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Tobuscus/Toby Turner Rape allegations

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Started: 6/18/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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Hello there, today we will be talking about a pretty big problem that was in the YouTube community. It was that a famous YouTuber called Tobuscus, apparently raped his ex-girlfriend and now his ex-girlfriend made a Tumblr post about how Tobuscus raped her. I am on the pro side and I think that Toby Turner didn't rape anyone and the Tumblr post that girl made was just a made up story. So here's why I think the story was made up and Toby Turner(Tobuscus) didn't rape anyone.

-First of all, Toby Turner was accused of rape ALLEGATIONS. An allegation is a claim put a person but there isn't any concrete proof to support that claim. Which means that there isn't any concrete PROOF that Toby Turner actually raped anyone.

-Along sisde the Tumblr post made by the ex-girlfriend, there were also 2 other girls that also claimed that Toby Turner abused them to. The way they proved was by screen shooting a DM conversion with Toby. Now, there are several very obvious problems with this DM conversations. The first problem with the DM conversation was that apparently, the person KNEW that Toby Turner gave her a drug by slipping it in her drink. She claimed she can't "function at all" because of the drug Toby gave her. First of all, how does she know that Toby even gave her a drug if he slipped it into her drink? Also, what exactly does she mean by "she can't fuction properly"? Does it mean that she can't eat to well, she can't move her arms? She's being to broad. I also want to point out that it's pretty easy to edit a DM conversation via photoshop or inspect element. You don't even have to know coding to change text using Inspect Element. I've seen little kids doing it before. Also the way that those girls are making Turner sound like is a total idiot and hypocrite. It really does seem like they're TRYING to make Toby Turner look bad. Plus, those two other girls could've been paid by the so called victim or they could've teamed up together so that they could try to get more attention. They could also be mad about Toby moving on/breaking up with them because they may get more attention if there boyfriend is someone famous. This is what happened with Nicole Arbor and Matthew Santoro( if you know the situation).

-Another thing I don't really get is why didn't the rape victim file a report to the police so that they can solve the problem? Did she really think that posting about it on Tumblr would really help her problem? Plus, most people who get raped usually try to keep quiet about it. This is really suspicious....

Anyways there's why I think that Toby Turner actually didn't rape anyone at all. But I have MUCH more evidence than this though. I have yet to go over the actual Tumblr post itself. Nonetheless, I wish my opponent, GOOD LUCK! :)


Do you believe because the girl didn't report it immediately to the police she probably wasn't raped?

Well fact is rape is one of the most under reported crimes in the country. Not reporting it immediately doesn't mean it didn't occur.

As for the other two girls being abused by this alleged perpetrator. It is not uncommon for additional victims to come forward once one victim comes forward. The delay and the wait doesn't mean they're lying.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok then, I won't be making any arguments for this one because the Con has yet to even counter my arguments. So that means I'm just going to counter his.

-"Rape is one of the most under reported crimes in the country". Well yes, it probably is. Yet I honestly fail to see why you try to make this point. Making this point is actually SUPPORTING the fact that Toby Tuner didn't rape anyone because, making a Tumblr post is one of the the best way to make rape go public. But you say that rape is one of the most under reported crimes ever. Which means that since the "victim" did the exact opposite of what your research said, then it supports even more that Toby Turner didn't rape anyone.

-"It is not uncommon for additional victims to come once one victim comes forward." Yet it's not uncommon for people to also defend the alleged perpetrator. On youtube, 3 OTHER girls that were also once dating Toby defended him and said that he would never do something like that. We're not talking about 1 defender. But were talking about 3 of them. Also, the supposed victim of the rape would most likely never have known an ex-girlfriend of Toby Turner or would probably preferred not to talk to the ex-girlfriend of Toby Turner because there would definitely be some tension in the air. The additional victims of this case probably just wanted fame and attention just like the main victim wanted.

-You also didn't even come up with any arguments of your own. Implying that you most likely have less factual evidence to support you claim that I.

Anyways here's my defense. I also again, wish my opponent good luck.


Lets see we have a woman who says on social media she was raped but doesn't report it to the police. Then we have two other women who also on social media say they were also raped by the same man but also didn't report the alleged rapes to the police. You go on to correctly assert allegations aren't the same as evidence--because they're made doesn't prove the rapes were committed.

Now here is the problem. After acknowledging the allegations were made and outlining the manner of disclosure the women choose to use-- you jump precipitously to a conclusion these crimes never occurred. And what is the basis for your conclusion? The girls didn't report it to the police and they disclosed it on social media. That doesn't prove the rapes didn't occur.

Your debate premise is these girls weren't raped or the one girl specifically wasn't raped. Since you framed it that way your obligation is not to merely raise doubts about the allegations but to demonstrate how they are actually false. So far you haven't done it.
Debate Round No. 2


Hello there, I think we have a few things to discuss in this following argument.

- "After acknowledging the allegations were made and outlining the manner of disclosure the women choose to use-- you jump precipitously to a conclusion these crimes never occurred. " My friend. I ask you this one question. Have you been even reading my arguments? Because I'm pretty sure I showed a lot of factual evidence for my claim. However you on the other hand have shown no factual information for your claim what so ever. You even prove it yourself by not counter arguing it in the last argument.

