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Tony Romo is an above average quarterback in the NFL

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Started: 2/18/2013 Category: Sports
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that Tony Romo is an underrated thrower in National Football, because although he threw 19 interceptions, he also threw for more touchdowns than the likes of Joe Flacco, Matt Scaub, Russel Wilson, RG3, and Ben Roethlisberger.


Tony Romo is an average quarterback in the NFL right now. Based on the chart he provided, yes Tony Romo did throw more touchdown passes than the quarterbacks he listed, but that doesn't make him an above average quarterback. Joe Flacco is an average quarterback, now Joe Flacco is a good QB but not above average. Same thing is for Ben Rothlisberger.
Matt Schaub is not even a good quarterback, and this is coming from a Texans fan. RG3 is a rooke and the fact that he has stats similar to a player that played for 8 years show how elite of a player he is. Russel Wilson is also a rookie.

An above average quarterback: A quarterback that has thrown at least 180 touchdown passes in a 10 year period and/or has regular appearances in the playoffs and/or has won a SuperBowl

Contention One: on the chart he provided, Tony Romo is tied for first with the most interceptions with Drew Brees.
Contention Two: All of the QBs that I would consider above average have had at least one playoff appearance in the past three years and Tony Romo hasn't done that.
Contention Three: In his career, Tony Romo threw less touchdown passes in his career than all of the quarterbacks he listed above except Joe Flacco and Matt Schaub (who aren't really above average quarterbacks) and Russel Wison and RG3 (which are rookies).;
Debate Round No. 1


First, we should clarify what above average means. I believe that it would be not quite elite, like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and the Drew Brees, but better than QBs like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Donovan Mcnabb, and Alex Smith. Second, I think that the Cowboys inability to get to the playoffs has been brought to the fans of Dallas, most in part to a dysfunctional coaching staff, owner, and general manager (mostly Jerry Jones.) Also this season the Cowboys defense was riddled with injuries all year long. Tony Romo has also thrown for over 4,000 yards in each season each season he starts every game, excluding the first season he came off the bench. Third, addressing the interceptions, watch the video in the link below, and look at interceptions 2 and 3, the second one was clearly not his fault, and the third one was debatable as a fumble and not an interceptions, thus making his stats misleading.

Actual source for 4000 stat:


Thanks for responding.

My opponent can not prove that the reason why the Dallas Cowboys can't make it to the Playoffs because of the coaching staff, but I must concede that it is because of the coaching staff why they can't win. A good coaching staff would realize that Tony Romo cannot deliver the team to the playoffs. A good coaching staff would realize that Tony Romo is not an above average quarterback. At the end of the day, it is because they kept Tony Romo on the team why they are unsuccessful. Jeremy Sickel said that " the quarterback is 1-7 in win-or-go-home games in his career and has failed to consistently prove his worth when it matters the most" showing that he cannot produce in crunch time situations. That separates an above average quarterback from an average quarterback: their ability to perform in serious situations. As you can see, Tony Romo can't do that, making him an average QB.

Just because he threw for 4000 yards doesn't make him an above average QB.
Matt Schaub threw for 4008 yards, but that doesn't make him an above average QB. Matt Schaub is surely not an above average QB.

Also, many interceptions are due to the fault of the quarterback. It is not the wide receiver's fault that the quarterback chose to throw the ball to him. And if it ends up a turnover, then it is not the wide receiver's fault. The quarterback should have never threw it to him. That is the same with Tony Romo.;
Debate Round No. 2


The cowboys coaching staff is dysfunctional because Jerry Jones himself said dysfunction is okay. Also consider the fact that he has a 1-1 playoff record. He hasn't exactly had many tries. Romo has also has had 18 fourth quarter comebacks and 19 game-winning drives. He also might as well be carrying the offense on his back, as he had 29/37 touchdowns last season.


The reason why he doesn't have as many tries is because he doesn't perform well enough in the regular season, not because it is the coaching staff.

The reason why he has so many 4th quarter comebacks is because he has messed up in the beginning of the game and has to fix what he started.

That doesn't show the abilities of an above average quarterback.

If he was a second string and was able to come back through all of the things the first string did, then he would be an above average QB. But that isn't Tony Romo.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by asatrang337 4 years ago
Saying Tony Romo is above average is like saying Christian Ponder is above average.
Posted by asatrang337 4 years ago
Saying Tony Romo is above average is like saying Christian Ponder is above average.
Posted by Stebo 4 years ago
It's tony romo. He is terrible.
Posted by BradyP55 4 years ago
Hey you can believe what ever you want but he's not.
Posted by Jhate 4 years ago
Flacco did not lead his team to a super bowl. He had help from that defense. He has had a top 5 defense every year he has played and it has carried him. Also when Peyton manning left the colts the colts went 2-14, if one player dosent make a team then how did that even happen
Posted by TD_Cole 4 years ago
Not to mention all the fumbles and interceptions he had when he should have walked into the playoffs just a few years ago. Being a top quarterback requires doing great in high stakes games. Romo can't.
Posted by TD_Cole 4 years ago
On the vote: Great stats with a lousy team? WHOAH. Football is one of the biggest team sports games that requires others to do well for individual stats. So if the team of 10 that was lousy that was on the field with Romo then in terms Romo wouldn't have great stats if even he could only gain average stats of a quarterback.
Posted by TD_Cole 4 years ago
Round one. You brought up Joe Flacco. Bad decision. Joe is still young and he already but didn't he lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl Winning it? yeah bad call.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro was saying that since Romo has done fairly well with a lousy team, and has put up some great stats in his career, it then follows that he is an above average nfl QB. this makes sense