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Toyota Corolla and the Ford Focus are the best selling cars in 2014

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Started: 10/28/2014 Category: Cars
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The Corolla and the Focus have both 1.2 million sales across the world. This is the most sales of any car in the planet. 1-Toyota Corolla-201112


I accept, and being Con, I will attempt to prove that the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus are not the best selling cars of 2014. For Pro to win, he must prove that both of these vehicles tie for the best selling cars in the world.

First, I would like to address Pro's first source. If one would do the honor of clicking the link and spending less than 30 seconds on the site, you will find that the best selling car is not a tie, but in fact only the Corolla. Even neglecting this, the second best selling car is not the Ford Focus; the Hyundai Elantra is next on this list. Pro's first source literally disproves his claim, and undermines his argument.

I would like to argue that only the Corolla is the best selling car. In my opponents first round, he states that both have 1.2 million sales, implying that they are at a tie for best-selling worldwide. All I have to do is prove that one of them has sold more, or that there is another car that is in the top two, I guess. So far, my argument rests in looking at Pro's source and looking at the top two cars in the list [1].

If I need further arguments, I will post them in a future round.


[1] -
Debate Round No. 1


I never said that the Corolla and Focus are the only best selling cars, just that each car has 1.2 million sales. There could be other cars that have 1.2 million sales, but the Corolla and Focus are among them with that staggering number of sales.


I disagree with my opponent's statement that "I never said that the Corolla and Focus are the only best selling cars" when the Resolution is "Toyota Corolla and the Ford Focus are the Best Selling Cars in 2014." Right there, you stated it. Also seems to be a bit of a concession when stating that there could be other cars with that many sales. Doesn't matter that the Corolla and Focus are among them, they have to have the exact same number of sales, as well as be tied for first for the Resolution to be proven true.

In short, for Pro to win, he must prove that both the Focus and Corolla are the best selling cars in the world in 2014. For this to be true, he must show that they both have the exact same sales, otherwise it would be one or the other.

My arguments are not touched on, so they are extended.

Back to Pro.
Debate Round No. 2


The Focus has so many sales because, according to Ford themselves, they have sold 100,583 regular focus, 399,567 Focus electric, 516,475 focus titanium, and 602,784 Focus Eco boost. These cars model years vary, but they still are all sold in 2014 from retail stores, official Ford stores, and private car lots. Now it falls on con to disprove this. Back to you. focus/ sales


My opponent states that it is on me to disprove Ford's sales. Fortunately, I have no need to do this. Like I have stated before, Pro had to prove that both the Corolla and the Focus had the same sales at the top of the charts for international sales in 2014. Failing to do this fails to fulfill the BoP.

This is what the logic is supposed to be.

P1) For a car to tie for best selling, they must both have the most sales.
P2) Corolla and Focus do not both have the most sales.
C1) Corolla and Focus do not tie for best selling.

One of them may be (still no proof of this), but they are not both tied for best selling.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by crushboy79 2 years ago
Well, its been fun, I'll see you in the future.
Posted by crushboy79 2 years ago
So it is ha ha lets hope it dosnt end like last time
Posted by Zanomi3 2 years ago
Dang didn't even realize who had posted the debate haha... Looks like this is round two!
Posted by crushboy79 2 years ago
Ay, look who it is, Zanomi3 again, gosh I love debating w/ this guy. He gives a great challenge.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro didn't really challenge Con's arguments at all, and I think he misunderstood his source or he didn't look at it in-depth.