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Too Much Coffee?

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Started: 6/10/2013 Category: Health
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I drink coffee throughout my work day (7 cups). I'm told by my co-workers that I need to drink more tea and less coffee. Other than a little hyper active behavior, I think 7-10 cups of coffee a day is not too much to consume.

And besides, this website that I randomly looked up says I'm on the right side!

Actually, I would like to get the required three debates out of the way so I can vote other debates. Help a brother out!


I like to think of you as a hard working guy, I mean anyone drinking 7 coffees a day must be doing a tough job. But I can"t help but relate the fact that you"re screwing yourself up friend! On average you would need to consume 100oz"s of water a day to remain physically defined, and healthy; not only that but run about 3 miles a week at least to keep fit. With that much coffee you would be maliciously dehydrating an already dehydrated body. Not only that but you also disorient your REM sleep cycle with all that constant crashing, and boosting slowing recovery time and metabolism. I understand you love coffee, I can relate; I practically live at Star Buck"s, but I also carry a gallon of water around for the day. Just try to ease up, and respect the perfection that is the Human body. Maybe eat some bananas instead?
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Posted by Guy_D 4 years ago
Ragnar, thanks for the comment. This isn't a serious debate. I'm just trying to get to three debates so I can vote on others. Probably should have made this a real debate. Oh well.
Posted by CrimsonArchitect 4 years ago
No problem bro! Just trying to make the world handsome haha XD
Posted by Guy_D 4 years ago
Thanks for accepting! Good reply.
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Reasons for voting decision: Light argument, so light vote (plus trying to help new members improve their arguments for later). Con brought up a lot of side points, which could have been easily refuted, but the debate being one round made them the conclusion. Sources (this is the part that is very light, usually there should be more of an impact/difference in number) pro's argument was heavily tied to his source, the source was a bit weak, but con did not refute it.