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Toasters are superior to Toaster Ovens

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Started: 12/1/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Toasters are clearly superior to toaster ovens. I mean first of all they are mobile machines of morning madness! You can bring a toaster in your car in your workplace on a plane, or even in the bathtub (not recommended)! You can toast any breaded product such as the American classics like Eggo waffles, pop tarts, cinnamon toast, etc. just about anywhere. Try putting a waffle in a toaster oven. It will be a hot mess and it will be a very unsatisfactory waffle. A pop tart in an oven? FORGET ABOUT IT!! And even if this debauchery of breakfast items could exist, can you do it on the go? Can you bring your giant toaster oven to your workplace and plug it in in an instant and oven your Pop Tart? No. Toaster ovens are only good for stationary casserole making and in every way are inferior to the ever classy toaster.


My opponent clear does comprehend the concept of the toaster oven. In the title he claims to be against "toaster ovens" but in his argument he makes claims clearly aimed at full sized ovens. I will be arguing for the toaster oven and not the full sized oven.

For my opponent I will provide the definition of the toaster oven:

Toaster Oven: an electrical appliance designed like a small oven, used for toasting bread and for broiling or baking small quantities of various other foods.

Here I have linked a visual if there is any lingering confusion:

First of all, my opponent claims toasters are superior for their mobility and their ability to better cook smaller items. Although toasters are generally slightly smaller, they must have a large area above for access into the device, where as the toaster oven has an easy access door that allows for side entry into the machine and doubles as a way to better conserve heat.
Debate Round No. 1


I respectfully apologize for the appliance related confusion. However, you provided little, if any, ample evidence that the toaster oven is superior to the toaster. My points, while in smaller gradients, still stand. The toaster is more compact is more timely. "The Kitchn" posted a "Toaster vs Toaster Oven" article, similar to our debate, and a memoir by the author says "It wasn't until we moved away to college that we realized a toaster was such a great appliance to have. It's quick and effective, not to mention small and compact. It's not back breaking to take the toaster out of the cabinet and replace when finished." {1}. This exemplifies everything I stand for. The speed of the toaster is clearly mentioned, suggesting its superior toasting speed over the toaster oven. Additionally, its small size and weight is mentioned; showing how little of a hassle toasters are for the convenience they offer. I am going to bring to attention one of the most popular uses for the toaster oven, roasting a chicken. This act, if done with the average toaster oven, should take about 35 minutes {2}. However, for most people, driving to a grocery store and buying said chicken is less time consuming and can often be easier than taking the time to buy and then cook a chicken. Logically, if you are going to the store to buy a chicken, then season it and cook it yourself; why not just buy one someone else made? If people used this logic the toaster oven would be rendered obsolete in this instance. However, the speed of the toaster exemplifies its versatility. To toast a pop tart or eggo waffle takes 2 minutes. Much longer than it would take to go to, perhaps iHop, and have a waffle made. Thus, the toaster teems with convenient properties. In fact, mathematically, one could toast 10 pop tarts, waffles, or pieces of bread in the same time one could cook a chicken: one piece of food, in a toaster oven. Thus providing sufficient food in a much more timely fashion. And, to reiterate, has no quicker alternatives, unlike the toaster oven. Therefore, for the modern American, the toaster is more convenient and overall superior to the toaster oven.

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Posted by GrimlyF 1 year ago
PRO. When was the last time you put a roast chicken dinner in a toaster to heat up?. Sure a toaster will do for food DESIGNED to be toasted but not for a proper meal.
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