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Transgender people should be banned from using public bathrooms

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Started: 4/9/2013 Category: Society
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Round One will be acceptance only.
Round two will be opening statements.
Round Three will contain the debate.
Round Four will have the ending statements and conclusion.

1. The opponent must rebut the others points or they will be considered to have conceded the point.
2. Maximum of 4,000 characters per post.
3. No personal attacks or name-calling
4. Facts must be sourced to a reliable source.

Thank you.


I accept this debate, and will be arguing that Transgender people should be banned from using public bathrooms.
Debate Round No. 1


Ian159 forfeited this round.


I believe that so long as we have public bathrooms that are gender specific, Transgendered people should not be allowed to use them.

By far and away the most common form of transgender is male to female. What is gender in any case? Is it purely biological? The answer to that is no. A man is a man. And a man is a man for a' that. Just like putting lipstick on a pig doesn't make it pretty, nor does lobbing off genitalia and injecting hormones make a man a woman. Maleness is in the genes. It is more than biological, naturally. It is chemical, it is spiritual. It is the transgendered persons natural state. I believe that transgendered persons should not be allowed to use public bathrooms because it is, in effect, deceptive. Perhaps my opponent will argue that since they see themselves as women, and since they now possess a cobbled together vagina, that they should be classed as such.

The transgendered person however is NOT a woman, and unfortunately never will be. They have created their own artificial gender - Transgender. They still possess an Adam's apple. They still possess other immutable male qualities too. Although they may see themselves as women, the rest of the world and, most importantly, those who they will be allowed to share that most private of places, the bathroom, with, wont see them as such. They are a distinct new artificial breed, neither one nor the other, therefore they should only be allowed to use single person public bathrooms.

Perhaps one would argue that society should strive to be more inclusive in this regard. But becoming transgendered is a choice of the person. We should not put others at a discomfort for the sake of their own feelings of acceptedness. Their choice, their consequences. Perhaps one might argue that they do no harm by being in the bathroom of the gender they aspire to be. Is it OK for a homosexual to be given carte Blanche to use the bathrooms of the opposite sex? If it diminishes the rampant buggery that occurs between homosexuals in their own gendered public bathrooms, perhaps that would be a side benefit, though not a strong enough reason to allow it. Why not? They pose no sexual threat. Still, their presence is unwarranted and should not be warranted either. Sexual perverts and rapists could masquerade as homosexuals for an opportunistic assault. And the same applies to transgendered people. The difference between transsexuals and transgendered is not so telling. The proof of the pudding is in the undies. In order to allow transgendered persons to have access to the opposite sexed bathrooms, their actual genitalia would have to be verified at every visit as a security measure. This would only be wholly humiliating for the transgendered person, but would be highly impractical and impossible to police.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your great opening statement. I forgot to post a notice that I wouldn't be able to do enter my opening statement in round two, but I will do so now. Because this is an opening statement I will not directly address anything written in my opponents opening statement. I will not have a closing statement as a result of this, but I see it as more of a penalty for me unless my opponent wishes something different, in which case I am willing to compromise. I am new at this, so my first debate will probably go poorly, but please don't go easy on me.

Opening Statement:

I believe transgendered people should be able to use public bathrooms. Almost all people who undergo gender change surgery, also have an equivalent sexual orientation. If they were able to use the bathroom of the gender the change to, it wouldn't cause any harm. In most cases, one cannot even tell that someone has undergone a gender change operation. A homosexual male is permitted to use male bathrooms in public. A homosexual women is permitted to using female restrooms in public. A transgendered person would not be any different than a homosexual using the bathroom of their gender. I want to stress that being transgender and being homosexual are not the same thing. People who change their gender often consir themselves the gender they change to, so shouldn't they be able to use the bathroom the see themselves fit to use?


Thank you to my opponent. I am not fussed so much as to how you would like to structure your argument - it is the food inside the wrapper that is to be had at, the packaging is merely packaging - to be torn open and discarded for the nutrition inside.

If they were able to use the bathroom of the gender they change to, it wouldn't cause any harm.

