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Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all-time

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Started: 1/15/2014 Category: Sports
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Tom Brady the current quarterback of the New England Patriots is not only the best current quarterback of the in the NFL but the greatest quarterback of all time.


Tom Brady doesn't have the most championships, not the most wins, his record just go broken by Peyton Manning for most touchdowns in a season. There is nothing to say he is the best quarterback ever. I would say that Peyton Manning is better.

Lets look at this argument based on stats is pretty much a wash, Brady had 3 rings, Manning has 1, Manning has 5 MVP Brady has 2, Most TD in a season Manning 55 -2013, Brady 50- 2007

The only thing Brady can boast over Manning is Superbowl wins and those teams was mainly based on rushing, defense and coaching. Brady wasn't asked to do much in the early years.

Now lets look at the each of the years in which Manning and Brady missed seasons for their respective teams, 2008 Patroits vs 2011 Colts. This will see their importance to each team
2008 Patroits record 11-5
2011 Colts record 2-14
So even when Brady wasnt playing the Patroits still was a very good team. The Colts finished with the worst record in the league after making the playoffs for a record 9 straight times

Thus Manning is the more important player, he accounts for more wins for his team than Brady.
Debate Round No. 1


You did mention Brady has 3 super bowl rings to Peyton Manning's 1. Peyton Manning deserved one of the five his MVP award in the 2004 season. He is just popular and very overrated while Brady is underrated.

mainly based on rushing, defense, coaching

RUSHING? RUSHING? Get your facts straight if the team was based on rushing why would Brady have thrown for a total of 735 yards and 6 touchdowns in the one he won. In those Super bowls win the running backs ran for 330 yards. If the patriots defense was that important they would have not all of their super bowl by 3 points. Coaching... IN BELICHECK WE TRUST!

2008 Patroits record 11-5

Yeah, but Matt Cassel is a starting QB today.

Thus Manning is the more important player, he accounts for more wins for his team than Brady.

If Manning was the more important player they would've of cut him in 2001 and gone to two straight playoffs with Andrew Luck



Regardless of your personal opinions on his MVPs and why the fact is he has 4 and is on his way to 5 after breaking to all time td mark in a season, he has 2 of the top 3 best td passes seasons in NFL history but is his overrated? Where is you proof that he is over rated? He has more touchdowns, yards, wins, completion than Tom Brady. Tom Brady has more superbowls but the Superbowl is a team award given to the best team not player.

Your points:
quote: "Yeah, but Matt Cassel is a starting QB today."
My response:
Matt was benched and is a back up QB, he lost his job on two different team. He was benched and traded in Kansas City and benched in Minnesota.

Your points: Tom Brady thrown for 735 yards and 6 touchdowns. This avg to 245 yards per game, 2 touchdowns per game, lets look at game by game. 2001 he was 16-27 145 passing yards 1td , one of the lowest passing yards to win a superbowl in history also in 2001 the Patroits had the fewest passing yards in the NFL.

Your point: If Manning was the more important player they would've of cut him in 2001 and gone to two straight playoffs with Andrew Luck.

They cut him because he was injured and was sure how/if he would play again. Also they only had the option to get Andrew Luck because the Colts had the worst record in the League because Manning was out for the year.
Debate Round No. 2


He has more touchdowns, yards, wins, completion than Tom Brady.

Tom Brady started in the NFL in 2001 while Peyton started in 1998. If Brady had those three years he would have the same amount of yards as Peyton. Let's also not forgot that Peyton played in a windless none weather effected dome for most of his career. Brady also has performed better than Peyton in a dome.

Brady has a 10-4 record against Peyton manning including Playoffs. In those games Brady shows he better than Manning with stats, with 30.0 points scored per game compared the Colts/Bronco 24.6. 67.0% completion for Brady, compared to 61.8 for Manning. Brady has a 26-12 Touchdown Interception comparison in these games while Manning has a 29-20 Touchdown Interception comparison. The only place Manning beats Brady is in 243.1 and 283.6 passing yards per game.

Brady also can make big plays in big time games other than Peyton Manning who chokes. Don't use the one superbowl as defense because he choked in the one against New Orleans and even this year at the patriots comeback this year.

Anyways good debate you where a good opponent.



1st. You stated Tom Brady started in the NFL in 2001:: false he started in 2000
2nd: You said that if Tom Brady played those three years he would have the same amount of yards as Peyton::
Peyton has 64,964 yards in his career, Brady has 49,149. That a difference of 15,815. meaning Tom Brady would had to thrown for 7,907.5 yards a season for 2 years straight, and even if it was over 3 years he would need 5,271 a season for 3 years straight, He never thrown for that many yards in a season.

You mention Brady record over Peyton. You are right but those are the team records you are mentioning, , Colts/Broncos vs Patriots while they were playing. Fotball is a team game.

Eli Manning has a 3-1 record against Tom Brady but very few would consider him better than Brady or the greatest qb ever. And in the 1 win Tom Brady did get against Eli, Eli out performed him by throwing 4 TDs to Bradys 2.

In closing: Brady is not the greatest quarterback ever. I have proven that he does not have the most wins, career passing yards, most yards in a season or Touchdowns, most superbowls, nothing. He is a great quarterback but the greatest no.

Peyton Manning has better individual stats in every category than Brady. (More passing yards, TD, and MVP's 5 to 2. Joe Montana Has more Superbowls and never lost a Superbowl, which is a team award anyway. Terry Bradshaw has many superbowls but is never consider the greatest.

Good debate topic by my opponent
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Coloon 3 years ago
Inferno got his facts straight!
Posted by inferno 3 years ago
Yes Tom Brady is the all time greatest. Anyone who can go to the Super Bowl 5 times, and the NFL playoffs 15 years in a row deserves respect.
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