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Toxicity should be handled better in MMO RPG (LoL, Overwatch, Dota 2, ect)

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Started: 11/27/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe toxicity should be handled better in MMO RPG. For example, I play League of Legends and there are toxic players, no doubt about that. I feel like the people who made the game should have some sort of program where it records all of the games so where if someone reports another for toxicity or hacking, they can watch that game and know the truth. I honestly believe toxicity is what makes a community worse. For example, Verlisify (a PokeTuber on YouTube) is basically cancer on YouTube, and yet no one does anything about it. Verlisify makes the YouTube community and the PokeTuber/Pokemon community worse, not single handedly, but helps with the toxicity. My point is, for a community to get better, I believe that the majority of the toxicity in these MMO RPG should be taken or pervented.


You have stated about the people who made the games should make a program which monitors all the games where reports happened. The idea is quite expensive as there are countless games which you can see. For example, in League of Legends where in millions of players play everyday, It is quite difficult for creators (or game developers) to create such "program" to monitor all reported games. Toxicity makes a community worse. Yes it is true, but it can never bring you any harm. It depends on how you will handle it. Most players suggest you to use the "mute" button so that you won't see what the "toxic player" is saying. For the Verlisify argument, Yes he is one toxic youtuber. But youtube can't do anything about him as long as (I've stated above) he cannot harm anyone. And after all it depends on how you understand his toxicity, Of course for entertainment because that's his job. (but hey he's the one made me play competitive pokemon) For a community to get better, you have to learn from the "toxic people" you cannot remove them in a gaming community. New players occur everyday, you would not know if they are toxic or not.
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While, yes, it would be expensive and make the game less playable if the company that made the game were to make a program that records every game. An alterative to this is by accessing the person's account and watching their replays. Yes, I am aware that it can cause some privacy issues, but its an idea. While yes new players will come to said game, getting rid of toxicity could mean a lot because it can make them stay in the game. To be honest, I sometimes think about whether I should play LoL because of the people on it. Yes, you do have access to a mute button, not everyone is going to know about it, and it could cause poor communication, especially when you want someone to do something. This could also go for people who are potential hackers/cheaters. I was playing a game of LoL on day and one of enemies hack by one shooting everyone. After reporting the person, almost three days after the report, he was in another game. You would think that they would crack down on cheating more, but it seems not, key word being seems. Basically, what I'm trying to get through here is that I think toxicity should be handled more, whether it be from the people who made the game, or the players themselves.
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Posted by datGUUYY 1 year ago
LoL isn't an MMORPG. I'm listening though
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