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Transgender people have a moral obligation to inform potential romantic relationships

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Started: 8/1/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This argument is flexible be mature and we will debate happily

first round is for acceptance


I'm prepared, but are you?
Debate Round No. 1


First of I would like to wish my opponent good luck and start off by saying thank you for accepting this debate and I do hope that we can debate maturely

And this is not to argue whether or not if they actually are a man or woman or not this is comparing before and after possible identification or surgery

I would like to say that people that are transgender DO have a moral obligation to inform potential romantic relationships especially before it gets serious.
My points that I would argue are as follows
-Personal orientation

Honesty is what can keep a relationship healthy many secrets and lies can result in hurt feelings and tension in a relationship for both sides if brought into light in the wrong manner

Personal orientation- If someone is Gay they would like to date a man they may seem like a man but underneath they are a woman then that could upset the gay man when revealed to far in the relationship. same for a straight man or woman or a lesbian. Simply because they identify as one doesn't change that they physically are another.

Religion- For example I am a christian so I will not date another man because i am also straight. So if a woman "becomes" a man she could potentially still look like a woman and i might take interest thinking she is a woman. So if she did not inform me that she had a man card and we started dating imagine my surprise if he/she ever gets "aroused". Imagine how hurt he/she would be when I immediately end the date and how i feel thinking that I was dating a man. While all the hurt feelings could have been avoided very early in the relationship if not beforehand. Where then I can say well I'm not really interested in dating a woman/man/other/etc... but in a better and more communicative way.

I will understand that they feel they may be one way but that doesnt mean that others see it that way so her/his feelings should not be prioritized over the others we are both humans with certain beliefs and feelings.


Let's imagine a scenario, Kelly and John are at a hotel bar, John goes to hit on Kelly and tells her that he wants to sleep with her and she agrees, so they go up to his room and they have sex and after Kelly leaves in the morning he searches for her Facebook and finds out that she is the daughter of his best friend, would Kelly had been obligated to tell John who her parents are, or how old she is, or her political views, or if she broke her leg as a kid once? No, and the same goes for being Transgender.

Also, to this person they are no longer this gender, they believe that they are 100% the other gender so it does not matter what they born with for example, if a person was asked about their political orientation and a few years ago that person was a socialist but know is a capitalist, would that person be obligated or be morally lying or hiding something if they only disclosed their current political orientation? No, and exactly the same logic goes for being transferring gender.

Cooper Lee Bombardier once said "It isn't about becoming another person I already am who I am" So anyone who sees that it is morally wrong and that a transgender person has an obligation to inform a person they are in a relationship with their birth gender is very discriminatory and transphobic.

I understand that you said that this isn't about if they're actually men or women but you were the one who said that they "feel" this way so I have to respond to that. Transgender people don't only "feel" that way, their genetic makeup makes them different than their birth gender
"Sex is a product of our total genetic makeup, and of the functions of these genes during development." " Dr. Charmian Quigley, Medical Advisory Board member for the Intersex Society for North America.
and for example women who were born "male" were not actually male, they had much of their genetic makeup from the female genes and their brain mostly processed information and made decisions with processes more similar to females. So it's not that they "feel" that way. Furthermore, from a anatomical standpoint the hormones make the person almost indistinguishable from a person with that same birth gender.

The religious argument is also invalid, because for example most religions prohibit sexual interactions with people from other religions (Islam, Christianity etc.) So if a Christian man and a Muslim woman sleep together is the man morally obligated to tell the woman that he is a christian? Again, no, and the same goes for transgender people and relationships.

This is why transgender people aren't obligated to inform potential partners about their previous gender.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Whatsreallyright 1 year ago
I just have to say you use very flawed logic.

Morally obligated to inform partners on previous politics versus gender are VERY different things.

The Earth goes around the sun so obviously the sun is the center of the universe

does it make it does not
Posted by Whatsreallyright 2 years ago
And it is the idea that they feel born in the wrong body i have heard numerous transgender men and women or whatever they choose say this

and there is ONE factor that truly determines sex
xx and xy
there are few cases that end up with xxy or other problems its just simply rare
Posted by Whatsreallyright 2 years ago
no no no
I meant each individuals personal sex orientation not me specifically
Posted by Hypnos 2 years ago
Because this is not a personal attack, this is an argument to determine social, philosophical, and moral correctness.
Posted by Whatsreallyright 2 years ago
And there can be christian people that are also transgender. but personally dont think it wrong while another person would.

And if i might ask why you did not attempt to say anything about my personal sexual orientation argument.
Posted by Whatsreallyright 2 years ago
hmmm I apologize I have had a lot of work to do and apologize for not submitting an argument for the third round....I will cover twice the ground in the next round
Posted by Whatsreallyright 2 years ago
Im surprised there are not more commentators on this topic
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