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Toddlers and Tiara's. Is it right?

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Started: 4/25/2013 Category: Entertainment
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It's bad for little kids to be in pageants because it teachs them that they HAVE to be pretty or they are not good enough. The outfits are sometimes innapropriate, they wear to much makeup for their young ages, and some of the things they do are not good for them.


Ok, so I've seen the show, and yes the outfits are inappropriate, and they do wear makeup. However, they're going to wear them some day so why not start early. Ha ha, anyways, back to all seriousness. They only wear them in the competitions, and they'll only act pretty in the contest. I mean, have you seen some of the ways those brats act! [excuse my harshness, but seriously!] Those girls are clearly not ready to act pretty and don't want to, so why should you be complaining? If you don't like how their parents make them do that, then why not think on the bright side! The girls who don't like it, lose the contest, and their parents make no money! See that's pretty cheerful right! And even better, the girls who do like it and want to wear make up and outfits for the contest [and only the contest], usually win, and have fun, and they all get money and a dog named Vanilla! Clearly, beauty contest aren't for all little girls, but some who like it win, and those who don't lose, and their parents will stop making them do it! See, it's a win win! Anyways, just for your information, i'm totally against this show, but I wanted a debate!
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