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Time travel will never be possible.

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Started: 5/12/2016 Category: Science
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In all time travel theories that seem to be allowed by real science, there is no way a traveler can go back in time to before the time machine was built.

If time travel were possible, we would have been overrun by tourists from the future by now.

n an effort to prohibit time machines of any design, Hawking has just completed a manuscript, called "The Chronology Protection Conjecture," arguing that the laws of physics forbid closed timelike curves. Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, Hawking cites as "strong empirical evidence" for his conjecture the fact that "we have not been invaded by hordes of tourists from the future."

Would not have time travellers from the future have come back in time within the last 4.6 billion years?

Hmm. Oppose that.


Astronauts have already traveled backwards in time.

Astronauts who have been in space for extended periods of time have had extremely precise atomic clocks synchronized on their spaceship and matched with those on Earth, and it showed that the astronauts went backward in time 0.005 seconds because of gravitational time dilation.

Your entire argument is wrong by the most objective measures of science. Scientific measurements contradict what you are saying. This is not open for interpretation.
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Posted by Slifer893 2 years ago
The thing that I find funky is that time travel already exists. We are all time traveling into the future at a rate of 1 second per second. This would be a valid argument because the term "Time travel" has not been defined by the instigator.
Posted by dr_sepheroth 2 years ago
The concept of Time Travel is not so much The Theory of Relativity or Quantum Mechanics, Rather is more to do with Temporal Mechanics.

You can not go back in time, as you may trigger a paradox (Grandfather paradox for instance, you would meet your mother, father a child and become your own Father and possibly your own Grandfather.)

To go forward in time, you would need a spaceship capable of Matter / Antimatter Conversion (Warp Drive Enabled) and you would need a method to manipulate the energy from the Matter / Antimatter drive, into a subspace field.

To do this you need;
Dilithium Crystals
A Deflector Dish
Warp Nacelles

We can currently build Tokamak Reactors, which are designed to convert Matter / Antimatter in to energy. However there are only two in existence, one being in Japan the other in the OakRidge National Laboratory.

Dilithium Crystals Have been theorised as an Complementary Metal Oxide ionic solid of Deuterium, an ion of hydrogen.
But we do not currently have the technology to process Deuterium into a solid as it exists naturally as a plasma.

A Deflector dish is something we can construct already.

The Warp Nacelles are not something we know how to build, we do not even know how the equations behind them would work.

Once this Spaceship is constructed we would need a way to insulate it from the heat of the sun, as traveling through time would require sling shotting around the sun to enable the spaceship to go faster than warp 10.

Straight from the science of Star Trek
As provided for Star Trek by
Andre Bormanis.
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