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Today, the Syrian side of the Syrian civil war is more justified

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Started: 11/1/2015 Category: Politics
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Title says it all. I have challenged triangle.128k to this debate.

1. Debaters must go by this definition of justified
justified- being mortally good
2.Maintain appropriate conduct.(no vulgar language, be respectful, etc.)
3. 8,000 character per round for 5 rounds
4. This how the rounds must go.
Round 1:Acceptance
Round 2:Opening arguments
Rounds 3 & 4: Rebuttals and other arguments
Round 5: Final rebuttals and closing statements.


I accept, I will be arguing in favor of the Free Syrian Army.
Debate Round No. 1


I will of course be arguing pro Syrian government.

Now first let's get the sides out of the way.
On Syria's government side we of course have Syria. There is also Russia and Iran supporting them.
On the rebellion's side, we have ISIS and the rest of the free Syrian army. They are being supported by America and much of its allies.

Now I will admit one thing. At the beginning of this war I was pro rebellion. However then I learned. I learned that Assad is a necessary evil in this war. The true evil is ISIS. The largest terrorist network in the world with an army stronger than many countries. They claim to be good, but are almost anything but in many people's eyes. Recording executions of people who refuse to become Sunni, and then posting it online. Assad is at the very worst is a threat to a few Middle Eastern countries. ISIS, at the very worst, is a threat to the world. Assad causes many deaths in a country. ISIS causes many deaths and has the potential to cause many deaths globally. They have killed people beyond countries they own. They kill Americans, they kill Franks, they kill Egyptians, and they have and will kill more given the chance. Its not just ISIS that is doing wrong, Some people who escape Syria claim the women were harassed by the rebels, the rebels were robbing markets instead of fighting.

Also the western countries aren't even doing their jobs right. America tries to train Syrian rebels, but in reality does practically nothing and wastes money better used elsewhere. They aren't even united at the moment. While the US and other countries are supporting Iraqi Kurds, Turkey is bombing them. As allies America didn't even choose a good side to help fight ISIS. Those Kurds aren't the best bunch of people. So the western side of the war pointlessly tries to stop ISIS, Iraqi Kurds, and Assad at the same time.

ISIS claims It is bringing order to Syria and Iraq. However they are doing in in a morally wrong way. Killing non-Sunni's while recording their deaths on video camera is not how you you bring order efficiently or morally good. What would be more morally good is to kill them if they believe they are a threat to them. People who aren't your specific religion are not a threat automatically. So the rebellions biggest asset, does many unnecessary immoral acts. At least some of Assad's immoral acts were a bit more necessary.


As mentioned in round 1, I will be arguing in favor of the Free Syrian Army (FSA)

In summary, the FSA the most justified side of the conflict. The FSA has been fighting ISIS and the oppressive government of Assad. The Assad regime has commited many human rights violations. The FSA does not have the cleanest record, but their record is far cleaner than the Syrian government.

I will now proceed to my main arguments

1. Human Rights overall

The government forces were responsible for the "vast majority of violations" as reported by They have been responsible for attacking residents using aircraft, artillery shells, chemical weapons, incendiary weapons, mortars, cluster bombs and etc. Government supported militia groups have arrested thousands of innocent people, children included. Many Syrians have disappeared, the government frequency executes and tortures people. Peaceful protestors against the government have been subjected to major human rights abuses as well. There have been many numerous attrocities committed by the Syrian government. 600K refugees have fled due to harsh government forces. The Assad regime continues to top the chart in human rights abuses, this is a very valid reason why the Free Syrian Army is more justified in the civil war.

2. Executions and excessive government force

The Syrian Government has captures opposition fighters and innocent civillians peacefully speaking out against the Assad regime. People have been captured in large numbers, several war criminals have even been burned. For example, a government supported military invasion in a village had lead to executions of over a hundred. Half of these people were children, as they were killed by government soldiers and pro-government militias. The Free Syrian Army has executed far less people, and a much smaller percentage of those were innocent.

Government forces have used a lot of lethal and excessive force to exterminate peaceful protests, none of which were harmful to the regime. Hundreds of people were killed or injured from these protests, the authorities have even forced many victims into signing statements re-directing the blame on other groups.

Government forces have also executed health workers from hospitals set up by opposition, they have killed and injured many innocent Syrian people. This vastly overweighs what the FSA has done.

3. Torture

The Syrian Government has been rheld account on torture. Several opposition fighters, leaders and civillians have been captures and tortured in prison camps. A "bsat al-reech" torture device was also seen which has been used to bend limbs and uncomfortably stretch people. Security guards from these camps have used this torture device numerous times across detention camps across the country, and numerous other forms of torture including whipping.