I refute this. It perhaps wouldn't cause any harm to the transgendered person themselves, but one must consider the other users. I would most definitely challenge your assertion that in most cases one cannot tell a transgendered person. I have come across a few in my lifetime and their original gender is obvious to say the least. If it would make a genuine female uncomfortable, then there is reason to exclude. We have to understand that a transgendered person is NOT a woman. They are fundamentally male. They have just taken on the appearance and certain characteristics of a female through surgery. Why should a non female be allowed to use a bathroom dedicated to only females? Should a civilian who dresses like a policeman, impersonates a policeman, but who isn't a policeman be given unrestricted access to police records and resources? No. Why? Because they aren't a genuine policeman. Should a football fan who wasn't talented enough to make it be given access to the players dressing room just because he wears their jersey and plays football in his own time? No. Why? Because he isn't a real footballer and doesn't play for that team - he just supports it. Much the same as the transgendered person.

The transgendered person may see themselves fit to use that bathroom, but the people for whom that bathroom was built - real females - may not be of such like mind. Is it really such an ask to stipulate that they use gender neutral bathrooms since they are the epitome of gender neutrality? I think it is fair. Since gender neutral bathrooms already exist, what need to change things to allow transgendered access to gender specific bathrooms.

And who in the transgender world would be given access? What about a pre op transgender? Would they be allowed to use them? Again, you would have to have a genitalia verification check at every public female bathroom, which is simply incredulous.
Debate Round No. 3


Thank you to my opponent for their great rebuttal.
"Since gender neutral bathrooms already exist, what [is] the need to change things to allow transgendered access to gender specific bathrooms."

Yes, there are gender neutral bathrooms, but they aren't in great supply. If that were the case them we'd have to include them at nearly every public restroom to allow full rights for transgendered people to use the bathroom. That would just be a hassle and money waster.

"...It would make a genuine female uncomfortable..."
If the only harm to the person is at it makes it a little awkward to be in the same bathroom, then it's not really too bad. Gender specific bathrooms are more widely available and accessible than gender neutral bathrooms, so it would just be more of a challenge to make them everywhere where there is a public restroom to give transgendered people full equality.

Thank you.


I thank my opponent for his contribution and correction of my syntax, however saying what need to change things... Is perfectly valid.

"Yes, there are gender neutral bathrooms, but they aren't in great supply"

By the same token one could argue that yes, there are transgendered people, but they too aren't in great supply.

Where might one be that they would need access to a public bathroom in any case? Only in places where lots of people go. In busy places there is always a gender neutral bathroom available somewhere, such as a toilet for the disabled. Giving transgendered people access to regular public bathrooms isn't really much of an issue. They can use neutral bathrooms.

Why should transgendered people have full equality in this instance? It is not equality, but rather, it is inequality. You are favouring transgendered people. A female bathroom is for females, a male bathroom is for males. There is still a provision for gender neutral bathrooms in the form of disabled access bathrooms or stand alone gender neutral bathrooms. There is simply no need to legislate that transgendered persons be allowed to encroach upon the privacy of a different gender in so public a manner.

I feel my opponent, whilst attempting to uphold a noble sense of fairness to all, has restricted his vision to the point of a narrow bias towards transgendered people. His attempts at being fair have led to the opposite standpoint - being UNfair and in favour of the transgendered. One must consider the existing users of these places since they were purpose built for their use and their use alone.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by kkkkatie126 1 year ago
So basically what your Conservatarded self is trying to say is that we should have a new form of segregation ? Wow, typical Conservatard.
Posted by Ian159 4 years ago
I do know the difference between transgender and transexual. Thank you for your assumption, Kenneth_Stokes.
Posted by Ian159 4 years ago
Just post your opening statement and i'll post mine. I just won't have a closing statement as result.
Posted by Ian159 4 years ago
I'm not sure what to do.
Posted by Ian159 4 years ago
Well this is a bit awkward. I got bombarded with a heavy load of work and neglected to post an opening statement....
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro had more arguments and better rebuttals. And I don't think Con knows the difference between a transgender and a transsexual.