;ldk' whp9I;
Posted by Vodkacannon 3 years ago
(I will spare any math.)

According to Einstein and experimental evidence, time travel to the FUTURE is possible. Tme travel to the future instantaneously is impossible. Let me explain:

As you approaches the speed of light, time in your reference frame seems to move normally but for something moving with a different velocity relative to you the rate of time passage is different. For example, say I took a ride in a spaceship towards Pluto at a certain fraction of the speed of light. When I return back to Earth I would have seemed to aged less than those on Earth while those on Earth would have experienced me being gone for longer.

There are two scenarios that I know of where this has actually been directly measured: 1. Atomic clocks aboard a Boeing passenger jet that took a non-stop flight across the globe. 2. Global positioning satellite atomic clock readings.

Relativistic time dilation CANNOT cause backwards time travel. Time travel to the past seems more unlikely than travel to the future.
Posted by Corm_on_the_Cob 3 years ago
I think one of you should mention the T.A.R.D.I.S
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