4. Repressions against free speech

Free speech has been brutally repressed in the Assad regime. The state has been targetting journalists and arresting them over charges of "threatening national security." The government has imposed strict censorship and extreme careful watch over anybody whom dares to speak against these abuses. Foreign journalists have also been targetted as well for attempting to cover news against the Syrian government. Much of these journalists as evident by other claims in this round have also been tortured and even killed.
Raids have been done against Syrian houses, as internet access is strictly monitored to harass more people whom display the slightest bit of opposition.

5. The Free Syrian Army is the most justified side

Both me and my opponent agree on ISIS being a main evil and a large threat. The Islamic State has imposed very extreme Islamic fundamentalist theocracy upon their territory, brutally repressing civil libertires and killing religious minorities. The Syrian government on the other hand is a brutal military dictatorship, the Free Syrian Army is the most moderate out of these groups. Because the FSA is the most moderate, the EU and USA are better off supporting the Free Syrian Army out of any other group. The Free Syrian Army has the cleanest record overall, as they are the most justified side in the civil war with the least human rights and civil liberty infringements.


Debate Round No. 2


Now I will begin my rebuttal.

1. Of course people are fleeing. It's a war! If your country is undergoing a civil war and you don't want to fight, wouldn't you want to get out of there until peace is restored? I know I would get out of there. Along with my point. If there is a war, humans get paranoid. Peaceful protest don't stay peaceful always, look at Ferguson. Paranoia causes people to panic and do things they normally wouldn't do.

2. Same as I said before, peaceful protest usually don't stay peaceful and it doesn't take much for a peaceful protest to go violent. Also, The Free Syrian army also captures people and holds them for ransom. There was even a video uploaded on Facebook about that!

3. Let me say something, the US tortures people. Do you hear it every day when someone talk about politics on the news? No. Do the rebels torture people? Yes. As much as Assad does, we don't know.

4. They have a reason to do so. When half your country has been taken over you do anything to prevent the rest from falling.

5. The main reason ISIS popped up is because of this rebellion. This makes ISIS look better giving people a reason to go to join them

Good argument, you may start to sway me a bit.


I thank pro for their arguments, I will now go on to refuting his arguments.

Counter arguments

Pro has made justified claims against ISIS in their first argument. As I mentioned however, the vast majority of human right violations come from governmental forces, not the rebels. As I stated in my previous argument, the Rebels don't have the cleanest record. There is misbehavior of some rebels here and there, but there are many rebels who have not done these acts. Even so, they are the most justified side in the civil war, ISIS and the Assad regime have done much more attrocities. Due to this, it is the best reason to support the Free Syrian Army in fighting ISIS.

I am unsure about what Pro is implying in their 2nd paragraph, the west has in fact used effective training to strengthen the Free Syrian Army. One country that isn't as powerful as USA, France and UK bombing the Kurds should not be much of an issue.

Since me and Pro seem to be in agreement against ISIS, I will not refute his final argument.

Counter-counter arguments

1-2. While peaceful protests can certainly turn violent and go wrong, the excessive government force used by the Assad regime is taking it too far. They have used military force and killed or used weapons against their own people over protests. This excessive force is not at all needed, and it's only going to lead out to more protests from this oppression. Paranoia can't justify what the Assad regime is doing, saying a word against the government will lead to one getting killed.

3. While it is true that the US tortures people, the US does so a lot less. Many torture victims in US prisons are usually terrorists whom have been plotting severe terrorism. The Syrian government has been known to torture people over things as little as speaking against the government, and it does so much more often. While the Free Syrian Army captures people and does use torture occasionally, it does so to a much lesser extent. According to and, the vast majority of torture and other human rights violations came from the Syrian government.

4. As I mentioned before, the government is using excessive force. While a more authoritarian government might be used during times like a violent civil war, the Syrian government is taking it much too far. There is no need to arrest or kill people over the smallest things, it is not a major threat to national security if people critic the government here and there. The oppressiveness of the Assad Regime has been the main reason for the syrian rebels and ISIS rising up.

5. While the rebellion may have been responsible for ISIS invading Syria, it is important to note that it began in Iraq. The rebellion from the Syrian government is justified due to the oppressiveness I have explained in my previous argument.
Debate Round No. 3


Russia_The_almighty forfeited this round.


Unfortunately my opponent did not have time to continue this debate, we will have a rematch later. I ask for nobody to vote on this debate.
Debate Round No. 4


Russia_The_almighty forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by triangle.128k 1 year ago
For once shalal12 actually has a point... Takrifi is a very radical islamist movement.
Posted by shalal12 1 year ago

Why with ISIS!!!
ISIS terrorists are all Takfiri Sunni Muslims and have similar thoughts like yours. You must be proud of them=>Takfiri
They are the advanced version of the Muslims like you. You need to join one of the terrorist groups of Syria to do Takfir.
Posted by AbuJarir 1 year ago
To Hell with Assad and ISIS!
Posted by UtherPenguin 1 year ago
Interesting debate topic.
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