-"And what is the basis for your conclusion? The girls didn't report it to the police and they disclosed it on social media. "
Now that isn't the basis for what my argument is. I still have yet to even show you the Tumblr post I was going to prove wrong. Also the fact that the girls DIDN'T report it to the police and they disclosed it on social media is actually good enough evidence by itself because one, if they were trying to keep the rape secret posting it on Tumblr would be worse than telling the police and two, telling the police might actually solve your problem and the person who raped you would go to jail and you would be happy. Also we yet to see you even make any arguments at all

Ok, so here is my response to the Tumblr post this girl made. I'm just going to taking text from the post and responding to it.

-"I had flown there from Georgia and he was doing a hosting gig"

Ok first question, what hosting gig? Why would he even need a host when first of all, his channel is specifically a single player channel. Later on the Tumblr post goes to say that Toby needs a female host for her game. WHAT! A female host. You've got to kidding me.

-"I was writing way too many details when I realized that I have WAY too many things to tell that happened in five years. So I"ll cut out the small stuff."

Deliberately tries to make Toby look even worse

-"He would fluctuate between telling me we weren"t together, to saying we were."

Wait what? What do you mean by this? Are you trying to imply that Toby is some sort of hypocrite or he's mentally crazy? Or perhaps he takes some sort of special drug? Cut the bull

-"It felt like a drug. I would try to date other people and I was so stuck and in love with him that no one ever compared."

I'm sorry but last time I checked we're in the real world not in harry potter were you can make love potions. Maybe you need a reality check?

- "I said years ago I had a miscarriage but would have had it."

Why the hell would you mention a miscarriage to your BOYFRIEND. Your basically saying that I had boyfriend and had s*x with him before you. To be honest you kind of sound like a little bit of a rapist yourself April

-" He said some girl was aborting his baby"

So now apparently both of are admitting that you both have had s*x with someone in the past? This would literally never happen in real life.

- "I"m balling and crying and asking him why he is doing this to me and he is screaming at the top of his lungs that he hates me and to get the f*ck out of his house and that he"ll call the cops"

Ok so now your making it sound like Toby is taking drugs. And you even say he forced you to take drugs. I actually do believe that Toby does take drug because on the thumbnail of one of his videos, he had some weed on his desk. But weed doesn't exactly make you go crazy. These are the ACTUAL effects of weed;
-Shallow breathing
-Red eyes and dilated pupils
-Dry mouth
-Increased appetite
-Slowed reaction time (If you drive after using marijuana, your risk of being in a car accident more than doubles.)

I don't see acting like a crazy bitch on their

-"Why did I tell such extreme detail of the worst parts of my life and about him? Because last night I was working and went to a Toys R Us and saw a Tobuscus toy in the isle."

First of all, WHY IS SHE EVEN IN TOYS R US IN THE FIRST PLACE. Last time I checked she didn't have any kids plus it didn't say she worked there. If I'm not right she's a woman at least in her early 20s right? So why exactly was she going to Toys R us? Plus I don't ever remember there ever being any Tobuscus toys on the eisles neither.

-"I"m super happy bc we wrote it together and it was our "look how magic we are together" song."
Now the only problem I have with this is that, why is she using the word BC to replace because? No seriously. I'm pretty sure if your posting stuff about rape on Tumblr you would want the viewers to take you seriously.

-"I honestly thought about his career ruined and I didn"t want to hurt him bc I loved him. How messed up is that? He had just tried to kill me."

First of all, you just accused a man of raping, sexually abusing, cheating, drug abuse, and ATTEMPTED MURDER. BUT, you say you still love him? Yes, how very messed up that is because it makes no F*CKING SENSE.

-" At this time drugs were running rampant in this house and I was so exposed to drug and alcohol abuse that I was just used to it.

This seriously makes no f*cking sense at all. Why doesn't she ever contact the police at all? I know I've been saying this so many times but still, It's a VERY GOOD question. Also how can you supposedly "become used" to alcohol and drug abuse. Oh yah guys it's fine all Toby does is f*cking stuffs molly into my mouth all day and injects marijuana into my a**. Yah guys that's totally fine.

- April also accuses Toby of slipping drugs into a drink he gave her. First of all, how would you even know that someone put drugs into her drink. She also said that the drink had a "bitter taste she knew". The problem with this is that most drugs inserted to a drink are usually tasteless. Yet she claims it has a "bitter taste"

Now there is way much more problems with her Tumblr post but I think that this is enough. Anyways, I wish my opponent good luck.


I have read your arguments and have reread them. You make a statement 'I think Toby Turner didn't rape anyone'.. Which I believe forms the core premise of the debate. He didn't rape anyone. You think so you don't really know. To take for example your reference to the drug allegations--your evidence amounts to speculation, inferences, and conjecture all opinions. You have an opinion. You think you're right and your supporting evidence is more opinions.

Now lets go to 'didn't rape anyone' Anyone. Isn't that getting a little too far into the spectrum of the unknown. What you needed to do to support this part of the premise is to present facts concerning Toby Turner's character and past history. On this there was nothing.
Debate Round No. 3
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